Allow your light to be the medicine your world needs.

woman sitting on the floor while meditating
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MAY 31, 2023

(The Creator Writings)

Another opportunity for a collective ‘here we go again’ is approaching. Are you ready for it? The Universe could repeat the stay-grounded/stay-peaceful/stay-calm litany, but you already know all of this. Instead…

Manifest! There are things you have been putting off because they felt too big. Time as you know it is folding in on itself and the opportunities for instantaneous gifts are greater than ever.

Be mindful! Take time to step back and look at the thoughts you are generating. Like a pebble in a pond, each and every thought creates a ripple that goes out into The Universe and returns to you. You choose what you create/co-create.

Be kind! Your actions during the next step in this shift will determine how the remainder of your year will unfold. Kindness to yourself and others is of utmost importance. Allow this to be your guide as you move forward.

Finally, release the need to be drawn into the madness that is transpiring around you in this moment. Imagine your society, your world as the human body with an illness. A fever is generated as a natural defense to heal, not harm. Sometimes, the fever must rise before it can trigger the elements of health from within. Allow your light to be the medicine your world needs.

As always, during this somewhat challenging process, you are loved, supported and cherished beyond your wildest imagination. Go forth with a bright heart and all will be well. – Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner