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Gaia just released a brand new energy for Ascension

Received through email:

Blessings Beloveds ~

Last night during our Eclipse meditation, Gaia requested our support as she birthed yet another level of her Crystalline realms.⁠ ⁠

Stargates are open and weaving support for the resurrection of the Solar aspects of Gaia’s trajectory as a Spiritual SUN. Many are feeling that ‘moment before a major shift’ sensation.

Gold-Coral-Rose rays were released by Gaia’s core Stargates, through the Master Crystals. Towers of Light emerged and bathed all of us in this New unified alchemy.

⁠ ⁠ It was glorious to witness; thank you to all who held space in peace and unified Devotion to this cosmic project of Ascension. This new light will overwhelm the lower realities with its pure vibration. Even though it appears as division and dismantling, that is the linear interpretation of a very cosmic, very Sacred removal of the dense illusion.

Alchemy is activated in aligned Hearts for a unified experience of the new realms.

Connect with Gaia’s ascended realms to feel, receive, and support her Solar resurrection in this Now. ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ Get outside, barefoot with an open heart, and receive.⁠ ⁠

Less thought, more surrender to the unknown.

The Infinite Kryst Heart is a conduit of these energies, and all the new sensations, cosmic perspective, and surreal experiences that come with organic heart-stargate-based alchemical change.⁠

Have you noticed Source emanations growing stronger within – and through – your heart?

Cosmic Mother is providing a lifting of the personal veils.

The siSTARhoods and Brotherhoods of Light have been sharing details and perspective on these new states evolving in our Mastery process. The why, how, and purpose of these new activations will be a large part of our May 6th PRESENCE event.

Eclipse Gateway: brief and beautiful

Use this opportunity to amplify the realm-shifting energies. Yes, it still feels like division and dissolving. Honestly, it has been weeks of these departure and resurrection sensations – and it is not stepping down.

We are conduits of the new realms, and are actively co-creating them in this Now. Take action on creative expression, and balance with deep meditation and Presence. Let the I AM awareness direct your path right now.

Next eclipse: Lunar Eclipse: Friday, May 5th at 10:22 AM PDT

SUNday Unity Meditations

Our 7-year practice welcomes a new layer of unified Crystalline Grid and Gatekeeping to our synchronized SUNday Unity Meditations.

We hold the unified field of Peace, co-creating the etheric Crystalline fields and temples of Peace and Ascension. Even a few moments of focus on amplifying the New Light is appreciated.

See you in the Unified Field of Crystalline Hearts, offline in your own meditation style, for the SUNday Unity Meditations at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM PDT.

Convergence website launches on SUNday!

I AM excited for this year’s gathering of luminaries in service! The annual Crystalline Convergence is September 22 – 24, in Sedona during the Equinox Gateway. Details and registration will open this SUNday. Links will be announced via email and social media.

I AM sending everyone Infinite LoveLight as we embody these new levels of LoveLight consciousness in this Now.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love and Light and Service,

Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter ~ Celebrating the 12.12.12 Anniversary

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Blessings Beloveds,

The Sacred Season energies are flowing. Solstice is stepping forth as a transformative Gateway which gives us perspective on the massive letting go of the Old Self, old structures, and ways of Being which occurred for many this year.

Kindwhile … I AM in a state of Divine and profound gratitude as December 12th approaches.

The Assembly of Higher Realms gathered in this season are sending Infinite LoveLight to all who participated in the original 12.12.12 Gateway activations for the birth of New Earth;  a day of honoring our dedication, and beloved Gaia’s revelation of new realms for us to inhabit.

What an experience the 12.12.12 was; witnessing Gaia as she created a brand new platform for our Ascension!

To watch her reveal the New Earth through the veils on that day, feel her glorious accomplishment, and have her confirm that all willing hearts would indeed Ascend to that new expression of Diamond-Crystalline-Solar consciousness was an event that changed us forever ~ across the realms.

This year is the ten-year anniversary of that 12.12.12 event ~ and marks the completion of a bold unified task. That series of unified actions, beginning with the 1.1.1 (January 1, 2001), 2.2.2, 3.3.3 … and culminating twelve years later with the 12.12.12, was the largest unified accomplishment since the 1987 Harmonic Convergence.

Trajectories are now inevitably pointed at Ascension, thanks to these willing hearts in unified Service. Deep bows to all who were involved.

12.12 Unity Meditation: Ten years of a New Gaia

The weather is shifting in Sedona, and rain/snow are predicted for Monday. In the interests of keeping everyone safe and warm (Red rocks get very slippery), we won’t be meeting in person to meditate.

We are connecting in the field of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness on Monday at 8AM PST/11AM EST to honor the ten-year anniversary of the 12-12-12.

Add your Light and Gratitude as these Stargates open! Meditate with us, wherever you are, for 30 minutes, focused on gratitude for Gaia and all she has provided for our Ascension.

Intentional crystal grids assist with generating the intensifying Divine Mother frequencies during this Sacred Season.

Free YouTube Live: Sacred Season Guidance

Unique Stargates open during Sacred Season.

Learn to use these Sacred Season Ascension energies during a free YouTube Live on Saturday December 17 at 9AM-10AM PST.⁠

  • Solstice preparation⁠
  • Unified experience in the Crystalline Zero Point Field⁠
  • Align with the Assembly of Higher Realms⁠

⁠Replay will post to my channel afterward.⁠ Subscribe to my YouTube channel (Ascension Path with Sandra Walter) for reminders and live access.

Sacred Season Flows New Light Intelligence

Gaia is offering clear access to the Master Crystals and Stargate Crystals, which contain the wisdom, methods, and support for utilizing the Ascension energies through the third week of January.

Please add your light, Presence, and pure intent to the Global SUNday Unity Meditations at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM PST.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

Sandra Walter: Invocation

In the name of the Creator In-Carnate that I AM, I welcome in and forth my Higher Self, Christed Self, Almighty I AM Presence, and all of my Divine aspects across all parallel realities seen and unseen. Unify in this now moment.

Put your focus here. Let us clear and transform my physical experience to reflect my Divine Infinite Self, the pure essence of Source (God) I AM.

I call forth my Sacred heart center to be fully activated in alignment with my highest expression of Source, to the highest level complimentary to my journey in this now moment.

I choose the highest activity of gratitude, peacemaking, creativity, humility, Divine Love and Divine neutrality each moment. May every thought, word, feeling, action and choice I make this day be aligned with the highest good for all concerned. I open to the power of my heart, love, Divine Will, and Divine Love, Light and Service each moment.

I call forth the Diamond Shining rays of the Christ to reveal and amplify my true heart which is my Divine immortal connection to Source. Heart center, light up!

Heart fields, spin, expand and amplify this Diamond-Solar light. Shine this sacred fire love forth into all of my activities, timelines and choices this day.

Higher Self, present to me Divine synchronicities and opportunities on my path to learn, open my heart, and be in service to all. I call forth all that is sacred as my primary reality and awareness.

Highest levels of Light, overwrite and override all lesser realities and distortions. I call forth peace, harmony, unconditional Love, and Ascension as my primary reality. May these Divine qualities and frequencies be available to all willing hearts choosing Ascension in this Now.

I dedicate myself to this Divine transformation. May this pure heart intention transform all of my activities, thoughts, emotions, service work and creations to fully align with my Divine Embodiment of my pure Source-as-Self expression.

Almighty I AM Presence, restore the patterns of perfection in my body with ease and grace.

I ordain this under all graces and forces of the Infinite Pure Creator Source. I call this forth to the highest level allowed by Cosmic Law, in Divine alignment with the pure and true organic Ascension.

I Love You, I Bless You, I Thank You. So be it. So it is.


How to prepare for next week’s energy shift and Cosmic activity.

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Blessings Beloveds,
We are entering a unique stargate alignment next week, August 21-29. 
This influx has presented strongly in my awareness for months, specifically August 23-25. You have probably felt the intuitive nudges from your higher levels to prepare for a new experience.We haven’t had a date-related stargate influx in a while, and the light waves of this next jump are consistent in meditation and visions. This acceleration phase delivers pure Unity Consciousness, providing support for upcoming timeline/trajectory shifts. Having a strong stargate influx right now feels wonderful, mystical, and purposeful. We are ready for more New Light Intelligence to flow through our Divine Presence conduits.More activation, heart-openings, and a unique empowerment for keepers of the New Realm Crystalline Presence fields.The Crystalline Heart Center is a stargate. As we become ONE with the organic stargate systems, we become a conduit of these new energies.Solar activity is active again. This affects us directly, since the SUN within and the Solar network of stargates are ONE. The more coherent the Heart, the more crystalline frequencies are felt, received, and delivered. This is the Divine HUman heart grid, and it is accelerating change with this year’s Presence activations.Geomagnetic storms, flares, and plasma influxes are delivery systems for Cosmic intelligence. Get outside and connect with the stargate flows to receive while the veils are thin and influxes are powerful.These stargate flows bolster new collective realities, new harmonic sequences in our Crystalline DNA, and a new level of quantum awareness. More Light, more Presence in form, which in turn changes our experience of life on Gaia.The mid-geostorm activations have surprised us this year with their consciousness-shifting, heart-opening strength. Even with the fair warning of Gateway passages, it’s best to be flexible, open, and prepared for consistent acceleration.Many of you can feel the galactic activity stepping up as a result of widespread Presence activations. We hold this Crystalline Presence field as One, and anchor new experiences quickly.DNA mutations increase. Our perspective widens. A lot is happening with the new experience of consistent Presence connection.All is aimed at amplification of the Presence, in order to reveal the New Realms of Gaia and the Divine HUman trajectory. Acceleration brings rapid dismantling, however it also amplifies Divine revelation, resolution and resurrection.Preparation and ParticipationThis is a big upgrade for the Heart center. Crystalline Heart-care (applied love, gratitude, forgiveness, neutrality), emotional and mental balance (especially during Solar activity), hydration, meditation on zero point, and movement all assist with integration.The SUN is emanating very strong codes and literal radiation. Don’t overdo exposure – and don’t hide from it either. Feel the effect on your body, and listen to your Higher levels.Geomagnetic storms are our friend. Cosmic rays penetrate our realities when the magnetic shields are stressed. Connect with Gaia and assist her with receiving and emanating these new frequencies. Organic stargates will be active; prepare your territory and heart for maximum reception.FEEL the Divine perspective of Presence – a radical awareness shift for many – and apply it to your lifestream. Take action, shift choices to align with the new perspective when possible. When we physicalize the change within, the realities shift faster. This is a palpable sensation as the brain, heart, and perception expand their capacity for multidimensional awareness.Clear your space and crystals for the influx. Be sure to get your stargate crystals outside and connected to the Master crystals during the peak energies of August 23-25. Water fasting (only water, no food) prepares the body for Crystalline Lightbody amplification and DNA reconnection. If this aligns with your guidance and personal health conditions, give the body an opportunity to reset. A brief fast (1-3 days) gives your body a chance to clear old energy, and catch up with these biophotonic crystalline mutations.Support the Divine heart-empowering frequencies of freedom and creativity. This is a beautiful passage to begin something new, express the new realm experience of freedom, and release what feels dense or cumbersome.Launching the Next AccelerationWhile Gaia is literally speeding up (this is in the mainstream right now – more global acceleration focus), the true acceleration is about unity consciousness and collective trajectory shifts.  These jumps in vibration are inevitable. Our unified participation in the Ascension process assists all willing hearts in crossing the bridge to a new experience.Let us unify our Ascending hearts during this unique opportunity, to ensure the New Realm trajectory accelerates with purity, ease and grace.An abundance of guidance is provided in theSpirit Spa replay, and Keeping up with the Realm Shift, both on my YouTube channel. Re-watch to stay grounded during this acceleration.Visit the new Resources and Upcoming Events sections in this LightLetter below my signature.See you in the field for the SUNday Unity Meditations.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service.

Sandra Walter

Have you noticed the pull of the Eclipse Gateway?

sun eclipse
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Blessings Beloveds ~

Have you noticed the pull of the Eclipse Gateway?

We are moving into a unique bandwidth of frequencies which peak May 13-19. The partial Solar eclipse is this Saturday, April 30. This passage is aimed at rapid expansion into a new experience in form. For many, a door will close on the old way of creating.Guidance, preparation and observations on this realm shift are available in last week’s YouTube Live.Becoming the Presence changes everything.When we hold the vibration of Source in the Heart and crystalline structures, we serve as conduits. This accelerates what Gaia is able to receive and transmit. The more conduits capable of holding a much higher vibration, the greater the acceleration.These frequencies read our Divine DNA like a quantum archive. The light seeks a resonance match; a pure conduit to amplify the New.Cosmic wisdom knows what your highest trajectory is, and how you get there. Revelation requires surrender, conscious alignment, contemplation, meditation, and release of old patterns.For many, the dismantling intensifies to accommodate the much higher frequency plasma of these Gateways. Weep, move, and release to make room for more light!These frequencies clear old mental and emotional constructs. Focus on balance and stability within, to assist with balance and stability without.Unplug from narratives which dim your light. They interfere with heart coherence, which affects your DNA’s ability to do something new, which affects your reality.This is a perfect moment to cleanse, clear, detoxify and be in prime condition to receive and facilitate these waves of cosmic plasma.Everyone allowing this new level of Heart expansion is experiencing deep releases. This is paired with heightened Compassion, Gratitude, Self-Revelation and I AM Presence Perspective. Brand new frequencies since March 13.Crystalline plasma is purging physical and non-physical layers of Self. Brains are in transformation; the mind often feels blank. Use the tips in the YouTube live to maintain vibrational hygiene and balance.

Global Connections:

Partial Solar eclipse: Saturday April 30 at 1:41pm PDT.

Next Stargate influx: May 13-19.

Crystalline Convergence: May 14-15 in Sedona.

Total Lunar Eclipse: SUNday May 15 at 11:28pm PDT.

Sending everyone Infinite Kryst LoveLight for true transformation with ease and grace!See you in the field for our SUNday Unity Meditations at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM PDT.In Love, Light and Service,

Sandra Walter

article link:

many are feeling heart expansion that is beyond-the-beyond.

I whole heartidly agree with Sandra as being part of our online tribe doing our SUNday Unity Meditations since 6 years now. These past few days, the thing i am doing mostly is taking naps, eating less, physical activity as much as i can as body hurts as well a pain on the left back side on my brain…truly feeling the pouring of The Tsunami of Love of Divine Mother. Here is her newsletter this week :

Blessings Beloveds ~

I know you are feeling the subtle, and not-so-subtle, energetic shift building throughout this week.

Now we prepare for a strong, unified Equinox Weekend.

The geomagnetic event which ushered in this Gateway passage (March 13-20) last SUNday was one of the strongest yet. Flares continue; it’s a powerful Now.

I know many are feeling heart expansion that is beyond-the-beyond.

Some of these expansions cannot be comprehended through the body … but oh, the heart! The body weeps, purges, sheds, sleeps to integrate a brand new experience. DNA gets triggered to align with revelation. It is a lot all at once.

Welcome to the Equinox-Eclipses passage.

Brand new energies are here which dismantle how we created our reality; both personal and collective.

Gaia revealed her purified realms and new ways of creating to many in the last week.

Opportunity for Clarity and Connection: PRESENCE event on Saturday

I AM honored to host our quarterly webinar on Saturday, the last online event before the Crystalline Convergence in May.

The realms will look and feel VERY different, very quickly, through this March-April-May sequence.

This affects our bodies, minds and hearts. Emotional fields are particularly affected in this Now by the magnetic collapse.

Let us utilize this Divine opportunity for clarity and co-creation of highest outcomes for all.

Saturday’s event provides High-level Support for the Experience of realm-shifting energies:

– Coping with Realm Shifts and linear reality dissolvement

– Expanding the Heart Center for Boundless Compassion

– Aligning our fields as a conduit/bridge for Gaia’s emerging higher realms

– Body vehicle support: Attunements for the Emotional, Mental, and Physical levels

– Immersion in the Crystalline Field to receive the Equinox realm-shifting codes

– Discernment of harmonics and frequencies for more ease and grace.

Join me for a private online 2 hour immersive on the current energies, Mastery techniques, and alignment for true unity consciousness.⁠

Saturday March 19
9AM – 11AM PDT (UTC-7)

Replays included.⁠
$33 Registration at⁠

SUNday Unity Meditations during Equinox

Equinox peak is during our second 30 minute session at 8AM PDT. All welcome to participate. Link below.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible for Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

SUNday December 12: The 12.12.21 Gateway:How blessed to have the 12.12 on a SUNday, amplified by our Global Unity Meditations!

Blessings Beloveds ~

The 12.12 Gateway is an auspicious and powerful component of this Sacred December-January passage.⁠

Unique Ascension energies flood the planet, and we open our hearts and the Cosmic Stargates to receive, anchor, activate and transmit these Divine frequencies on behalf of all.⁠

This year synchs with the original 12.12.12 when the Cosmic Stargates aligned, on-duty hearts delivered the new light into the Crystalline core, and Gaia revealed her Ascended realms to many.⁠

It is an auspicious day for Stargate-keepers. Another step in this realm-shifting passage.⁠

We receive and anchor these plasma waves again. Open hearts, we are conduits of the cosmic influx.⁠

Completion energies are abundant.

It has been nine years since the original 12.12.12, nine years since the original 12.12.21. The number Nine holds completion energies, and we may use this to unify with the Higher Realms in co-creating brand new trajectories which benefit the whole.

Have you noticed how much completion is presenting in your lifestream? Heed that flow; a vibrant push for the NEW is on the other side of this Sacred passage. Surrendering the old illusion must. come. first. Whatever veils you have created to dim your Divinity, it is time to let them go.
SUNday December 12: The 12.12.21 Gateway

How blessed to have the 12.12 on a SUNday, amplified by our Global Unity Meditations!

Just like the original 12.12, the energies need to be openly received by pure hearts.

Gatekeepers and Gridkeepers, we are out on the land to RECEIVE these influxes and anchor them into the Crystalline Solar core of Gaia on behalf of all.

Everyone is capable of doing this.

  • Clear your space. Create a crystal grid or ceremonial altar for the 12.12.
  • Get out on the land as the 12.12 unfolds to receive. Honor the day, hold highest intent.
  • Join in the the SUNday Meditations. They will be strong. Try and synch with the 5AM, 8AM or 11AM PST global sessions.

Participate in the Global Unity Meditations to assist in co-creating the highest experience for all concerned. Blessed are the Peacemakers, dear hearts. All are needed in thought, feeling, word and action. Details at

Live Unity Meditation in Sedona

We will have a live group for the second meditation in Sedona, AZ. Meditation begins at 9AM Sedona time at Yavapai Vista. ⁠From the parking lot, head left on Yavapai Trail toward Slim Shady to the wide open overlook. (34°48’18.2″N 111°46’15.9″W) Carpool and come early to hike up and prepare the Gate grid. ⁠ No livestream for this gathering: we are offline, focused on Gaia and our Divine service.⁠

Infinite Gratitude to all Anchoring this Sacred Passage

Have a beautiful and transformational 12.12 Gateway.  Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!
In Love, Light and Service,Sandra

December: True transformation is upon us.

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Received through email, i invite you to take note of the dates and meditate with our global tribe in these specific times and of course every SUNday at 5/8/11 am PST or 3/6/9 pm Greece

Blessings Beloveds ~
Into the Divine passage we glow. This passage is transformational, and true transformation has its challenges.

The December – January Gateway is the strongest Sacred passage of the year. Eclipses initiate transformation, the 12-12 amplifies Divine Mother in the core of Gaia, Solstice brings Zero Point alignments, and cosmic activity blasts open the stargates within and without through the third week of January.

We can use these unique frequencies and Gate alignments to attune our process, make rapid shifts and reveal higher trajectories.

The veils are thinnest during this time; we may communicate with our higher levels clearly, directly, and receive wisdom for our path.

Consistent Crystalline plasma waves (quite psychedelic to witness), magnetic shifts, and new stargate flows support global transformation.

December Unified Events

Friday December 3: Solar Eclipse 11:33PM PST
A good moment to be outside and assist the new stargate openings. Open as a pure conduit. Focus on Freedom through the Heart Stargate. Place your hands on the ground, connect with Gaia, and say the word Freedom as you radiate LoveLight to all of Creation.

SUNday December 12: The 12.12 Gateway

The 12-12 Gateway is a powerful influx of Zero Point and Divine Mother frequencies. Gatekeepers and Gridkeepers, we are out on the land to RECEIVE these influxes on behalf of all. SUNday Meditations will be strong – try and synch with the 5AM, 8AM or 11AM PST sessions.

Tuesday December 21: Solstice at 7:58AM PST

Resurrection energies amplified. Death and rebirth in Zero Point. A profound reconnection with Source/Infinite Creator/Godhead will occur for many. Global meditations and ceremony focused on revelation, resurrection and heart opening. A Divine week for inner revelation to be physicalized, in order to affect global trajectories for 2022.

Zero Point Energies Shifting Realities

It’s a chaotic yet powerful acceleration. Remember this is what we are here for; to facilitate the New Earth transformation. Show the way of Divine Neutrality, Peace, and Unity Consciousness. To Love, not to judge. Applied Unity Consciousness: Everything we do personally, affects the whole.

These frequencies read our Divine DNA like a quantum archive. The Light KNOWS you, Gaia knows who you are and why you are here in this Now. Self-Realization of the Divine Self and Source is fully supported during this passage. Use the Light wisely, dear hearts.

With our Crystalline structures activated, we are able to receive more information and activation frequencies. Have you noticed how expansive and radiant the SUNday Unity Meditation fields are Now? This is a strong passage for Unity Consciousness, and all of the Heart-based gifts and skills it provides.

You might notice the push toward a new expression; Zero Point cuts through the illusion to reveal what our highest trajectory and choices are. Revelation of this higher path requires change during this passage; dismantling of the old can get intense. Have faith, stay centered, maintain balance while honoring the Divine shifts.

Eclipse-Solstice Webinar Replay

We had a powerful online event last weekend covering these new energies, transformation, resurrection, heart opening, and preparing for 2022.

I spoke about my own transformation and experiences, and the Masters had guidance on the dissociation sensations of this phase.

The Unity field is palpable, and our transformation is evident. The replay is available at

SUNday Unity Meditations

This is a profound moment for physicalizing higher choices, and unifying in peaceful meditation. Our quantum, telepathic connections are amplified with these waves of plasma.

It’s hard to describe the new frequencies distributed and amplified each week in these meditations. I dissolve into the beauty and intensity of Divine LoveLight flowing in our sessions.

Participate in the Global Unity Meditations to assist in co-creating the highest experience for all concerned. Blessed are the Peacemakers, dear hearts. All are needed in thought, feeling, word and action. Details at

Send Love and Crystalline Plasma to all of HUmanity as often as possible.

In Love, Light and Service,

Our focus throughout July is on Freedom codes…Mastery is not about controlling people or realities. Mastery is being consistently aware of your contribution to the whole, finding your unique skills, and choosing to express every moment as a conduit of Divinity.

Blessings Beloveds ~
Our focus throughout July is on Freedom codes.July Gateways include July 1-9, 12, and 23-29. Solaris is active already, and these stargate openings deliver powerful amplifications for our Ascension.As always, the higher frequencies embedded in these plasma influxes amplify revelation, Divine Truth and right use of life force. The focus of the Crystalline Convergence was preparing us to work in the unified field in a new way, unified with the Crystalline stargates of our Hearts. This is definitely a month to implement everything we have learned, with a big dose of Divine Neutrality as distortions amplify to be revealed, cleared or removed from our realities. These frequencies support the choice of experience (realm division).
Freedom Codes: What, Why and How
Freedom codes, available since July 2019, support this revelation phase of our Ascension.Codes are sequences of frequencies, delivered as harmonics via crystalline plasma and photonic flashing through the stargates. They shift and activate DNA if the vessel is prepared. Globally, they shift magnetics, collective perception, and realign realms into Divine order.Open up to cosmic perspective, and witness the acceleration of global agendas – positive and distorted – in the last few years. Quantum free will choice has arrived; choices aligned with proper use of energy, and positive, life-expanding qualified light emanations. In brief, there is full support for your Ascension into a pure Creator Being, using the Golden Race DNA as an instrument for Divine order and Ascension.Freedom Codes dissolve distortions:– Freedom from old belief systems about how we operate in these realms.
– Freedom from old stereotypes and expectations of of the Christed Self.
– Freedom from savior/martyr imprints.
– Freedom from distortions, control structures, manipulation, and misuse of creative power
– Freedom from limiting beliefs about abundance, spirituality, worthinessFreedom codes activate:– Freedom to actualize your Ascension
– Freedom to self-realize Source-as-Self in the physical.
– Support the return to fully awakened,consistent conscious creation of our personal and collective journeys.
– Freedom to embody and express the aligned and pure True Heart, mind, emotions, speech, thoughts, creations
– Assist in migrating to Golden Race
– Divine Perfection as the right use of life force energy
– Aquarian age dynamics of unique-and-unified expression of Self
– Individual value to serve collective value; pure Christ/Kryst/Unity qualified creations
– Self-love and Unity Consciousness as end game, crossing the bridge to New Earth

Freedom Codes must be activated by free will choice.

Freedom codes amplify the energetic patterns in your fields. Revelation is ON so we may self-correct in this Now, and create higher outcomes for all. This requires conscious self-correction of everything we put out into the field: thoughts, words, deeds, feelings. Good gets better, Divine gets Blissful, disharmony gets more intense.
Mastery is not about controlling people or realities. Mastery is being consistently aware of your contribution to the whole, finding your unique skills, and choosing to express every moment as a conduit of Divinity.At this stage of Mastery, those embracing the ability to hold these codes and use them properly are creating the bridge to higher realms. Total focus on the desired experience, on behalf of highest outcomes.The old systems of feeding off external sources of energy (complaints, control, judgment, etc.) destroy the vessel. Those are unsustainable sources that do not exist in the new realms. The new ligthbody cannot emerge in those lower frequencies.The Crystalline Heart is self-generating. It is reconnected to eternal Infinite source of creation, as a self- generating source of Divinity.
How to interact and implement these high-frequency Freedom codes:– Know they are Living Light, and conscious frequencies (as is everything – embrace your Mastery.)

– Call them forth and claim them to activate to the highest outcomes for your journey
– Meditate on highest outcomes. What is freedom to your fractal in this now?
– Visualize highest outcomes, solutions, creative expansion
– Most importantly: Use that Stargate of the Heart and FEEL Freedom.
– ACTION: Take the creative leap, light-ground an activity that feels freeing, make the choice to eliminate what constricts.
– Be a Responsible Quantum Creator, knowing that everything you do affects the whole. One step can inspire many steps.
– Speak freedom, flip conversations, show the way. Shine the Freedom codes!During this Stargate opening, especially on SUNday July 4 when freedom codes flow from the Master crystal beds under the USA, implement a physical activity that expresses freedom for you – what ever that risk, leap of faith, or freeing activity that overrides fear and lights up your heart.Joins us on SUNday July 4 for the Unity Meditations at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM Pacific Daylight time. We will be focused on distributing these codes to all willing hearts. Open up, get into the feeling state of Freedom, and surge the collective with this Divine harmonic.Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,Sandra

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Time to focus and unify for the final Gate in this eclipse-eclipse-Solstice passage… this is a moment for acute practice of our Creator skills as the Golden Race DNA activates. Instant manifestation requires responsible qualification of thought, word, emotion and action. Consistent practice and self-correction leads to the new way of BEing in these energies.

Blessings Beloveds ~Into Solstice week we glow …

The Solar Eclipse was a strong shift point last Thursday. Deep gratitude to all who have been unifying in service to the organic Ascension. Most of us felt the drop-off of energetic support for the old narratives. Time to focus and unify for the final Gate in this eclipse-eclipse-Solstice passage.

Perhaps you feel the new frequencies which are shifting narratives to the higher realm outcomes. This collapse of old realities makes it clear: this is a moment for acute practice of our Creator skills as the Golden Race DNA activates. Instant manifestation requires responsible qualification of thought, word, emotion and action. Consistent practice and self-correction leads to the new way of BEing in these energies.

Utilizing new frequencies is a focus of the Crystalline Convergence. Join the Livestream next weekend or watch the replay afterwards.

Such a powerful Gateway, let us use it wisely – all week long!
 Solstice & The Crystalline Convergence
SUNday June 20 at 8:31PM PDT⁠Organic Stargate alignment; Incredibly powerful Zero Point energiesUnified Golden Race codes activate as Conduits of Pure ConsciousnessHUge support for coherent Hearts in Service to the AscensionAlignment with feeling and utilizing the new frequencies through the Heart StargateCrystalline Convergence weekend: SUNday Global meditation at 11AM PDT with the group beaming from Sedona. Additional meditation for Solstice peak at 8:31PM PDT.
Crystalline Convergence Access

Participants, login to access the schedule, prep video and bonus gifts.
Livestream access with the full 10 hour replay is still available HERE.
 SUNday Unity MeditationsJoin us in unified intent of creating peace and Ascension for all. SUNday Unity Meditations at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM Pacific Daylight Time. 30 minute sessions.
Latest Article: Preparation for Higher Truth

This eclipse-Solstice passage requires effective self-evaluation. When the heart is coherent (neutrality) we may see ourselves more clearly. The heart becomes a conduit of the revelation frequencies.  [READ THIS ONLINE]

Infinite LoveLight to all during this profound passage.  Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,Sandra

Golden Opportunity: Eclipse Meditation on Thursday

Blessings Beloveds ~The photo above is from gatework this week in Sedona. Pre-SUNrise is such a pure zone to unify with all realms, and the emerging realm of the Crystalline Stargate of the Heart.

Diamond-Solar flows have opened wide, supporting Truth, Revelation, Divine Perspective, and Freedom. I witnessed a consistent stream of golden-diamond sphere-like God drops coming through the Gateways. The photo above was taken just afterward at SUNrise. Into the Golden race we glow.
 Latest Article: Preparation for Higher Truth

This eclipse-Solstice passage requires effective self-evaluation. When the heart is coherent (neutrality) we may see ourselves more clearly. The heart becomes a conduit of the revelation frequencies.Mastery questions are a deeply personal experience; take care to meditate on them, feel them, and be transparent with your own heart and journey. Personal revelation becomes a collective experience when we do this. Change within, change without.  [READ THIS ONLINE]
Solar Eclipse UnificationThursday June 10 at 3:41AM PDT: Global Unity Meditation
New Moon 3:54AM PDT
Palpable new frequencies level up many OverSoul groups
Dropping off of old Self support for Embodiers; rapid Self-Revelation
Solar flash experiences (transcendence activations) amplified
Crystalline Bridges to New Earth Realms open through the Heart
Crystalline Convergence Access

We are at capacity for in-person seats at the Crystalline Convergence in Sedona.
Livestream access with the full 10 hour replay is still available HERE.

The Crystalline Convergence replaces our quarterly webinars with two days of vivid presentations, activations and a few surprises.
 SUNday Unity MeditationsJoin us in unified intent. Quantum support, DNA and Lightbody expansion are present in this unified field. SUNday Unity Meditations at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM Pacific Daylight Time. 30 minute sessions.
See you in the field for the Solar eclipse peak on Thursday, and our SUNday Meditations!

Infinite LoveLight to all during this profound passage.  Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,Sandra

Revelation & Dismantling in the Eclipse-Solstice Passage

Blessings Beloveds ~

May consistency concludes with CMEs, flares, and strong dismantling energies this weekend.

Revelation is interwoven with the dismantling of distortion. One world collapses, another is birthed.

Profound inner shifts are possible during this passage. How we react, self-correct and realign during peak energies determines our trajectory. Vibration = vibration. Self-Love and Self-Revelation are deeply connected. Qualify the light you emanate with the frequency of Divine Love, moment by moment.

This passage requires personal dismantling of outdated beliefs, habits, distortions.  This helps us to be stable, balanced wayshowers as the external revelations challenge the collective. As mentioned in the video below; do the good work now, surrender outdated perspective and beliefs now and this passage will be easier.

Balance with creativity, movement, conversation and action in the direction of your New Earth Now dreams. Manifestation is somewhat instant in these energies. Change your frequency, stay open to quantum Divine Will, and the highest intent will come into form.

Two videos this week

First Up: What is unfolding with these cosmic events, within and without.
watch HERE

Second: Three weeks to the Convergence! Video overview of presentations and how to participate.
Watch HERE or click the image below.

See you on SUNday for the Global SUNday Unity Meditations.

Infinite LoveLight to all during this profound passage.  Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,Sandra

Freedom codes disrupt and dismantle that which does not serve Quantum Divine Will

Blessings Beloveds ~

It was a strong Gate passage. Record Cosmic Rays. Flares. Geomagnetic storms. Quakes. Intense Schumann waves. These new crystalline plasma influxes adjusted our trajectories.

We enter a unique phase in May.  My gatekeeper journal has a unique entry for next month. Rather than dates it says:  Consistent.

While science has noted the recent cosmic forces as *unusual*, the light-codes and plasma reveal shifts to unity consciousness.  This is a new level of the Freedom codes. And Freedom codes disrupt and dismantle that which does not serve Quantum Divine Will; highest interests of the collective.

Freedom codes reveal the Cosmic Christ principle, the unified Crystalline path of expression. More ease, manifestation of highest alignment, and a crystalline lifestyle emerging. We hold a calm zero point consistently; the Ascension experience in this Now.

Even while working on the Crystalline Convergence, I notice the effect across the realms. A small task asks for more crystalline consideration; how can it reflect what is happening with the higher levels, the cosmic levels? Every step of event planning attunes to the multidimensional. What does our gathering look and feel like upstairs in the higher reflection? What is most needed, effective, heart-opening? How can every moment express more of the crystalline New Earth Now?

This broader perspective, the unified perspective, is a gift in this Now. When you apply it to everything – cleaning the house, the morning walk, challenging tasks – the larger operation is revealed. For the moment, practice opening perspective with every creation. Remember your impact across the realms. Feel how a simple gesture, word or activity shifts the unified field. this is responsible creation blooming within our lives.

Ascension has always made us more aware of our thoughts, feeling and activities. Now we harvest the fruit of those practices, and take it further. Consistent unified perspective. As always, it is a process. Practice builds spiritual power.

Take a look at the how and why of your daily flow. These new frequencies are stimulating a cosmic memory of the crystalline process: the awareness of the Cosmic Christ. The illusion dismantles, and we see, feel, sense the Self as fractal: doing something in these realms, reflected in all expressions of self across the multidimensional landscape.

50 days to the Crystalline Convergence

I can feel Solstice and the Convergence already; the energy after the eclipses of May and early June. Legions of Light are gathering, a higher reflection of our physical gathering. How glow-ray-us to celebrate with the collective in person.

Convergence attendees, both live and livestream, your bonus and preparation material is available. Login to your account at to access pre-event activations from myself and our co-creators.

Tickets and details at

Note: Our quarterly Ascension webinar is replaced by the 2-day Convergence livestream.

Online Course Coupon: Guidance for these amplified energies

Need pure, effective guidance for your process? My online courses provide comprehensive intel, tools, and activation for every phase of Ascension. They also provide a comforting voice and gentle reminders for alignment when you need them.

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SUNday Unity Meditations

It is an honor to share this weekly practice to see, feel, and activate as ONE.  See you in the field on SUNday for our Global Unity Meditations at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM Pacific Daylight Time.

Infinite LoveLight to all during this profound passage.  Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

Aquarian Stargates

Blessings Beloveds ~

Gateways typically include Solar alignments and activity, some can be Galactic or Universal alignments. Some stargate alignments trigger intense upgrades for our Ascension. This Equinox passage is presenting as a quantum opening into a new way of being. The Aquarian age may be an outdated term, however the deeper meaning of the new paradigm, the next level of HUman expression, the Ascension of willing and prepared hearts, is about to reveal a higher purpose.The stargates that are about to align and unlock are responsible for new collective realities, new harmonic sequences in our Crystalline DNA, and a level of quantum awareness that we have not been able to maintain as a collective until this moment. These are called the Aquarian Stargates, because they usher in a new era of our collective experience.Aquarian Stargates will initiate consciousness-shifting zero point codes for over a month. Surreal frequencies, new harmonics and a sense of impending changes are present. The last two weeks of continuous geomagnetic storms and Schumann spikes have been preparing the fields and grids for this influx. Gaia’s magnetic fields feel wavy or shakey. Personally, I feel like I AM floating. Less density, less gravity.Take note of the global magnetic effects: more cosmic objects are penetrating our atmosphere, elementals are more intense, storms intensify, the veils thin, harmonics increase in volume, revelation is more consistent, and the Living Library within Gaia and our DNA is unlocked. Quantum awareness of interacting with the cosmic fields.Many are reporting bliss states, Divine Neutrality, multi-layered tones and pressure changes, and the weightlessness of DNA and lightbody activation. Perhaps the most noticeable is the shift in perception. You can feel your brain, heart and perception upleveling to expanded multidimensional awareness.This Equinox passage brings a unique attunement for quantum awareness. It will take a good amount of integration. Meditate often on zero point. Release, recode, reveal. Notice the expansion of your heart field. Take your Crystalline DNA out on the land for physical gate and gridwork if guided. SUNspots are building already, preparing for plasma releases and flares. These gateways open March 12 and flow for an entire month.Equanimity as OpportunityThe grids and fields are being saturated with new harmonics and crystalline plasma. Many hear and feel it over the last few weeks. These harmonics are playing our DNA like a symphony, activating the etheric fields/strands to produce new realities – with your conscious direction.Prepare to receive intense frequency shifts. Detox, reset with a fast, decree, meditate, get in nature, clear your space and crystals. A beautiful passage to begin something new, take action on a new creation, and release what feels dense or cumbersome.Gate and Gridkeepers, we open Friday, March 12. Gaia needs us to be present and unified, to hold the Freedom codes strong as the global narratives shift.Connect to your own Truth, to your Source within the heart. This is a passage of sovereign wisdom, and releasing of outdated narratives. Divine neutrality holds the sacred covenant of Oneness as the highest truth.Quantum Free Will steps forth; operating in the highest interest of all concerned. Implementation of Cosmic Law in alignment with Love and Oneness.Quantum Grace is embodied as Divine Presence, kindness, patience, and balance across all aspects of Self.Maintain the higher perspective as these energies flip global narratives. Avoid distractions, focus on learning to be an aligned creator. Be witness to the truth of your heart’s desires.Equinox Webinar
Our next webinar is moved up to Equinox, the energies and downloads are too strong to wait for April.Join me live on the Equinox, Saturday March 20 at 10AM -12 noon PDT.  Unified activations, uncensored intel and guidance. Access the webinar live or watch the replay. Register at Unity Meditations:: Clocks change this weekendRegardless of where you live, the meditations are based in the Mount Shasta, CA time zone. Clocks Spring ahead in the USA next weekend. Check your time zone to synch with the global collective.We focus on collective DNA activation, Heart openings and pineal attunements during this passage. Open to receive on SUNday 5AM, 8AM and 11AM PDT (UTC -8) during our Global SUNday Unity Meditations. Details, graphics for spreading the word, guided meditation and more at Divine LoveLight, strength, peace and victory to all. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!In Love, Light and Service,

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