Message from St Germain

Greetings: I am the Master St. Germain. Most of you know who I am. Some of you know that I brought forth the “I AM,” the two most powerful words that can be said. I am here to help you now, as always. This time it is about claiming your freedom.

Freedom is what I am about. Many of you live in IAMERICA, which is what it was originally called, but the IAM was removed.

A Strong Message from St. Germain

Through Valerie Donner

You are supposed to be living in

The land of the free.

That’s why I came here

I came to be me.

I am here to help

You live undisturbed.

For the past has been dark

And I am perturbed.

I’m here to see

The end of this trash,

The lies, the slavery

And the dark ones having a blast.

But now the

Tables have turned.

Thanks to your light

The dark ones will be burned.

What they have done to you

Will be done to them.

They will have nothing

And you will have fun.

Their days are nearly over.

Isn’t that nice!

They’ve had a grand time pretending

They were sugar and spice.

But now the truth is coming out.

They’re going to have

To face the music

And will have no more clout.

Money isn’t everything.

As a Master I say:

“Your days are over.

You won’t have it your way.”

What you have done to life

On this beautiful planet,

Is reprehensible

And we will have nothing more of it.

So we say goodbye to you,

And clear out all your dirt.

The light has taken over

To heal the hurt.