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The Venus Project

We are very excited to share some big updates this month! The Venus Project is now a part of our Non-Profit Organization called Resource Based Economy. We have just launched the website of this Non-Profit Organization and, for the first time, we are presenting the concept, goals and team behind the major construction project we are currently working on: the Center for Resource Management.

New Developments


Many may know that in 2016, we established a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization called Resource Based Economy, with the bylaws set up broadly enough for large-scale urban development (e.g. a first city). The NPO was first mentioned within the video produced when Jacque Fresco received the “United Nations Global Goals Award for Sustainable Cities and Communities” and when they wrote to announce the award to him, they acknowledged and praised the social design of a Resource Based Economy as well.


Now, The Venus Project has become a part of the NPO Resource Based Economy. The NPO has its own website which outlines the direction of a Global Resource Based Economy and presents the first practical steps we have already initiated towards demonstrating and gradually implementing this socio-economic system (more about this below). The Venus Project activities and website will continue as they have been, but under a broader context, with more opportunities for grants and funding for large-scale projects


We invite you to explore the website of the Resource Based Economy NPO. You will see that for the first time we present the concept, goals and team behind this major construction project we have undertaken: the Center for Resource Management. This facility will be the area of a mid-sized university campus and will act as a stepping stone towards the development of our proposed experimental cities. A major difference setting this project apart from other initiatives that tackle humanity’s grand challenges is the systems approach to imagining how society could operate.


The aim is for all permanent residents of the Center for Resource Management to have access to housing, food, water, clothing, energy, education, all at no cost. Resources will be much more intelligently managed – 3D printers, tools, bikes, vehicles, and so on will be collectively used and shared, while ensuring they are in good condition and always available without waiting lines. This systems approach can be replicated and scaled up to eventually allow all of humanity to choose to live in cities that implement this new social system.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with this exciting new project.