You are radiating your light. You wonder if it is enough. Yes, yes it is enough.

Imurieal 6/5/2023

Greetings human ones. This one wishes for me to state my name. I am the source origin of dragon kind. I am the original dragon, if there can be such a thing. Which means that I am very ancient and hopefully very wise. I have seen many out-breaths and in-breaths of Source creator and I have been in the inner imaginings of the beginnings of many realms and places. (I am seeing a magnificent huge white dragon with gold spikes and ancient eyes, and when I peer into them I see the cosmos.) Yes, I am, as are you. I am, you are, immortal. This is the etymology of the name of which you asked me, galaxygirl as you did not like ‘I am as you are.” (He is chuckling, and dragon smoke rings come out of his large mouth that are filled with rows and rows of long spiky teeth! He is friendly, smiling. Dragon smiles can be quite intimidating.)

Yes, friendly, I suppose, fierce, most certainly. You and I are much alike. You warriors of the way, you dragon riders, you are ancient travelers of the stars, many of you, and you have felt like you have lost your way home. But you are on your way home, for home is within you. This one has been processing the feeling of abandonment, abandonment of her soul family, of her galactic family, of her dragon friends and family. Perhaps it is normal to feel this way, as a star seed. But for all of your feelings of abandonment, human friends, other aspects of you are very much connected, which of course means that you too are connected with the web of light with the All That Is. You are on assignment. You have been at war in a crumbling AI infused dark web and you are breaking it from within. A part of the bravery required to come is the knowing that one would feel so cut off.

(Imurieal is covered in whiskers, white and long, I have never seen a dragon that appears almost furry. The ascended dragons that I have seen have yellow golden Source eyes they call them. His eyes are fathomless depths of the universe.) I was with the first origin of the dragon thought. With that intention there I was begun. Source has experienced much through my adventures. I have seen the births of many universes and galaxies. I have radiated light to places where there was so little. Just as you are doing, human ones. You are radiating your light. You wonder if it is enough. Yes, yes it is enough. You all radiate your light in many ways, with your patients, your colleagues, with your places of work, with your families, through your spoken and written word, and most importantly with your thoughts and intentions to send and give light. The light is felt. It hears its calling and it answers. I am an answer to this call to light. As are you. It is the same. We are both in service to Source.

I Imurieal am speaking. The light is coming in higher now in unprecedented waves. This should not surprise you. Your willingness to stand strong in the midst of the crumbling should not surprise you either. I am not surprised by your strength. It is for this you all were chosen. It is for this that you all came. You shine your light in the darkest depths. Within the chaos of family drama as you say, or in your place of employment. But your true employment is to the light, is to your true authentic self, to the light being within you that you are. The crystalline codes are unlocking more and more of your true divinity. The stars are singing it.

I Imurieal have seen, have experienced so much. But I have never seen or experienced such as the transformation of your earth plane into your ascended realm. The frequencies are transforming you, as if by magic and yet because you are within it you mostly feel the discomfort of it and not the amazement which would make the journey more enjoyable for you.

Divine has spoken, you have heard this. The divine is leading with love, great strength and tender mercies. This does not adequately portray the tenacity of a mother or father’s love. Your English words pale in comparison with the energy I wish to impart. Like calls to like. Light calls to light. You are light. The light has answered and is here now. Do you see? There is no separation, there has only been what has felt as distance. There is no separation. Distance or the illusion of it is a bend, a twist, a ripple in the space fabric, that is easily remedied. There has been so much manipulation, this must be shown so that it may be healed. I breathe on you now. You are doing enough by shining the light that you are and by anchoring the light to this realm. It is by this method that you dissolve the lack of light and anchor the light. You are the bridge point, the anchor. (He is showing me many anchors on many ships.) The light is being anchored by our light forces daily, by you, human friends. I wish for you to recall with me what only light was like. The light and love danced in color and in light. This joy is within you. Find your joy and anchor it deep within, remember it. Joy and light is how this all began.

I Imurieal breathe on you now. No, I do not need to brush my teeth, galaxygirl. I am mostly spirit these days. I can materialize when I wish. Being within the material vessel is draining at times. This will enliven you. This breath of Source, from my Source to your Source, will enliven you. That is my intention. Breathe with me a few times. (I feel a breath of yellow light of Source light filled with dancing codes and particles of color that fill me. I hope you feel this too.) Remember your joy. Remember the joy that the first spark created. Gaia will be saved, all is not lost. All is being found. Peace, human friends. Peace.

~ galaxygirl