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Awakening Your Divine Plan by the Andromedans

Greetings, we emanate light, the light of the Andromedans to you. We come forth as the Andromedan’s civilisation to be of service to you in this major ascension movement that you are journeying through upon the Earth. We wish for you to know we are present to support and serve you in every moment of your ascension. It is our purpose and our divine plan, to assist each soul incarnate upon the Earth in achieving their ascension. 

To begin this awakening of your divine plan, we the Andromedans first wish to encourage you to spend a number of days, contemplating what your divine plan is. We invite you to ask yourself as you go about your daily reality and also in meditation. Let go of any seriousness that may come up. Think of this activity as play, you are playing with the idea of your divine plan. Ask within: 

What is my divine plan? What do I imagine my divine plan to be? 

Let the answers come to you . They will come to you from your mind, from expectations, from the programming of others within your being, from fears, from your personality and from your ego. Each time you recognise a new answer of what your divine plan is or could be, we the Andromedans,  invite you to say, ‘Wonderful, I accept and release.’ You are celebrating the answer, but also, you are not allowing yourself to attach to it. Therefore, you are opening up the space, it is like decluttering. After a number of days of questioning yourself often, you may have numerous answers, some may seem unusual, some may seem inappropriate, some may seem amazing. What we invite you to acknowledge is that all of these answers are not your divine plan although they might hold the vibration of your divine plan. Through this practice you will allow yourself to enter into a space. A space that is free from clutter or distraction within your being. A space where you can awaken your divine plan. You will find yourself settling into this space of peace and contentment, maybe without instruction and automatically because you have completed your searching, you have completed your questioning; you have received so many answers but there is a surrendering. A surrendering into the peace and contentment of your being. 

We the Andromedans, then invite you in the few days after this, to only focus upon sitting in or remaining in that space of peace and contentment, even if you do have to instruct your mind and your being to focus upon peace and contentment within your being. We invite you to cultivate this peace and contentment so that it almost feels like a room that you enter into and that surrounds you expansively.  This energy of peace and contentment exists within your being. When you feel that you have activated and awoken the energy of peace and contentment. This is where you call forth your soul, your guides, your soul group and your direct connection with the Creator. Ask within, ‘what is my divine plan?’ You may wish to state that you awaken your divine plan. It is in that space, that expansive energy of peace and contentment that the seed of your divine plan will be planted, will grow, will be nurtured, and nourished. The understanding of your divine plan, the embodiment of your divine plan will grow from within you, blossoming into embodiment. You may gain insights; you may gain understanding, or you may simply gain a sensation of knowingness of your divine plan. Your divine plan is guided by your soul. It is that which your soul wishes to experience upon the Earth and that which your soul wishes to embody or activate. 

Many believe their own divine plan has to be so large, so impactful that they miss and cannot see the truth of their divine plan. A divine plan can be as simple as sharing love with another being or learning how to connect with other people in a simple and truthful way. It may be tending to nature or supporting animals. It could be as simple as living a balanced life, allowing yourself to be happy, or promoting your own health. It could be letting go of judgment or healing a wound with a relation that has been long-standing spans through lifetimes. Whatever flows to you as an understanding, except it, play with it as if someone has thrown you a ball. Play with it, hold it, feel its texture, throw it up in the air, feel how light it is or how heavy, can it roll, or does it bounce? 

This is what you can do with any answer that you receive in that space of contentment and peace concerning your divine plan. Try it out and you may find that it does not feel appropriate, if so ask again, going deeper. You may find that your heart sings with joy. Remember that the divine plan for your own reality, can be immensely simple and it can even be easy to achieve. We believe that many of you now are more than capable of accessing your divine plan in this current moment of the Earth’s reality, successfully experiencing and embodying it. 

We are present to support you. 

We thank you,

We are the Andromedans

Intergalactic Transformation by the Andromedans.

 Channeled through Natalie Glasson

Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, we are the Andromedans. We come forth in and with the vibration of love, we wish to speak of Intergalactic Transformation and Ascension. We wish to speak of the space that exists between galaxies, between the stars, and between the planets.  When we speak of Intergalactic, we are speaking of galaxies as well as space, the space between anything and everything, that is the Creator.

We bring forth Intergalactic Transformation because we wish for you to connect with the Galactic Level within the Creator’s Universe. We wish to encourage you to draw upon and embody within your being, the Galactic vibrations and Rays of light that are emanating so powerfully and strongly from the Galactic Levels, overseen by Melchior. This simple intention will allow you to begin to acknowledge the Intergalactic Transformations and Ascension which is taking place upon the inner planes. The transformations and ascensions are like eruptions or activations of light as if a volcano is erupting with light and the light is distributing and being transported across the entire Universe of the Creator. It is for you to access these activations; these eruptions of light that are taking place at the Galactic Level and the Intergalactic Levels. As you absorb these light vibrations, they will infuse your being with greater volumes of light, almost like an electrical charge that awakens and activates light that is dormant within your being at a physical level or at an energetic level.

You can see that we are using words like electric and erupt. We wish to give you the understanding that the activations taking place at the Galactic and Intergalactic Levels are magnificent, they are electrifying, they are potent and immensely powerful. It is like a fireworks display.

While it is amazing to watch it is so important to absorb the energy which is being activated. It is an activation of power that creates a surge within your being, a surge that allows the light and Creator qualities within your being that are dormant to activate and come into your awareness and embodiment at this moment. It is important to say that only the light, skills and abilities that are appropriate to activate within your being will be activated. The Galactic and Intergalactic activation is being overseen by your soul. You can relax and trust that which needs to be activated as light within your being will be activated. This can take place through a simple intention.

Call forth us the Andromedans to surround you as you invite your entire being to connect with the Galactic Level and Melchior the overseer of the Galactic Level. Experience and allow yourself to breathe in the Galactic Vibrations, then state to us the Andromedans and Melchior that you wish to benefit from the Intergalactic and Galactic Activations taking place now. Ask that the appropriate light within your being that may be dormant and has not yet been recognised by you is activated, recognised, and experienced by you. This is one phase that we encourage you to achieve currently.

We also wish to speak about intergalactic activations in another way. We invite you to recognise the space that is in existence. What we mean is the space between a table and a chair or the space between a star and a planet. The space that is between your emotions and your thoughts, the space that is between your physical body and another being’s physical body. It is important to recognise that there is space and when we say space, we are thinking of the nothingness of the Creator. Between everything whether it is small or large, there is the nothingness of the Creator. It is easy to recognise this between galaxies because we can recognise that between two galaxies, there is nothingness, there is space. It can be more challenging to recognise that between each step of your ascension process the nothingness of the Creator is present. There is space between each thought in your mind, between each emotion, between each dream, between each manifestation, between yourself and physical objects, yourself and guides, and Spiritual Beings. There is space, there is the nothingness of the Creator. We understand that within the nothingness of the Creator, there is all that is the Creator as well, the entire Universe of the Creator and so much more.

When we begin to acknowledge the space between everything, we recognise that the Creator is present not only in that which manifest but also in that, which does not. Not only in that which has a purpose but also that which does not have a purpose. The more that you contemplate the space, the nothingness between everything, and everyone, you begin to acknowledge the presence of the Creator, the support of the Creator and the divine will or divine plan of the Creator.

The Intergalactic Ascension and Transformation that is taking place is actually on the inner planes. Within the nothingness of the Creator, the nothingness of the Creator you might say is being strengthened and empowered. As this takes place, so it radiates across the entire Universe and into your being. You are being invited to recognise the space. The space between things, the space of the Creator between the Creator. You are being invited to recognise this because if you recognise it, then you can begin to enter that space. At a very advanced level when you enter into the space between things, you actually shift in dimensional vibration. However, at this moment, that is not what we require, more so we wish for you to familiarise yourself with the nothingness of the Creator and the sense that within the nothingness of space, of the Creator, there is the Creator fully. When you begin to acknowledge this, you recognise the oneness and completeness of your being, of the world around you which is immensely important. It changes your mindset, it changes your perspective, it changes all that you are and all that you create. It changes and shifts the reality around you.

What will you discover in the space? What will you discover in the nothingness? We invite you to align with the Galactic Level of the Creator’s Universe and ask to experience the Intergalactic Transformation.  In doing so, you are able to connect with the space, the nothingness within the Galactic Level in order for it to emphasise the nothingness that is within your being and your reality. It is far easier to recognise the nothingness within the Intergalactic Levels because it is empowered, and it is emphasised. You can achieve this simply through an invitation or an intention.

We, the Andromedans will assist you, and you can begin to acknowledge the nothingness within your being. First recognise the nothingness between yourself and another person or an animal, a tree, or a plant. This allows you to really begin to acknowledge you can place your attention into the space between you and all that is.

As you place the attention into the space between you, the attention of your third eye, your awareness wherever that space may be, bring that space into your heart centre and your higher heart chakra.

Allow yourself to acknowledge, allow yourself to acknowledge that space within your being, the space of nothingness. Where everything is present, and nothing is present. It is important to not get caught up in separation, that is something different. We are connecting with the togetherness, rather than separation. When you bring it into your being, you can recognise the nothingness of the Creator within your being. The space between you and different aspects will change, alter, and shift the more you experience it as will your concentration, your attention, and your depth of understanding of the nothingness of the Creator. You will be able to understand and access this more fully, it will create peace, a sense of stillness, enlightenment and it will create further activations. This sense of peace is a very deep peace, it is also a sense of connection with the Creator and all that is the Creator. All of this is desperately needed upon the Earth now.

We encourage you to be a force of light striding ahead, to aid and develop the ascension process for yourself and all currently.

We thank you and we love you,

Creator Structure Matrix by the Andromedans

 Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 
Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, we are the Andromedan civilisation. We come forth with the vibrations of truth and peace, which we share with you and deliver into your being now. As we bring forth this energy and light to embrace you. We wish for you to imagine, to acknowledge or understand that within energy there is a matrix. In fact, there are numerous maybe hundreds, thousands of different patterns of the Creator’s light and these patterns support the manifestation of light into physical matter. As you allow yourself to acknowledge this understanding, you begin to recognise that there is a matrix or many within everything and everyone and that these energy patterns hold wisdom, knowledge, qualities of the Creator and healing.
With this in mind, we, the Andromedan civilisation, wish to bring forth to you the Creator Structure Matrix. This supports you in connecting on a deeper level with the Creator and acknowledging how the Creator’s energy is transported from light into matter. This matrix supports you in recognising the structure of the Creator. Recognising how the Creator manifests on different and diverse levels and dimensions. While the Creator is nameless, formless, and limitless, for your physical mind there is the need to bring structure. The Creator Structure Matrix works especially well with your mind as it allows your mind to understand light.
It uses the causal chakra right at the back of the head, which supports the transformation and understanding of light into language, visions, or sensations that the body can understand. The Creator Structure Matrix is like a template that forms from the Cosmic Level. The Creator Structure Matrix holds all the dimensions within its vibration. Thus, it supports you in understanding the manifestation process of each dimension and level of the Creator’s Universe. Within this matrix, you have akin to complete instructions of how to manifest in each dimension. It supports you in bringing structure into your manifestations as well as the Creator’s vibrations, creating a structure, a foundation for yourself that serves you in existing as your divine light. Thus, creating foundations for your ascension journey to continue and to evolve.
Even your reality requires some form of structure and within your reality, you can begin to acknowledge the structure that is placed by you and the structure that is placed by the Creator or your soul. Often, we can recognise structure as limits. There are some limits that are required, especially in the physical reality to contain your vibration and energy, which is limitless, containing it allows for grounding or anchoring your energy into the physical reality.
We, the Andromedan civilisation invite you to ask:
What structures do you wish to place within your reality?
What structures do you wish to have present within your reality?
Do you wish to have structures that emanate peace? Do you wish to experience structure that emanates the limitless vibrations of the Creator?
Even within a structure, there can be the infinite vibrations of the Creator. Maybe your structure is also a foundation that holds love, truth, kindness, healing, or the advancement of your spiritual evolution. When you begin to consider the structure of your reality, the limits that you place upon yourself and your reality, you begin to acknowledge the type of reality you create for yourself. You begin to acknowledge the way that you manifest and the manifestation process. What you choose to manifest and how it manifests because maybe some of your limits, your structures are fear-based. Therefore, some of your manifestations are born from fear or limited by fear. Your structure is your foundation, it is the way that you choose to live your reality on the Earth. These structures you cannot see, they emanate from you continuously. Like the frames and the foundations of a house, this is your reality. Contemplate, the structure that you place within your reality and begin to alter it through simple contemplation, invitation, and intention.
Creator Structure Matrix
We, the Andromedans, wish to download the Creator Structure Matrix into your being from the Cosmic Level. We have an interesting meditation process for you to download the Creator Structure Matrix. 
We wish for you first to set the intention that you wish to download, activate, and embody the Creator Structure Matrix. Call forth the Andromedan civilisation and Cosmic Beings to support you.
We invite you to begin to count from 352 backwards to 1. There are 352 dimensions within the Creator’s Universe. As you count backwards from 352 to 1, you will be downloading the Creator Structure Matrix through the dimensions and through the dimensions and aspects of all your being.  You will be achieving it for yourself and for the Ascension process. Each number represents a dimension, each number allows you to download the matrix into that dimension and into your being.
When you reach 1, you will be fully grounded, fully activated and have full embodiment of the Creator Structure Matrix. If you find your mind wanders during the process, simply return to the last number that you remember.  It might be that you become distracted by dimensions or that integration on certain dimensions is required. It might take you many days to achieve this process. Always return to the last number that you remember and continue to count backwards. The Creator Structure Matrix will support you in understanding the energy of the Creator more fully, allowing you to understand the manifestation process of light to matter. As you count backwards this is what you will be achieving, for each number will represent light and gradually you will be transforming it and transporting it into matter. You will access a greater understanding of the Creator’s energy and the process of manifestation, as well as recognising your own reality and foundations. You may initiate through this process transformation within your reality and foundations, embodying the Creator more fully. Accessing a deeper connection and intimacy with the Creator. As you count backwards, you may feel your attention is becoming more and more grounded into the light and the Creator within your being.
It is now time for us, the Andromedan civilisation to depart. We give you the gift of the Creator Structure Matrix. We also invite you to ground the Creator Structure Matrix into the world, so that the structure of the Earth, the structure of ascension, and even the structure of your own being, maybe transformed, filled with light and embodied fully by the Creator.
We thank you,
We are the Andromedans


Channeled through Natalie Glasson

Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa,

Greetings to you beloved and benevolent beings. We are the Andromedans, we come forth in love, respect, and to inspire and remind you of the truth existing within your being. We come forth with high vibrations to surround you as this is needed now upon the Earth, and to support your personal Ascension. We invite you to accept our energies, to accept our light, and presence, know we are present to serve you, and support you through these Ascension activations and your Ascension Journey, which is unfolding for you and all upon the Earth.

We wish to speak of living your life fully.

To live a full life can mean, signify, and represent something different for each being. Some believe that to follow a strict spiritual pathway is to live your life fully, others believe that to engage with and experience the physical reality fully, to experience creation and manifestation in the world is to live fully.

While others allow themselves to adopt both pathways, integrating the spiritual nature and the physical nature. To live a life that is full, some believe they require certain things such as waiting for certain objects, situations, and experiences to manifest in their life. Other’s feel they are living a full life when adopting a simple way of life. It may be that to live fully upon the Earth for you is to manifest your dreams and your desires.

As the New Earth Ascension Blueprint anchors, you have the ability to create and manifest your dreams and desires. There are opportunities and possibilities beyond your imagination available to you. With this in mind, it seems appropriate to contemplate and discover what it is to live fully on the Earth.

The way your life will appear to you as living fully will be different and diverse to every other being on the Earth, this is appropriate and necessary. It is due to your state of mind, your belief systems, your current vibration, and the blockages or stagnant energy you may be holding onto within your being. All of these influence the way you perceive yourself and the way that you perceive the world around you, you manifest from these aspects of yourself.

Therefore, it could be said you manifest and perceive for yourself a limited reality. You may perceive you are living your life with the fullness of the Creator and yet you are perceiving from your state of mind, belief systems, stagnant energy within your being, as well as the positive and loving vibrations of your essence. It is almost appropriate to say that in any given moment you are limiting yourself from living a life that is full, the fullness of the Creator.

It can sometimes be challenging to observe, realise, and to understand when you are living fully. When you are living fully you are living from the highest vibration of light and energy available to you at any given moment.

The more you raise your vibration and connect with higher vibrations of light and energy this will alter and shift your own vibration. Thus, you are constantly opening your mind, your being, your perspective of the world within you and around you.

When you allow yourself to exist from the highest vibration of light available to you in any given moment and every given moment you can be sure you are expressing yourself fully and expressing the energy of the Creator fully. This means the vibrations, blessings, love, and truth of the Creator is allowed to cascade through your being, integrating into your entire being reality and creations. You are existing in a reality that is constantly expanding, your existing in a reality where you are constantly letting go, dissolving limitations and boundaries always allowing yourself the freedom of your soul.

How do you recognise when you are connecting with the highest vibration of light available to you?

And how do you recognise when you are living your life fully? You may believe you are living your life fully now, although this may not be the case.

You know when you are living your life fully because you are in a state of wonder, awe, gratitude, inspiration, and love. When you are experiencing these qualities and energies, you know you are living a full life.

You are living beyond the boundaries and limitations you may set for yourself. You are living from the essence of your being within your spiritual practices, physical reality, experiences, and manifestations.

If you can realise whether or not you are experiencing these qualities daily, it doesn’t have to be all day, simply at some point during the day. Then you can recognise you are living your life fully. If not, then there may be a need to raise your vibration, continuing to focus upon connecting with the highest vibration of light, love, and truth available to you in any and every given moment.

How do you connect with the highest vibration of light love and truth in every given moment?

We, the Andromedans, wish to share with you a very simple exercise that will allow you to raise your vibration connecting with the higher frequency of light that is always available to you. Connecting to higher frequencies is akin to steps, as you step onto one, so you are able to access the next. As you access a vibration of light, so the next vibration of light becomes available to you.

We, the Andromedans, invite you to close your eyes if you wish and take the attention of your mind and your third eye inwards into your being.

First Imagine within your being a star or a sun, whichever feels appropriate, this star or this sun is your soul.

Allow yourself to locate this star or sun, your soul within your being. As you do so, imagine sense or acknowledge that you are traveling towards this sun or star. You are being embraced in the most beautiful and loving light.

As you move into and through this star or sun you enter the Universe of the Creator. You observe and witness vast expansive space where the Creator is present and numerous manifestations of the Creator are in existence.

As you enter the Universe of the Creator there is another star or sun that is attracting your attention. Imagine that you travel forth to this star or sun within the Universe of the Creator. As you get closer and closer the energy, light, love, and truth of this star or sun surrounds and embraces you, it draws you into the core of its energy and presence. Rather than moving through this sun or star, exist in the very centre of the energy and light.  You do not need to understand what the energy is. Where it came from or anything like that. Your task is to simply absorb the light. Breathing it into every aspect of your being. This light has been attracted to you by your soul. It is the next available light frequency that will support a rise in your energy vibration.

Absorb the light for as long as feels appropriate and necessary, be aware that wisdom, symbols, or inspiration may manifest. Focusing upon the light this is of greatest importance.

Feel your own being filling with light. The more you notice your own being filling with light you will discover you will gradually no longer exist within the star or the sun. You are becoming aware of your body being filled with so much light. Becoming aware of your existing upon the Earth. Light frequencies radiate from you. The light may feel familiar or it may feel different.

Take time to breathe deeply as you exist in awareness of your body, being, and your reality. Let this light connect with the Earth, your reality, loved ones, and all beings. You have accessed the next available light frequency. You have supported your energy vibration in shifting and evolving. You have accessed the highest vibration available to you.

This simple practice you can achieve as many times as you wish throughout the day; each time allow the energy to settle before you continue once more with the practice. You may find the influence is very deep and profound, if this is the case achieving the practice once a day maybe sufficient or maybe even once a week.

With this new higher vibration of light within your being, you may find you are inspired, in wonder, experiencing gratitude and love. New insights may dawn, new actions may feel as if they need to be expressed through your being. You can think back to the light throughout the day and allow it to emanate from your being knowing you are filling everything with this light. Therefore, you are participating in living your life fully. The more you practice this, the more you will begin to manifest from that light recognise shifts, alterations and changes occur in your reality. Dreams and desires may manifest with greater ease and your connection, and sensitivity to the Creator may also evolve.

Everything has the potential to live fully, when you live fully everything around you begin to live fully to embody an expression of the Creator.

We are the Andromedans, we love you, and we thank you.

I eternally exist in the flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator

A New Spiritual World by the Andromedans
Channeled through Natalie Glasson –  

Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

What do you sense of the world around you?

What do you sense of the world within you?

Where do your beliefs arise from and how do you formulate the life you create on the Earth?

These questions invite you to gaze deeply at everything you perceive yourself to be, as well as evaluating the world in which you are the centre of. The way you perceive your inner and outer world as well as your responsibility within your reality is the key to the way you navigate all that is the Creator. The key to navigating the Creator is to realise that your sense of the world within and around you is constantly shifting and fluctuating as you gradually accept the expansiveness that is your nature. Acceptance is a tool which can be gifted to all areas of your reality both spiritual and physical; it is to sense the expansive nature of the Creator in all that you are and do.

Your expansive nature is the limitless possibilities, opportunities, creations and wisdom which are the Creator. Therefore, nothing is fixed, a certain way or motionless. Everything has a flow, movement and limitless possibilities. Can you recognise the Universe of the Creator in this way? More importantly, can you recognise yourself in this way? Can you recognise the world you exist within, in this way? It is possible that you cannot, or maybe only partially, this is natural because of both the intensity and density of the Earth’s structure and reality. Mother Earth and the reality of the Earth invite you to move beyond all that you currently sense and into a new perception of all that is.

At this time of ascension, it is as if you are entering through a tunnel emerging into a new world. You are not leaving your current life behind or even parting with the Earth, instead it is that you are expanding your ability to sense the world around and within you, thus perceiving a new reality for yourself. This ascension shift is strongly connected to your ability to embody the flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator’s energy. To do so is to move beyond the way you currently perceive yourself and reality, even beyond your beliefs of how the world is and should be. We the Andromedans invite you to be conscious and aware of all the belief systems and thoughts you create and affirm about how the world is and should be. This mind frame only holds you in the space of a fixed and motionless reality. The affirmation available to you is,

‘I eternally exist in the flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator.’

This statement can be declared when thoughts of how the world for you is and should be. The practice will transform the way you sense the world within and around you thus allowing you to experience the limitless possibilities, opportunities, creations and wisdom of the Creator. Be aware that your mind may need time to decipher the new world and reality emerging before your eyes both on a physical and spiritual level. If you become confused or despondent know that time is needed for your mind to adjust and accept the expansive energy of the Creator you are now requesting to embody, experience and live as on the Earth. Returning your focus to reconnect with the flow, movement and limitless possibility energy of the Creator will affirm greater clarity and peace within your being during this transition. Repeating the affirmation, ‘I eternally exist in the flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator,’ during meditation and then allowing your self to sense the opening of your being and the flow of the Creator’s energy through you will assist greatly. Invite yourself each time to contemplate what you see, sense or acknowledge as you experience the flow, movement and limitless possibility energy of the Creator. Be aware that each time you meditate to connect with the energy your experience may be different. The more you can become accustomed to the energy of flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator the easier it will be for you to embody, recognise and create from within your reality.

Imagine what you could create from the divine flow, movement and limitless possibility energy of the Creator. What reality would you live? What type of person would you be? What would your experience of the Earth be like? It is important to take time to truly contemplate your integration and creation with these qualities of the Creator.  With contemplation you will begin to realise that even when you imagine what you or your life would be like you are creating an energy and experience that is fixed, a certain way or motionless. In order to enter through the tunnel and create a new spiritual world for yourself and others on the Earth and the inner planes, there is a need to focus on the energy of the Creator in the present moment, realising that this energy is constantly shifting and fluctuating. Therefore, accept an idea or insight as your own, as your reality and experience. Then let it flow, be limitless and filled with motion so it may develop into something greater and more expansive than you can currently perceive. Let it be filled with the qualities of the Creator of limitless possibilities, opportunities, creations and wisdom. Let the creation be guided by the Creator, as beautiful, powerful, blissful and infinite as the Creator wishes! In truth you are surrendering that which you sense from the flow of the Creator allowing it to pour with abundance into your being and reality.

There is still a need to focus upon that which you wish for and desire in your reality, this is essential. However, notice when you become engrossed on a fixed circumstance, experience or creation. If after a while there is no movement or flow, the there is a need to realise you are limiting or even rejecting the limitless possibilities, opportunities, creations and wisdom. If this is your reality, then these is a need to connect as much as possible with flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator. ‘I eternally exist in the flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator.’ It is not only connecting, it is to exist within these sacred qualities of the Creator.

Once you begin to grasp and experience that which we, the Andromedans, speak of you will begin to view the world within and around you anew. This will mean that situations and circumstances across the world which seem immovable will begin to transform. Humanity will no longer acknowledge themselves and their realities as being fixed, a certain way or motionless, thus a new spiritual world will appear for all to experience. When we speak of a new spiritual world, we are referring to a world that is based upon the spiritual nature of each and every being present upon the Earth. Imagine this for a moment, it is an extremely exciting idea and concept; a world that is based upon the spiritual nature of each and every being present upon the Earth. We invite you to meditate upon this idea and acknowledge that which you perceive, then connect with yourself as an existing eternally in the flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator, what appears for you then? To eternally exist in the flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator is to empower yourself, the world and the ascension process of all. This is a powerful experience and transition of ascension to experience now.

If you wish to understand or experience more of what we have shared with you today, please call upon us the Andromedans and we will lovingly surround you, sharing all that is appropriate.

In constant support and love,

The Andromedans

See the beauty, and you are a big part of that beauty.

Andromedan Collective 2/5/2019

Greetings neighbors! We are your friends the Andromedan Collective, here to wish you a joyful new day and happy Chinese New Year! Many ships are perusing your skies, your seas, ensuring your safety and a successful transformation / transition from dark to light, 4D to 5D. People are feeling these changes, we can see this, for we do have the technology to observe you lovingly, not intrusively, and we can see your energy signatures, your vibrations from high above and it is beautiful when you are doing your light work, your prayers, when you are working on Gaia’s grid or extending the hands of forgiveness.

We see this as light, as love and we see the physicality of the light that you extend, and it is beautiful. You are beautiful. Society has told you that you are not unless you look like a certain prototype. That is nonsense, and we want to assure you that Source does come in all sizes, shapes, forms, all experiences. And Source is Source, as are you. Therefore you are beautiful because you have that inner spark, that inner light, that angelic hue of greatness that takes our breath away and it is nothing to be dimmed down. And so, today on this new year, embrace your beauty.

Embrace the beauty that is you, in your glorious self, your strongest most assured self. For that is the self that you will need to be tapping into in the following days where it might bet a bit bumpy. And we know that you, the strong ones, are chomping at the bit, ready to ride and we also see that many of the other humans are not, and have no idea what is going to befall them. But in the midst of the chaos is much blessing, is much light, is much love. So no matter how it looks, see the light, the love, see the beauty in the situation. See the beauty, and you are a big part of that beauty. For your fortitude, your strength, your resolve, your love will cross over the barriers, will become with outstretched hands, the rainbow bridge to the others, helping them across with your vibrations of service.

We will help you. Many, many will help you. You do not have to do this all alone, but you do have to try your best, your hardest, and tap into that warrior side of you. The Christed light burning within is enough, more so, than you have ever had the capacity to understand yet. And so we see that you are well fortified, well loved, well protected. Your beauty, your strength, your power is quite real, we assure you. And so we are eager to partner with our friends and family on the ground, our ground team, to effectively employ Operation Ascension Gaia and walk alongside you in the midst of these massive changes. You are ready. It begins.

~ galaxygirl

you are the superheroes of the galaxy and we are puffed up with pride that we have a front row seat to your expansion and that you are our neighbors.

Greetings friends, we are the Andromedan Collective here to offer our greetings, our presence this day. We observe a tremendous sense of loyalty among you. Loyalty to each other and to the service projects that you’re creating in your minds of the many ways there are presently and yet to be created to better the Earth. This delights us, for loyalty to the collective, to each other, offers tremendous growth potential to catapult you up to the next level of the game of ascension. Although we realize and understand it isn’t a game to you when you are in the midst of it. In fact it has been quite painful physically even for many of you star seeds who are experiencing a morphing physical form. In the midst of great change much change of the status quo is required. Tenacity, grit are qualities that none can deny you. Truly, you are the bravest of the brave in our eyes and you delight us! We are quite fond of our Earth star seed friends and will be most delighted when we can spend some quality time with our neighbors!

We see loyalty, service, kindness all becoming even yet more important which is excellent, for you are growing exponentially in these qualities. A higher society of course implements many safeguards, may protocols so that the higher ideals area achieved. You, friends, are already doing this. You are already servicing and eager to yet serve more. You are looking for ways to delight in lending a hand, serving the poor, the others and you are doing this energetically wherever you go. For when your Christed light shines brightly enough it is magically shared around to the others and the whole collective benefits. Such is the same to be said for when your vibrations drop, the whole is effected. And so, keep your light brights on high. Keep your laughter at the ready, keep your hearts, hands and arms wide open and in loyalty to the human collective. Serve, grow, expand, laugh, be in joy! These are excellent qualities of an ascended master. You astound us daily with your tenacity, your grit, your hope, your perseverance. Have we already said that? (Smiling) You see, you are the superheroes of the galaxy and we are puffed up with pride that we have a front row seat to your expansion and that you are our neighbors.

There is much to exchange, much to share about our homes, our galaxy with you. Our cultures are diverse, varied, and yet we are all united in our desire to see Mother Gaia succeed in her most sacred mission of physical ascension. We’ve got your backs. We are the Andromedan Collective. We rejoice in your light. We thank you for your service and contribution to the whole.

~ galaxygirl

It is time that the sexual union is no longer exploited and misunderstood or maligned. This too shall come to pass on your surface world as you are all upgraded further into advanced understandings and increased light encodements, which is happening now.

Greetings friends, we are your Andromedan neighbors, traversing this part of space time, this space quadrant, with you. We have been closely observing your trials, tribulations and massive progress over the centuries and we are very impressed with the tenacity of the ascending human spirit, something that we can all learn from. You are an outstanding example of grit, of light shining in the darkness and we salute you for your progress and never ending spiral upwards back towards the Source light, the All. The shields no longer covers your eyes for you ascending ones can see clearly. You can see through the vexing trap of materialism, the greed of over-consumption and waste. You can see the harm that has been inflicted on your most glorious, beautiful planet Gaia, and you can feel in your heart it is time for the great changeover from overbearing masculine to the balance of the divine feminine and the divine masculine, in perfect harmony. The divine feminine receives light — receives, creates, restores, rebirths. The divine masculine gives, cares for, protects, and creates space for the rebirth of the new. Together in perfect harmony and balance there is nothing more satisfying to be a part of, for life hums when balance, this sacred divine balance of the sexual energies, is at its equilibrium, as as uniquely intended to be.

Sexuality is a steaming topic on your planet today, no pun intended. There is much confusion on this topic, and it is not something that we wish to tangent regarding, but it is going to come to light that this too has been greatly manipulated, but we believe this audience already knows that. Think of the antique balancing scale, where balance is the key. For far too long the unbalanced taking and conquering masculine has invaded and evaded the light of the balance of the divine feminine and has abused her most sacred creative energies. This is to be remedied. Of course this has shown up on your surface world in a variety of ways, including the confusion regarding sexual expression. Sexual expression is a divine gift of creative potential. Conception is of course an integral part of this creative process but it is not the only process. Your sacred mystery schools taught the divine sexual energies, taught how to align, how to concrete portals of bliss – it is much more than just a carnal lust process. Many of you long to experience this divinity of the sexual union where it truly is give and receive and chakra joining as fields merge. It is truly an astounding process of divinity sharing itself with another aspect of itself. We Andromedans also enjoy this creative process with our twins frequently and there is no shame surrounding this blissful, delightful union. No shame, no blame, no game. It is simply an expression of love. And thus as it is an integral part of our society, love and balance are everywhere. It is time that the sexual union is no longer exploited and misunderstood or maligned. This too shall come to pass on your surface world as you are all upgraded further into advanced understandings and increased light encodements, which is happening now.

We Andromedans see you with eyes of joy for our earthly neighbors, the brave ones who sought to expand the most the fastest and took on a seemingly impossible experiment and look how far you have come! We see and acknowledge there has been significant pain in the process of this expansion, such is not uncommon when one is birthing a new life. We see that many of you are in physical pain, and have been clearing much on behalf of the others, the collective. We salute you for this monumental task of clearing much dross for so many. We Andromedans have a rich history as well, fraught with space battles, expansion, return to a higher dimensional society, but our history is ancient, older, and we took more time to ascend than you have and so it is with eagerness of heart that we observe and cheer you on from the rafters as you have heard before. Truly there is much celebrating in the heavens right now regarding you – you! – lightworkers who are our knights in shining armor and we honor you for your valor, your determination and your steadfastness towards love. Your twins are waiting for you, many of you. You are well loved, well treasured, much appreciated and we salute you. We love you. We embrace you. We are the Andromedan Collective lending a heart, a hand and a hug. We would say that we are your biggest fans but you have so many it would be audacious to say so. Nonetheless, we are here for you in full support, militarily, spiritually and emotionally. We love you. We are the Andromedan Collective. Signing off.

~ galaxygirl

Have the courage, again and again, to say no when the energy is not positive.

We come at a time of great transformation on planet Earth. We, like our soul comrades, the Arcturians, come with news of the great war of light and dark as it plays out on Gaia. We are here as Ambassadors of peace and light. We hope to shed light on personal pathways many of you are travelling. We urge you to remember all we say is within the context of the Great Awakening on Gaia. For none of you experience just as individuals, now the collective consciousness has been activated. All that is micro is macro, one and all. The sky wars have stalled, in preparation for tornado light energy, triggered by January’s coming Lunar Eclipse. Illumination will flood your northern hemisphere. Laser beams of light will penetrate dark corners, already loosening, ripe for release. Karmically this long lunar eclipse marks the beginning and end of one phase to another. Waking up has completed its cycle due to seeds sown by brave souls fighting a dark web collective conscious. Seeds now bearing fruit of truth, joy and spirituality take root and flourish.

The August Great American lunar eclipse of 2017 marked the illumination across western and northern territories. The coming lunar eclipse will vastly accelerate this process, adding fuel to it’s ever growing wildfire. To change the direction of humanity, to steer a great craft, takes passion, vision and integrity. You who identify as travellers, outsiders, volunteers, we are in awe of your warrior spirit. We see angels walking as humans, we understand that you are already receiving your updated missions. The Healer and the Warrior will now step out from the shadows, for the shadows have evaporated. The new frequencies you inhabit operate differently. You have reached the next level.

Many variables are at play in the fourth realm. Instant manifestation means your environment reflects your state of mind and vice versa. If you are grumpy the reality you experience will be grumpy. As the timelines unfurl, expand, shoot off in many varying directions, your thoughts are the engine driving you through timelines you’ve created. Primary moments, pre ordained contracts still hold for some, but all can be ended. Sovereignty is the big bonus in the fourth dimension. Surrender is the key to understanding and being, in the fourth. Fifth Dimension highs are closer, quicker, easier to access. Keep lightbody activation on track with self care, the organic body is necessary in the lower fifth, to stay on board the ascension train. Alignment nutures balance of mind, body and soul. Honour the body, respect and heal it. It is very much part of the whole ascension process.

The coming Super Moon will bring clarity and illumination of soul purpose. Meditate for transmissions from guides and higher self. Reach out to each other for guidance. The fourth realm is the high tech version of the 3d matrix humanity has called home for many moon cycles. See your world as an interface, learn how to change outcomes, predict behaviours, adapt and challenge. Two programmes are running simultaneously which are the root of much of the evil on earth. The paedophile programme and the militarization programme. One protects and feeds the other, and vice versa. Both programmes are crashing. Indictments will bring many to justice, in light earth timelines. In dark earth timelines the infestation becomes a plague, destroying itself, the snake eats its tail. We wish only to talk of the new earth, the light earth.

The tide has turned. The work done by volunteers to clear ancestral DNA karma has freed generations. We see many thousands of souls recognised and released. The word is out on the astral plane just as it is on the material plane. Truth is ascension. The task you have agreed to is monumental within the scope of normal incarnations of growth. We hope to help you see the bigger and smaller picture. Waking up, awakening, starseed or empath, evolution is the game you are playing, 5d liberation is the goal. To achieve this each soul must go through steps of karmic clearing.

  • Childhood karma is excavated to release ancestral ghosts.
  • Soul paths are revealed the deeper within you go.
  • The magic of the quantumverse becomes more real than concrete, cocktails or commutes.
  • The material world of status symbols, competition and greed loses its appeal.
  • We seek space for contemplation, meditation and healing.

Matrix programming fails to work higher up the frequency spectrum. Those operating in the fifth or higher will be all but immune to cultural, religious and subliminal behaviour and thought modification. Once the programmes are broken, humans wake up, then the onion peeling that is karmic evolution begins. We speak now of our most important guidance. Warrior choices were taken at key moments, honour those choices. Resist all pressure to revert back to the way things were. Make all choices based on energy. Be compassionate yet simultaneously fiercely protective of your energy and space. Follow through on what was started in moments of trauma. Stand strong and tall for your world has come to higher realms, due to your efforts. Words have built necessary boundaries, pushed takers away, creating essential space for light work to occur. Transmutation of negative energies is also accelerating. Conservation of your energy is a priority for 2019.

Narcissism, the sickness of your rulers, is dying out. It will be forgotten quickly in a society built on empathy, logic and care giving. Keep the faith warriors of Gaia, if you could see what we see, you would already be celebrating. Stay true to your soul sovereignty, compromise for no one who cannot give back. The takers have taken enough. Now is the time for givers to redistribute their energy. See through the con-artists, demons and players. Have the courage, again and again, to say no when the energy is not positive. It will get easier. We are in awe of all that we witness, of all that has been accomplished. Evolution is rebirth, it will not, cannot be easy or it would not be real. You are still standing, warrior stance. Regroup. Hold your space, your conviction and your courage. Enjoy quiet time for meditation. Create. Meditate. You are the creators of new light earth, the rainbow children will build, but you will create. In light and love we send white light healing to all who resonate with our words, let it be so. Your neighbours from the Andromedean Galaxy.