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many are feeling heart expansion that is beyond-the-beyond.

I whole heartidly agree with Sandra as being part of our online tribe doing our SUNday Unity Meditations since 6 years now. These past few days, the thing i am doing mostly is taking naps, eating less, physical activity as much as i can as body hurts as well a pain on the left back side on my brain…truly feeling the pouring of The Tsunami of Love of Divine Mother. Here is her newsletter this week :

Blessings Beloveds ~

I know you are feeling the subtle, and not-so-subtle, energetic shift building throughout this week.

Now we prepare for a strong, unified Equinox Weekend.

The geomagnetic event which ushered in this Gateway passage (March 13-20) last SUNday was one of the strongest yet. Flares continue; it’s a powerful Now.

I know many are feeling heart expansion that is beyond-the-beyond.

Some of these expansions cannot be comprehended through the body … but oh, the heart! The body weeps, purges, sheds, sleeps to integrate a brand new experience. DNA gets triggered to align with revelation. It is a lot all at once.

Welcome to the Equinox-Eclipses passage.

Brand new energies are here which dismantle how we created our reality; both personal and collective.

Gaia revealed her purified realms and new ways of creating to many in the last week.

Opportunity for Clarity and Connection: PRESENCE event on Saturday

I AM honored to host our quarterly webinar on Saturday, the last online event before the Crystalline Convergence in May.

The realms will look and feel VERY different, very quickly, through this March-April-May sequence.

This affects our bodies, minds and hearts. Emotional fields are particularly affected in this Now by the magnetic collapse.

Let us utilize this Divine opportunity for clarity and co-creation of highest outcomes for all.

Saturday’s event provides High-level Support for the Experience of realm-shifting energies:

– Coping with Realm Shifts and linear reality dissolvement

– Expanding the Heart Center for Boundless Compassion

– Aligning our fields as a conduit/bridge for Gaia’s emerging higher realms

– Body vehicle support: Attunements for the Emotional, Mental, and Physical levels

– Immersion in the Crystalline Field to receive the Equinox realm-shifting codes

– Discernment of harmonics and frequencies for more ease and grace.

Join me for a private online 2 hour immersive on the current energies, Mastery techniques, and alignment for true unity consciousness.⁠

Saturday March 19
9AM – 11AM PDT (UTC-7)

Replays included.⁠
$33 Registration at https://www.ascensionpath.com/presence⁠

SUNday Unity Meditations during Equinox

Equinox peak is during our second 30 minute session at 8AM PDT. All welcome to participate. Link below.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible for Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,


Celebrating 5 years of SUNday Unity Meditation.

Join our tribe.

Blessings Beloveds ~

Our Revelation Wave delivered a massive plasma influx this week with geomagnetic storms, Schumann spikes and reality-shaking energies.

Gratitude to all staying as balanced, harmonious and compassionate as possible in this Now. The Revelation Wave peaks next week (January 22) and sets a new energy in motion. I spoke with Todd Medina on Soulogy last Wednesday about the current state of consciousness. Video link lower in this update.
SUNday Unity Meditation Changes

Our start times are now at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM Pacific Standard Time (UTC – 8), just 11 minutes earlier. We meditate for 30 minutes.

As a collective dedicated to Peace and Unity – in a period where disharmony can be challenging – I AM inviting everyone to share the meditation announcements, or reach out to a group, or comment/share the posts on social media.

We are stepping into a unique revelation of Unity Consciousness. The ability to tap into the field and co-create balance, healing and Ascension simply by opening as ONE with our Divine Hearts during these sessions will be powerful.

Details, new graphics for sharing and moreHERE

We are literally going through a strong portal in this Now.

Blessings Beloveds ~
We are literally going through a strong portal in this Now. Maybe you feel the magnetic squeeze as the bridges open. Maybe you see and feel the cosmic sand pulling away before the tsunami of light. Maybe you see the golden stargates. The second half is about to anchor into our collective reality quite quickly, culminating in the December-January transformation. As always, we can flow with this in the calm of Zero Point, or wrestle with the currents in the chaotic fray of the storm. From the higher perspective, I see the unification of many Gatekeepers, Guides and Starseeds concerned with highest unfoldments of the Divine Plan this year. We are in the amplified second half of this Sacred wild ride of 2020, and physicalization of the etheric is getting quite physical.⁠ Ease and grace, dear hearts. Focus on humble, heart-centered, service-to-all creation of Freedom, Peace and Victory of the True Light. Consciousness resets are inevitable.⁠ The second half of this cosmic-shifting year clarifies your timeline choices. 20/20 clarity affects everything; no stone unturned, no distortion unnoticed, both personally and globally. The Zero Point energies make us feel as if everything is happening, and nothing is happening at the same time. Keep it simple, deal with the Now. This Global reset is training us to trust the Presence within, and New Earth dynamics of consistent alignment with highest interests of all concerned. Magnetic Shifts causing fatigue and Revelation Timelines are based on personal and collective torus fields. These fields hold a bandwidth of frequency which provides a certain experience. Torus fields hold vibrational realities in place. This is how time dynamics, energy fields, planetary expressions, personal and collective expressions are co-created. They are directly reflected in activated DNA. When your DNA rebundles and holds the proper torus shape, you reflect the Universal model – and can shift timelines, memories, and realities. Thoughts, emotions and actions imprint the toroidal flows; the spiral loops within the torus field. In denser realms, these lower-level vibrations/subconscious patterns keep the torus fields locked in place to create an experience of separation and linear time. Our collective experience of time is based on emotional imprints on a torus field. Personal DNA creates time in the same way. Emotions create dense memory fields which maintain the illusion of past-present-future; a structure of linear time and separation. Emotions are magnetic, thoughts are electric. Both contribute to the dense structure of linear realities. These dense electro-magnetic fields keep us just out of phase with the truth of our Divine Presence, or nonlinear Now. Higher vibrational timelines (spiral torus loops) do not retain memory in the same way. They are crystalline, multidimensional, less dense. It is a very different, less linear experience of time. As we Ascend, we open to higher vibrational, less dense, less emotional and more fluid timelines. This is why emotional clearing, neutrality and healing is such an important component of our process. Stars, Galaxies and Universes are capable of running multiple realities – multiple torus fields – at once. The Solar Cosmic Christ template does the same for HUmans, providing multidimensional awareness, operating through Source/Heart coherence of Divine Love. We are a reflection, a fractal representation, of the Universal operation. Higher frequency light penetrates everything during the Ascension. The newly reactivated organic stargate system amplifies this. Plasma influxes literally shake (vibrate) the old structures to release collective creations, creating Freedom from old experiences. Magnetic fields shift, break apart, cause polarity shifts to reveal the new magnetics of higher realities. We lose attachment to negative memory. Collective distortions are revealed and released. Perhaps most predominant personal physical effect in this Now is the exhaustion associated with shifting magnetics. Gaia’s wide-open stargate system is providing access to the new realms of New Earth. Magnetic shifts pull apart the old, as they open the consciousness to a new experience – with our conscious choice. And it triggers our DNA torus fields to follow suit. Our DNA holds the record of all we have been and will be across the dimensions and densities. Magnetic unlocking releases what is not needed, and amplifies what we command. This amplification of DNA-related activity, affected by global magnetics, can exhaust the body as it tries to keep up with the demands of the new light and purification of the subconscious. Support for the Exhaustion The waves during a magnetic shift cause dramatic ebbs and flows. This intensifies as the crystalline overrides the lower realms by quantum effect (higher vibration pops open the pathways to higher vibrational fields, aka Gateways.) This can exhaust our energy fields, as the personal torus fields consistently expand and contract to harmonize the physical body, Gaia’s fields, and the Ascension timelines through our DNA. A lot is happening at once as the Zero Point triggers intensify. A few tools for dealing with exhaustion: – Know it is a Global effect. Don’t make it an issue; rest. Accept the deep transformation we are in. We all need REST in order to hold the balance. – Collective clearing is exhausting. Watching the old burn is exhausting. Limit your exposure to scattering of thought, emotions and duality. Limit social media scrolling or disclosure-hunting; keep all of your brain and heart as coherent as possible. – DNA rewriting the whole physical experience with magnetic shifts right now. Take superb care of yourself and rest when needed. It’s not forever, don’t make it a problem. – Earthing and grounding in nature assist. Walk or meditate in nature to rejuvenate, even for a few minutes. Get in natural water when available: the plasma (ascended water) codes are ON. – Use the morning: The frequencies at SUNrise always have elixirs for the Ascending Soul. – Glimpse the Comet: Mystical, Soul-replenishing codes are flowing through Neowise. Make the effort to get out after SUNset during the New Moon dark sky nights. Viewing details here: https://earthsky.org/space/how-to-see-comet-c2020-f3-neowise – Freedom Codes are releasing the old Self. It feels like death of the Old Self, and often just like death. Embrace the quantum perspective; looks like death of the old paradigm, old self, old distortions, paired with the simultaneously revelation of New.
This is New Earth training us to be free in the Creator State. To adapt and evolve with the new light dynamics of consistent *always in the Now* flow. – There were many reminders last year to use the *GO windows* – the moments, hours, days when creation flows with ease and grace. Creativity does help. Small micro-movements toward a goal or simple acts of creativity please the heart and soothe the Soul. – Micro-movements help to light-ground. It may be a moment, a minute, an hour, a day or two … small movements of the heart. It helps to balance the fatigue of magnetic expansion & contraction. Upcoming Events to Support the 2020 Highest Trajectories SUNday Unity Meditations: Global Infusions of Peace and Ascension
5:11AM, 8:11AM and 11:11AM PDT (UTC -7)
Details and time converters at http://sandrawalter.com/unity New Moon Portal
Monday July 20 at 10:33AM PDT
Welcome revelation, support the dismantling
Set up a grid for personal and Global highest trajectories Mayan New Year
SUNday July 26th
SUnday Unity Meditations at 5:11AM, 8:11Am and 11:11AM PDT Saturday August 1 Webinar
10AM -12 noon PDT with replays
Recalibration and support. Details next weekend. SUNday August 9
Live SUNrise SUNday Unity Meditation at 5:11AM PDT
Cathedral Rock, Sedona AZ Note: The October World Congress event in Santa Fe has been cancelled, and an online event is being created. Details released as they become available. Master, Know thyself as God Stay close to your Source-Self during this passage. Meditate. Pray and hold ceremony on the Land. Keep the heart-scale feather-light. Deny duality access to your precious Creator Self. Divine Love in word, thought and action assists. Be present with how you feel and what is needed moment-by-moment. Stillness and clearing, creativity and rest. Recommit to your faith in Divine Love and Unity Consciousness. We got this. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension! In Love, Light and Service,

Picture Credit :View at EarthSky Community Photos. | The wonderful binocular comet that’s been gracing our early morning skies – Comet NEOWISE – is now also visible in the evening, best seen with optical aid, for latitudes like those in the northern U.S. and Canada. James Younger captured this image of NEOWISE and an aurora (the green glow on the right in this photo) on July 14, in the evening, from Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Thank you, James!