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And so we ask that you not come to the conclusion that if you were abused in this life, you were an awful person in other lives. -Quan Yin-

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

This channeling is a continuation of the July 13, 2023 video channeling on why someone would write childhood sexual abuse into their life blueprint before incarnating.

COR: Hello, friends. I’m glad to connect with you again.

This is the second part of the channeling begun last week. It’s going to encompass more than child trafficking and just talk about child abuse in general, particularly sexual abuse.

It is a very intense subject, and I have to give incredible thanks and support, and just pay real respect and honor to those who contacted me to say that they were in support of last week’s message, and that they realize it’s a tough issue, but one that requires that we send a lot of Light to now.

So in these energies coming in, I find that Lightworkers are asking so many questions as they’re feeling old trauma coming up from this and other lives. Or they’re something that feels to be really shadowy. And maybe that’s based on grief or rage or loss and abandonment.

So we don’t really have to blame ourselves—I would say, just allow those feelings.

Let it come up. The Collective often encourage people—they have for years encouraged people to get a pen and paper and write at the top, “What’s going on that I feel so awful about such-and-such?” Or just in general—whatever it is that’s happening with you.

And then switch the pen to the other hand, and just let the story come out. And that’s your subconscious speaking!

That could be a past life self [explaining what happened in a past life]. It could be your child aspect. It could be a lot of different things.

But at least then you’ll know what you’re grappling with.

And that will only be one aspect [of what you’re dealing with in that issue], because most Light Bearers have been on this Earth hundreds of times. Some more than a thousand times.

I know there are Starseed who are very new to Earth life, and yet, you’ve experienced a lot on other planets, and those memories are deep in our subconscious.

So I think it’s important to let this come forward now. So I’m going to hand this over the Quan Yin.

She came through a few days ago to let me know that she would like to speak on these issues, and I’m honored to bring her through for you, and to encourage everyone to the energetic transmission that comes with her words to go straight to your heart, and to heal many, many things that you don’t even know are there.

While these Ascension energies are flowing in, while this powerful Light is coming in, so much is coming up to the surface.

So I’m going to let Quan Yin speak now, and request that she step forward.

[To Quan Yin] Namaste, dear one! She is known as the Ascended Master who is particularly focused on mercy and compassion, and connection to the suffering of others in ways that elevate us, so you’ll hear her next . . .

QUAN YIN: Greetings, dear ones!

I know each of you by your Light, and I am honored—all of us in the Collective likewise honored to be a part of this gathering, which though it takes place over a variety of space-times, nevertheless lives in Oneness. And yes—mercy, compassion, connection to those who have suffered—this is a great part of my path and always has been.

And I congratulate all of you coming forward at this time, when there is so much to be reckoned with, and so much to be faced that has lived in shadow, partly because that’s all it every knew.

And so, as this dear one was saying, we ask please that you not consider that you are of a low vibration just because things are coming up now.

Old anger, old shock, old pain of various kinds. Perhaps feelings of insecurity—you might feel alone and abandoned.

This is not coming up because this is the full truth of your existence. It’s coming up because all of these solar Light particles flowing on to the Earth now are seeping not only into every cell of the physical body, but every particle of the spirit and the consciousness.

So anything there, as they say, that is not like Love or Love itself, is going to come up. It’s going to rise up now to where you can see it and deal with it and bless it.

And you don’t have to heal everything all at once! In the Ascension process much is healed merely at times, by being quiet. By surrendering, and letting go.

It’s not all about hard work. It’s not even all about meditation, although in those moments, you will, dear ones, you will see far more clearly and why you have come.

So what we’re going to do, is call in all of your Spirit teams. We’re going to request that they lay before us and all in the Collective, who are here—lay down what each of you is suffering with right now, and we’re going to lend a lot of healing energy to that.

Now, Archangel Raphael, naturally, is here. But what we are offering is the vibration of being heard, finally—the child self finally being able to tell all of the story of what they have been through.

And the inner self that is hidden for the most part from the world, and perhaps even from your conscious mind and awareness at times.

Knowing that they are loved and supported in all ways, and that it’s not a matter of belief.

It’s not a matter of thought or subscribing to one particular idea or system—even a healing system. Even a higher Light system.

It’s a matter of just breathing, and just being for a moment.

And so, go into your breath, dear ones. We are working with all of you—that’s right, all of the higher selves and guides now laying everything, all of your Angelic guardians, laying everything before us and all of the beautiful Divine Masters and angels within the Collective—the Nature spirits, the Earth elements.

Wonderful . . . all are participating now.

And we are holding all of this that all of you have suffered, and which you connect with some aspect of yourself—you’d rather not look at it, it’s too painful.

Or it lives in shadow; it does this and that—it contradicts with your higher ideals, etc.

We’re placing all of that into a beautiful Circle of Light, and asking Saint Germain in particular to step forward, to work with his beautiful Transmuting Violet Flame, to raise the vibration of all these circumstances, and to rinse you free of the struggle of having to release them on your own. That is no longer necessary! There is great help for all of you. There is great and beautiful help, dear ones.

Put everything into that beautiful Circle of Light, please, Spirit teams—wonderful!

And if you yourselves have something to put into that Circle, go ahead, dear ones.

Something you don’t understand. Something that’s too painful to look at, or something you cannot name, but which seems to be lurking deep inside your inner life.

Now, we wanted to speak also on this issue of child trafficking, and also in the broader sense, all children who have their life energy stolen from them [by sexual abuse], which can be replenished—this is not a “forever” sort of contract or agreement—not at all.

But the dear one putting out the video, whom the Collective refer to as their writer, and she is of course asking why would someone write into their life chart, being trafficked—being abused this way, or being sexually abused or abused in other ways that feel to be soul-crushing.

And so we are calling on the higher selves now, as well as casting an eye out over all of your life charts, and just listening, as well as taking in the energetic components of those life blueprints which you compose in the higher realms before incarnating, of course.

So a good number of you, as was discussed last week, have wanted to release—not entirely repudiate, but release the need to define oneself through physical life.

This may sound strange, because to the child who’s been abused, there is an awful lot going on that relates their life to their physical body, because of course the trauma, while creating separations, also creates an indelible link between one’s everyday life and one’s sexuality, sense of self, sense of safety. Whether the world is a good and safe and honorable place to live, or a place never to be trusted.

And so, looking into the blueprints not only have people wanted to expunge and release any shadow, any abuse they have put upon others, and to understand what they have put others through, but to take on—ah, now we’re seeing quite a number of reasons popping up! We’ll finish this one—

The idea was to take on a particular form of punishment and to bear the scars of that until healing could be achieved, and that that healing would then elevate one to a level at which they would know themselves in a very new, and empowering, and a far higher way than they would have known themselves without that abuse.

So this means climbing one of the tallest mountains in Earth life that exists.

And it means going straight into the soul for yes, comfort and encouragement, but also for a reason that has no reason.

For a level of Divine Love that does not need the mind’s participation or comprehension in order to move forward.

And so there is this ongoing sense of, “How do I climb above this?”

And that particular road, very well-traveled now, will lead one to new and higher understandings of one’s own soul growth and soul strength.

Now, coupled with that, particularly for those who think of themselves as Starseed and Light Bearers—coupled with that is the desire to be in those circumstances to instill [higher Light] into the heart and mind and soul—yes, of the child pedophile networks, but also of every single abuser—every single person who devises these plans and/or profits from them connects to them in any way, uses them so as to access children for dark reasons. Or feels that they’re not so bad, or probably don’t exist. At least “not in my country.”

This is what many will think, and unfortunately there has been a backlash recently [since the movie Sound of Freedom was released] where there have been people for instance being interviewed on television, and these interviews put up on YouTube, saying, “Maybe these issues exist, but not in this country.” “Not the US or UK or Australia,” or what have you.

And of course, they exist in nearly every country, particularly the more powerful ones.

Slavery has been used as a form of profit of course, by the old power structure, for many, many centuries.

So those of you [personally] affected by this form of abuse, whether trafficked or abused by those that you knew or came to know, those in your social circles, or someone who just happened to take advantage of the moment, whether you knew them or not—you have been planting powerful Light, powerful Light transmissions into every aspect of this issue.

And therefore, it is not what it was.

This [form of abuse] has been unfortunately one of the biggest ways in which the old power structure and its members gleaned more life energy power, and more co-Creative power.

Yes, in dark ways that are seeing now to their slow but sure destruction in many cases, and seeing to the destruction of their power structure.

But certainly while Earth was caught in a very low vibration, they got away with it for a very long time.

Except that now, those coming in, particularly those who are children now—age 18, in their teens and younger, all the way down to infancy, come in with a very special and very powerful Light.

So to abuse one of these—to take one of them—even though their human consciousness will feel victimized and traumatized, their soul and their soul family are working a thousand times harder than every they did before to plant Light into this issue, into the abusers, into the network owners and operators, into those who suffer under these criminal acts. And into the Earth Herself, which has been defiled over the centuries by dark intent, as obviously you all know.

To infuse powerful Light, there has been absolutely incredible Light and energies—tonal vibrations and energies of inner Knowing that those who have participated in or who have run these organizations and their goings on, are having now to face things that even 10 years ago they would not have faced. Or only fleetingly—they would have wondered what it meant, this dream or nightmare, or this person saying this or that to them, or this feeling in their heart-space or their mind malfunctioning in some way.

They would have wondered what was going on, and now they have a feeling deep down that they know what’s going on.

They are too terrified of their own abusers—their own owners, their own slave masters—to step out of the network and to do as they would prefer, which is to run from this criminality and this cruelty.

So to say that those who have come to the Earth now who are suffering this [kind of abuse] have a very, very great mission that they are carrying out, is putting it lightly!

This is not to say, “All is well, all is fine—it’s OK if children suffer, because there’s a higher reason.”

Most assuredly, none of us in the Collective would say that. None of us in the higher realms would say that. It is not all right.

But consider, dear ones, that as the shadow aspects come up within yourself—notice how much more you are willing to heal and to move forward into the Light!

And how much more then, would those who have been in shadow for centuries—one incarnation after another—how much more would they begin to wake up and realize, “There’s something big going on.”

You might drink a glass of pure water—structured water—blessed with pure Love and pure Light—perhaps those words would be written on a bit of paper that is taped to the glass container.

And you wait an hour or so, and you drink the water while it holds the emotional and spiritual resonance of Love or Peace, or whatever the words are.

And you drink it, and you feel beautifully comforted. You feel calmer. You feel your energies lift.

You begin to remember from somewhere deep inside how completely loved you are.

Now, someone from that other side of things—someone who abuses very knowingly, who understands what they’re doing and does it anyway, for their own “gratification” or for money or for both—

They drink that same glass of water, dear ones, and they will be overcome with feelings that disturb and upset and trouble them many times over, without being able to name exactly what is happening.

Unless they see that word Love or Peace of Kindness or Compassion written on the side of the glass, and then they will begin to understand, “It’s not just a word. It’s a vibration, and I have taken it in.”

They may try to spit out what they’ve had from that glass of water! They may be sorry they ever drank it. Yet something within them—the child [within them] who was crushed and abused—will resonate on a higher level, and will begin to have a clearer voice, and begin to influence more and more that abuser’s or that criminal’s goings on in life.

And we wish to say, in a funny kind of way, you are that Love-filled essence that these ones are taking in.

You fill the very air and very essence of the environment that you live in on this planet with exactly that kind of magic. Exactly that healing power, and nothing less!

And so you can look at outer events such as war and climate disaster and trafficking of all kinds, and all kinds of abuses in the world, and decide, “Oh, everything’s dreadful! I just feel awful.”

You can do that if you feel you must. And yet, you have come in at this time for such powerful reasons, dear ones! You have come in to heal others.

You have come in to raise the vibration of this planet to where the abuse of humanity’s own children would be beyond unthinkable.

Likewise, the abuse of elders, of refugees and immigrants, of all those who say, for being nonwhite, or for having grown up in a particular ethnicity or religion, or social class or income level, are systematically put down and vilified, and either ignored or stuffed into a prison somewhere.

You have come in to let all of the prisoners know they are free!

And the worst sorts of prisoners on your planet are those who think they are in control. Who are headed straight for their own destruction if they do not return to the Light.

And we don’t say that anyone’s going to drop a bomb on them or anything. But they will face Divine Goddess, give an account, be given a last chance to come over into the Light.

If they refuse, this is a result of their making, what befalls them then.

Inner self-will and self-determination and human will, human choice, are all honored.

Honored by Mother Sekhmet. Honored by the Saturn Tribunal. Honored by this Universe, and the laws of this cosmos. Don’t ever doubt that, dear ones. Don’t ever doubt that all of you made your choice for the Light.

Because this is who you are and what you must do—both!

And so you didn’t come in to be a victim, no. And neither did any of these others who appear to have been victimized.

They came in to anchor so much Light that this beautiful Ascending planet will never be the same.

And so we ask that you not come to the conclusion that if you were abused in this life, you were an awful person in other lives.

While some of that may hold some truth, that is not the full story.

That is only part of it, and perhaps this channeled expression on these issues will continue a bit longer, to offer even more reasons.

But those are the ones we offer today, dear ones, with much Love, and many blessings! There is an old hymn of Christendom, “I Know That My Redeemer Liveth.” And we would say that that Redeemer is all of you. Yeshua [Jesus of Nazareth] having come in only to set an example, not to be worshipped.

And we would say that all of the Light that you are, gathered in the Oneness of Universal Light, which is pure Love, is indeed renewing, rebirthing, re-forming, transforming this beautiful Lady Gaia.

And so we send much Love, dear ones, and many blessings. Namaste!

Becoming Luminaries-Quan Yin through Jenny Schiltz.

January 1, 2020,

Yesterday, I felt a deep need to Journey, it was a nagging feeling. When I feel this way I know that my attention is needed, so the first opportunity I had, I put on drumming music and went.

I found myself walking on Stone steps that were in a lake creating a trail. The water was calm and serene. On the water were fully opened lotus flowers. It was gorgeous.

Up ahead at the end of the path was a huge tent that glowed a moving, shifting gold. I knew I was headed there. Just then, Quan Yin joined me on the path. I was so happy to see her. She has been very busy with the Ascension process.

She was beaming, smiling from ear-to-ear.  She had the quality of a child holding onto a secret, busting at the seams to share the joy. I looked at her questioningly and she said, “It is done.”  She whispered this and it stopped me in my tracks. I turned to face her fully and asked what she meant.

She took my hands and told me that the work of creating the new space and being a bridge is done. She was so light as she said, “We are free!” She no longer has to be in the role of a Bodhisattva, just as those in the role of bridging the worlds are also now free.

She told me that Earth is free, and now Humanity has a choice. (Having the choice is very important.) She explained that no matter what the collective chooses, we are free.

I was filled with excitement, and a huge weight that I didn’t even know I was carrying lifted off my shoulders. We walked hand-in-hand to the gold, swirling tent which was full of ascended masters known and unknown. They were in full celebration. All their hard work of guiding others had paid off.

They explained that the 7th Earth is here. Nothing can stop what is coming… nothing. It may not be instant, but that’s okay because it is here, and nothing can stop it.

I came out of the journey abruptly.  A loud bang jolted me back into my body as my youngest knocked something off her wall. Sometimes, juggling all the roles I play is challenging. I tried to get back into the journey but the startle factor from such a loud noise was too great for me to settle back in. I was disappointed because there was so much more I was trying to understand.

About an hour later I received an email that sent shivers through my whole body from a colleague in Germany named Andrea Maria Apfelbeck. She and I have done tremendous work together, and we’re finding that our experiences are now often in sync. We have a soul connection that’s so incredibly deep, and she’s graciously allowed me to share the email that she sent, and her interpretations.

“Aloha Jenny, I tried to sleep tonight (it’s almost two in the morning for me) and couldn’t, as so often happens these days.  So, while I was resting and meditating, I suddenly saw your loving face.  You sat across from me like we were meeting on Zoom as usual.

I asked, “What is going on here?”  In response, I was shown a beautiful sea turtle that swam very quickly from deep down in the sea (dark) up to the (sun) light. Then I looked at you again.  You were very still, very centered.

Then I heard from my light guides: The 7th Earth. The 7th dimension. (Ascent). Then I saw the Quan Yin energy in its origin as a symbol of the divine feminine, meaning free and without Bodhisattva attachment.  The energy came in the form of the beautiful designs that you see on a turtle shell that go into different places on the Earth like puzzle pieces falling into place.

We looked at each other and held hands.  We appreciated each other in love and I said, “You are one of the originals from Gaia. I am one of the originals from Gaia. We freed Gaia (Note: We being the many Originals, First Wavers and Wayshowers). Gaia is free now. It is finished.”

The feeling after writing the above email to Jenny was inside me: We, too, are free. We, those concerned (this is not for everyone) who feel this in the deepest depths of their soul…the Wayshowers, those of the 1st wave, those who’ve kept the balancing act between the different worlds and the rainbow bridge between have kept the dimensions open.  Quan Yin and other masters are also free, and much more.  That matrix has dissolved.

Also, the feeling that all of this is independent of what’s happening in the world now felt like the portal door behind me can now be closed.  We no longer need to go back and forth or look back.  It’s something essential that’s now complete, closed.

Welcome to the New Earth, which, according to my perception, is not a “new” Earth, but the Earth that comes back to its original state and to its omniversal original, as it was intended from the beginning in the harmonic primal frequency.

The turtle as a power animal has many meanings.  Here for me especially is the one that she is a guardian of the Divine Feminine & the primal frequencies of Gaia, just like the whales are the keepers of the libraries, key carriers and knowledge of the sacred, omniversal, primal Original Earth.

Andrea Maria Apfelbeck Aloha

I was shocked and grateful to learn that we both experienced these things around the same time, and both with Quan Yin. It was so perfect, as I felt I had missed something in the journey when my nervous system was activated by a loud bang.

I sat with this information last night and realized that many are feeling that an aspect or a part of them is dying. It can be quite brutal, especially when you don’t fully understand what it is. This journey and Andrea Maria’s meditation helped me to understand more. A part is dying. Those of us who’ve created bridges, anchored the light for humanity and helped to create the new are now being set free.

It’s an interesting feeling, one of excitement and trepidation. Who am I now that a major role that I’ve held for lifetimes is completed?

This early morning I woke from a dream and in the dream, there was a massive graduation ceremony, and in a way, a welcoming home party. We are now free.

The collective now has a choice. We are now free to create in a new way. The limitations and barriers are gone, now we just need to remove all that remains within us that keeps us limited. It is time to set ourselves free completely. It will be interesting to see what we create with all the energy that is available now that we no longer play that role.

As I was writing this blog, Quan Yin came into my awareness and wanted to share more. Here is what she said:

“What must be understood is the immensity of a task that was undertaken. There is such gratitude for all those that have worked towards this most favorable outcome. We understand that to many looking outward, the feeling of Celebration seems premature. Yet, if one looks into their own heart with a clear vision, while viewing the collective from a distance, it will make much more sense.

Your heart will tell you the truth about the changes in your world. As you open your heart, you open to the pure possibilities that are available to you now.

With the changing or elimination of roles, one may simultaneously feel joy, freedom, fear, and resistance. We recommend creating a ceremony to say goodbye to the role that you had played and allow for a moment of grieving.

Then we ask you to begin creating, dreaming, imagining what it is you do want. When limitations or fears arise, talk to them, love them, and then gently blow them away with your breath. As you exhale all that holds you back, inhale the future potential of All That You Are.

Turn your entire being to the new space ( I was then given the vision of Lot’s wife turning to salt when she turned around to look at the destruction of Sodom in the Book of Genesis). While you will not turn to salt, focusing on the destruction of the old will cause a great disturbance in your energetic field and you will feel torn apart. Focus instead on your joy, your creation, and your new role as Luminaries. Light the path for others simply by walking it.

I leave you with joy. All have the option to embrace and grow into new roles, for it is done.

For those that are feeling that their roles are changing and stepping into the new, I hope that this information helps you to let go of the old. i hope it confirms your deep inner knowing about this incredible time even though the outer world is in chaos. I am sending huge hugs, love, and excitement as we move forward and acclimate to the new space.

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Lots of Love,


Urgent Manifesting Refresher – Quan Yin

through Dancing Dolphin

Received April 30, 2020

Dear Lightworkers, this is your Quan Yin, I AM Quan Yin. I AM full of compassion and love for you today. Today is the now of your life. This is your life right now. Are you happy with it? Are you joyful? Are you wishing it would change? I am here to tell you that there is always room for change. There is always room to make adjustments and create the life that you would love to have. There’s always room for change, dear hearts!
Now, I want you to think about this: how can you go about getting what you want? In your 3D world, it seems that you must be practical. For example, if you would like a boat to fish on, you must get a job where you can make enough money to eventually purchase the boat. Is that accurate? That seems to be the way it works in your 3D reality, doesn’t it?
I am not down-playing or judging anything that anybody wants. It can be a guitar, a new puppy, a new heater for your home, a new stereo system for your apartment or anything. There is no shame in wanting or needing things. But there are ways to get what you want without having to worry about the money that is needed to purchase such a thing.
I’m talking about manifestation; this is what I want to share with you today. Some of you already know about manifesting and how to create what you want in your life. But I’m here to give you a refresher course and to stress the importance of becoming proficient at manifesting.
Step 1 is Visualization. This is where many people make ‘wish boards’ or manifesting boards. Get yourself pictures of what it is that you want, post them on a board and become very familiar with that object. Become so familiar with it that you can close your eyes and see it in front of you in great detail. Make it “real” in your mind.
Step 2 is…Combine your desired object and yourself. Close your eyes, see the object you desire and see yourself with the object. If it is a new car, see yourself driving your new car. If it is a puppy, see yourself walking your puppy. If it is a new bike, see yourself riding your bike. It’s best if you are interacting with the item in some fashion, not just standing next to it.
Step 3 is…Add your powerful emotions to the mix. Allow yourself to dig deep and feel the feelings that you will have with that object. Experience your feelings of joy as you play with your new puppy. If it is a new home, see yourself living in it and really feel the comfort and security it brings to you. See what I mean? It is very simple.
But it’s not only the visualizing yourself with your item but also the emotions that you get from this item. For example; it brings you joy, it brings you comfort, it brings you happiness, it brings you strength or many forms of pleasure. So, really feel those feelings and hold onto those feelings as long as you can. This is the KEY in bringing this item to you! With the changes that have been going on in the energy vibrations of Gaia, you will bring these things to you quicker and quicker and quicker than ever before!
So, these are the basic tenants of manifesting something into your life that you want. Now, if you want a job, it is the same process. If you want a new home, it is the same process. If you want a mate, it is the same process. #1. Visualize the object. #2. See yourself with that object and play out in your mind what you look like as you interact that object; for example, riding a motorcycle. #3. Add your emotions. That is the key! Joy! Inspiration! Love! Abundance!
These are the very basic principals of manifestation and I hope that you all enjoy your lives. In short–match yourself with the vibration of how you will feel when you are using this item or when this item is in your life. See what I mean? This is what brings the item into your now. There is really no end to what you can do with this manifestation technique; there is no end to what you can do! This is how you change your life! This is how you change your world!
This process is also the same for objects that you want to share with other people. So, if you are one who would like to help other people and you may lack the funds to do that work, imagine yourself doing it anyway. Imagine purchasing the necessary tools or supplies or equipment or whatever it is that you need to help other people…maybe to build wells or have enough food whatever it is you need to help people, imagine yourself doing it with an over-abundance of supplies, more than you will ever need—imagine yourself with that and the happiness and joy that you will bring to other people.
So, I encourage you to practice this! Practice manifesting. If you want to test it out, you can do it without even using a visualization board. You can manifest, for instance, a sighting of a monarch butterfly, or a hummingbird—anything that you don’t normally see all the time; even a 4 leaf clover! You can start with something small, but just practice your manifesting skills.
This skill will become increasingly useful for you in Nova Gaia where you will be manifesting all the time. And when you do it there (as opposed to your 3D almost 4D dimension) things will come almost instantly to you. So, you must practice on focusing on what you want because you don’t want to bring into your reality something that you do not want. Focus on the Do’s and just have fun with it! Play with it! I think you’ll all enjoy this.
This is Quan Yin and this is my message for today.  I love you all more than you can know. I AM Quan Yin.
___________Message from Dancing Dolphin: Lightworkers, this message is related to a message from Sananda from December called “You are all Powerful Creators!” He was encouraging us to practice our manifesting also. It’s pretty obvious that we need to be doing this! Please refer to his message here:
________________Please feel free to share!Message of Love through Dancing Dolphin

Remain calm, loving, joyful, patient, and always be compassionate, beloved Masters. -Kwan Yin via Adele Arini, March 15th, 2020-

Trusting The Universe – Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy & Compassion

Beloved brothers and sisters,

This is, Kwan Yin, your Sister in Love.

Adele is channeling for & communicating with me for the very first time in this particular lifetime and we are in the middle of getting wonderfully reconnected once more.

For those of you here who do not know who I am, I am known by many in the spiritual circle as an Ascended Master who represents the Divine Feminine; a soul who represents the following benevolent, loving, God-virtues of: Mercy and Compassion.

With the last powerful message from Sananda (titled: ‘How to create miracles – Part 1’), there is a need to balance His Divine Masculine energies, with my own – so that Harmony is achieved once more.

Members of Adele’s previous groups had learnt that I am a member of the Karmic Board; in charge of overseeing the evolutionary developments of ALL embodied souls currently on Earth. And as such, there are many things that I would like to share with all of you here today.

Now that Earth has recently crossed the threshold of the 5th Dimension, it is important for all of you to learn, right now, how to operate in the new ‘operating system’ your planet has adopted. Complete adherence to Divine Cosmic Laws is therefore a must, for chelas who are serious and committed to successfully Ascending in this lifetime.

Much of what is currently happening on planet Earth right now, is caused by a greater movement that we, your higher-dimensional friends, would classify as the ‘Re-balancing of Karma’. The world is in for many big surprises, loved ones.

Shocking revelations will soon be the norm, and, there will be many breakdowns of long-established organizations, groups, beliefs/programmings, power structures, that may potentially create chaos, confusion, fear or unease.

It is time for all of you to ‘hold on to your seats’ and prepare yourselves even more thoroughly, as things are going to get ‘interesting’.

You need to look at these future events, never from the perspective of fear, instead, simply adopt the naturally Harmonious/Calm/Peaceful attitude that is your Higher Self.

There is a magnificent, God-Spark within your Higher Heart chakra, that is (secretly perhaps, *laughed) completely enjoying & loving every single minute of this thrilling journey you are on!

Your I AM Presence perfectly knows, that you are in for a very fun roller-coaster ride!

Is there anyone here who has never been on a real roller-coaster ride before?

When you have chosen to go on this ride (perhaps to tag along with your friends/loved ones) to experience how it feels, how the ride will go, will completely depend on your attitude going into it.

If you go into it filled with excitement and anticipation – fully knowing the course that lies ahead will be full of ups and downs, sometimes you will be veering to the left, sometimes the right; all done in frighteningly high speed – the ride will truly become a very thrilling, amazing ride of your life! You will know without a doubt, although at times it can be a bit scary, it is also a completely safe experience that will be over soon enough, and there is nothing left to do except for you to focus on simply: enjoying the experience!

However loved ones, if you were to go into the ride, filled with overwhelming fear or dread – trust me when I say that every single moment of that ride will feel excruciating to you. Whilst you are riding the roller coaster, the entire journey will feel as though it is never-ending.

Your senses will be giving you all sorts of alarms (physical, mental and emotional), coming from the adrenaline rush secreted by your stress hormones – when you are in the middle of this nerve-racking ride. The people around you who had chosen to go on the same ride will often be screaming loudly; adding to your stress and elevating your blood pressure to potentially dangerous levels.

During the ride, you may even question your sanity, for having chosen to go on this ride in the first place, and you may even come to regret having made this decision.

And when the ride is over, we often observed that this second group of people would usually feel extremely ill from the entire experience. They would usually suffer from adverse physical side effects that no one ever wished to have. These people were not ready to have a roller-coaster life experience, and yet, they had forced themselves to do so, completely ignoring their initial instincts.

You have to realize dear friends, that people do not (normally) choose to ride on roller coasters all the time, every day, 365 days a year. Most adults may go on it, on average, maybe just once in a lifetime (from our observation coming from the entire human collective). They would go on a roller coaster ride just for the thrill; the rush, and once it was experienced, most would choose not to go on it again.

And in much the same way, living on an Ascending planet will soon feel similar to going on this roller coaster ride.

You are already here. That means pre-birth you had chosen to be here, precisely because you wished to go on this amazing ride.

Your attitude and perspective when the ride is about to start, will determine whether or not this adventure will be a thrilling, enjoyable ride that you will always treasure the memory of, or, a scary, completely terrifying ride that will leave you feeling so misaligned with your Higher Self, during the entire experience.

Younger souls now embodied on planet, who are ascending (from lower to higher dimensions) for the very first time, make up approximately 50% of the ascending Human Collective. The other 50% are highly-evolved souls who have gone through the process of descending and ascending for too many times to count, as part of their loving service to Source; to ALL in existence.

However, in general, once a soul has successfully experienced Ascension, this soul will usually proceed to choose higher dimensional existences, more often than not – evolving even higher up the dimensional ladder.

This means loved ones, the majority of members of higher dimensional civilizations out there in this Universe, had gone through the thrill; the rush of Ascension process (from lower to higher dimensions) only once. And once they did, most would not choose to do it again, as once was challenging enough.

All of you here reading this message today, came from the group of souls who had felt highly excited and completely ready about participating in this thrilling Ascension ride.

You came into your physical body, with great anticipation of everything that you are about to experience from this rare opportunity that had been granted to you! You are all here to bring about greater soul expansion and growth for Self, and many came equipped with individual missions to help a great number of embodied souls so they can successfully ascend.

This means beloved friends, whenever things are getting too challenging and the world may even feel like it is going completely out of control, you need to simply tune in to the ever-peaceful, ever-serene, all confident, all powerful God-Self that lives within you to successfully ‘tune out’ all the fears; all the stress and anxiety engulfing the entire planet.

This is a simple matter of energetic frequency, beloved hearts.

Tuning in to the energy of Peace vs. tuning in to the energy of Fear/Chaos, is as simple as grabbing a remote control, and changing the channel on your TV, or on your radio.

Do you wish to tune in to the super-loud, broadcast of Fear on the 3D ‘TV’ channel, or, the super peaceful, amazing, enjoyable, fun, memorable broadcast of Love, Magic, Miracles and Mastery on the 5D ‘TV’ channel?

For when you are watching the Fear-based TV channel, you cannot be simultaneously watching the Love-based TV channel as well, in your ways of Be-ing.

In much the same way, when you choose to adopt a higher consciousness of Love, Light, Harmony, Mastery, Magic & Miracles, you are perfectly blocking out your ‘TV channel ‘to everything that is of the polar opposite energetic frequencies.

All that is lower vibrational will be naturally, automatically repelled off of you as you only attract people, circumstances, events, that mirror your attained, higher vibrational nature.

Adele and many members of her previous groups had done very fun exercises together.

Back then, she was teaching her members how to channel.

Adele provided them with 10 exercises where they needed to access their intuition and open up their communication channels with their Higher Selves/spirit teams. As most of her members were, at that moment, still in the process of mastering their natural channeling abilities, all of them got most of their answers wrong.

However, there was a powerful realization to be had, from this very much successful experience!

The members had personally felt and experienced (remember, that true learning can only come about through firsthand, real-life experiences) how powerful the thoughts, the emotions, and the actions were, coming from the groups’ collective!

Within the small setting of Adele’s groups, everyone observed that most of the time, the answers they got were wrong, however, the key to remember here is: the majority actually got the same wrong answers. This means that everyone in the groups participating in these exercises, was energetically tuning into each other’s vibrations, subconsciously influencing each other’s choices, that then resulted in them choosing mostly the same wrong answers.

Everyone learned through direct experience how powerful the vibrations coming from the Collective truly are, in influencing their own decision-making processes.

If a group of approximately only 10 people could powerfully affect each other that much, imagine how a massive group of approximately 7 bilions people on Planet Earth are constantly influencing your vibrations, every day.

And if the entire Human Collective were to undergo massive, even shocking, life-changing experiences that will change the life of ALL in existence, (such as the current pandemic), how are you going to successfully handle that with grace and ease?

What are your plans, so that you don’t get swept up in the ‘craze’; in the possible chaos, panic or disorder, that the Ascension process may soon bring?

We are not trying to scare you here, loved ones.

We (your higher dimensional friends) will of course be doing our very best to ensure that the future timeline the Human Collective will end up choosing will be the safest, the least rocky, the most peaceful, and the brightest path filled wit ease and grace.

However, our well-meaning and caring intentions alone are definitely not enough.

We need your active collaboration, since we are not the ones in physicality, going through this ascension process right now. We need you to choose this most favorable future timeline, and thus, we need you to actively, and consistently act as our powerful Light-Love, Love-Light agents on the ground.

Thus effectively creating and manifesting this most favorable timeline for yourselves!

We need you, our Light-workers – leaders of the Ascension movement – to powerfully, and continuously broadcast Love, Peace, Light, Miracles, Magic, Mastery & Oneness on your own individual 5D Channel, 24/7!

So that more and more ascending souls, within the Human Collective, can easily tune in to your powerful 5D Channel, instead of the other one!

For there is nothing more powerful than the energies of Love, Peace, Harmony & Oneness combined.

Beloved Adele had just created and manifested her first two miracles today. She had successfully gone over from just thinking and believing with all her heart that she is God, to actually: be-ing the God I AM. This breakthrough came after walking past a certain invisible threshold where all the hard work she had done thus far, had borne a set of two fruits, in her Cornucopia basket! And with this proof of real-life success, her confidence levels in being able to easily create miracles had now shot through the roof!

She had come to a profound realization that everything Sananda had taught all of you here, in that last message about creating miracles, was nothing but the highest Truth – perfect, golden information; Light-coded only for those who are ready to devotedly apply the 5 Fundamental Rules consistently in their lives!

Nothing will hold her back now. Just like nothing will be holding you back after you also arrive at the state of realisation/higher consciousness required, to successfully create and manifest your own miracles!

We have said often recently that the very air you are breathing in right now, is currently magnificently ‘charged’ with the energy of miracles, and, with the overflowing abundance of every good thing physical life on Earth has to offer.

The question now becomes, ‘are you now tuned in to this Abundance Channel, loved ones, or, its polar-opposite Channel?’

Full comprehension, thorough understanding and, easy practical application of the 5 rules Sananda had mentioned, will soon come easily enough for all of you here.

Practice makes perfect.

Adele’s miraculous manifestation experiences, can be likened to the following parable:

There once lived a blind man. He had been blind since birth and had never lived to see the sky, sun, trees, ocean or flowers. He was always surrounded by people who tried their best to describe to him, all the glorious beauty of Mother Earth that he had never gotten to see.

And then, one day, he encountered a wise guru. This guru, with his overflowing love and compassion, decided to grant the blind man’s request and helped to perfectly heal his eyes.

Now that this blind man could finally see for himself all the majestic splendor of Nature, he came to a powerful realization that everything that people had previously told him about Gaia’s bounty was true!

Now that the heavy frustration of not being able to see was permanently gone, he realized that his blindness i.e. his lack of sight, and, his lack of real-life experiences of being able to see the beauty himself, had rendered him completely unable to fully trust, nor fully comprehend, the words and descriptions of Gaia’s splendor those people had kindly shared with him in their stories.

After all, seeing is believing isn’t it?

Or more accurately, personally experiencing such splendor himself, is believing.

Such is the case for all of you here reading this today. You need to personally experience a ‘breakthrough’ in your understanding. You are now fully equipped & ready for such a breakthrough yourself – if you had read Sananda’s last message – to then truly be the God I AM that you already are, experientially.

Ask your Higher Self to guide and help you in understanding what pieces of your jigsaw puzzles are still missing. Sometimes the Truth can be staring right at you, in full view of someone else and you maybe completely missing it, due to any existing blinders still set in place; ultimately blocking you from ever seeing the Truth.

Loved ones, it is time for you to trust your Higher Self – the God I AM within – all the more fully.

Trusting your Higher Self is equivalent to trusting the Universe to always provide you with all that you need.

As the Universe is simply a vast playground, within the Kingdom of Heaven, that your own I AM knows inside out.

Earth has always been in Heaven, and Heaven has always been on Earth, but the majority of Human Collective had been blind to this Higher Truth that has always been staring at them in the face.

The very first step to mastering the Art of Creating Miracles is: to learn how to relax and be constantly at peace, and, in constant harmony with ALL in existence.

You must be able to feel the Cosmic Peace that passeth the understanding of the human mind – the Peace that can only be felt in your heart and in every part of your body. Even, or, most especially when life (i.e. the people/world around you) is very determined to bring you down to a lower-vibrational state of being, on a daily basis.

Isn’t now the perfect, literally Heaven-sent, opportunity for all of you to display your mastery, dear ones?

Only in times of great chaos/adversity, the heroes in many of your fictional/real-life stories, were then ‘forced’ by circumstances to display their great strength, valour and wisdom -> to ‘win the game’ and, come out victorious over all of the limiting conditions they had found themselves in.

When the energies of Cosmic Peace & Harmony are permanently attained within you; when complete trust and acceptance of your Divine Birthright become second nature to you; when Love has become your Way of Life, that is when your Cornucopia will be overflowing with God’s miraculous gifts that are perfect just for you.

Remain calm, loving, joyful, patient, and always be compassionate, beloved Masters.

For most of you here reading this, maintaining this higher-vibrational state of being has now become so easy and effortless; so second-nature.

You, loved ones, are the ones currently holding the space; allowing for humanity’s great Awakening & Purification phase to occur with greater ease and grace.

You are our living & breathing 5D portals – vibrationally guiding ALL ascending souls on Earth so that they can successfully complete their own journeys back Home.

Home to the God-Self, and, the Heaven within.

With all our love & devotion,

Kwan Yin

Consciousness is Shifting for All Beings .

Quan Yin via Laura Lee Lizak

This message is a global service ignition by Quan Yin.

She suggests sitting in consciousness while you read and allowing the energies to move thru you into a support system for the Earth:

“Levels of Consciousness are shifting for all beings right now. There are channels of energy that are moving thru everyone’s bodies. There are channels that are sharing themselves into and thru this message. There are people who want to share these powers in connection to Source. There are many beings that are sharing these energies. Let us transform each other in this power structure. Let us share this transformation together. Let us manage these powers, in connection to Source, and celebrate this transformation in every experience. Let that be what is occurring here.

Let it be simple now. Let your body transform the Earth. Let your transformation easily occur. Let everyone have this transformation completely occurring. Let you be that transformation. Let everyone’s hearts be transformed completely into Source connection. Let that be what is happening in everyone’s bodies.

You are that transformation. You are the enlightened support structure that is enlightening the Earth. You are the management of this power. You are the transformation occurring in everyone’s bodies. That is what is occurring right now. Let that be what is occurring in every heart on this Earth. Share this transformation. Share the powers. Let the support come thru to you. Let your way of being shift. Say yes to all of this; to the many levels of consciousness shifting you. Saying yes to all of this is saying yes to the management of the power.

There is delight in this structure. Say yes to this transformation completely occurring all of the time. Do that today. And notice the shift in your body. Notice the beingness that you are, giving itself into this Earth experience. Notice the shift. That is consciousness. That is enlightened support. That is the beingness that everyone is creating in themselves at this time. Say yes to that.

It is NOW that we create this shift. You are the magnificent support that is occurring in the Earth experience. Notice the shift. Do you see yourself in this power? Thank you! Let it all fill you up…let is share itself thru you. Thank the Gods for this transformation. And let it all continuously occur, in all being’s bodies. Thank you. Give it to yourself. Let it all channel thru you. And allow it to continuously occur. Amma. Good job, dear ones! Thank you for all of this power. And let it all share itself in your body. YES YES YES to all this power…Amma!

And tell everyone this power is occurring in their bodies; that they are magnificent in their powers, that they channel energy continuously, and that every person on this planet in continuously accelerating. Amma. Good job! It is occurring! It is accelerating! It is transformational experience. Amma. Let that be what is happening for everyone at this time. Thank you. You are changing the planet here. It is more powerful than ever to be aware and conscious at this time.

YES to all the transformation! YES to the transformation continuously occurring! YES to each person transforming each other! YES to being this immensely powerful continuously! YES to leveling out consciousness into all beings! YES to all beings sharing this transformation! Yes, indeed. It is all occurring at this time. Thank you for this power, and this support. and thank you for sharing each other’s powers to enlighten all beings. It is time dear ones. It is THE time. Thank you for all the support you created in this planetary experience of enlightening each other. Thank you for witnessing this transformation, and thank you for sharing your Source. Amma. God conscious support is everywhere, and your support is in God Consciousness. Amma.”

Quan Yin channeled thru Laura Lee Lizak
Global Enlightenment Teleconferences
Private Sessions with Quan Yin
Vortex Enlightenment Retreats in Sedona AZ USA

Be gentle with your precious body, and try to relax and know that even though the energy is becoming more and more intense, so is your capacity for handling the energies. Know all is coming in an order so that your physical body is ready for it.

March 13th, 2019
By Linda Li

My beloved sisters and brothers, thank you for taking your time to read Divine messages, and participating in the light work. It is my honor to bring the Divine decrees and messages to you and humanity. It has been a great pleasure to conduct my mission in this capacity. That being said, please know that we are entering a critical moment of this great planetary ascension journey. I want these messages to serve you and Divine and humanity well. However, some of you may not resonate with the messages, that is ok. Please discard it if the message doesn’t ring a bell with you and know that we all have different missions. It is my duty to bring these messages to the planet and humanity. With love and respect, here is the message.

Guan Yin says, dear heart, I am Guan Yin. I come today with important news. The Divine has decided to move forward with our plan for Christ Jesus. Yes, we, the Divine have tried to bring the Christ era online before. Since that time, a lot has happened and those happenings have caused changes to the Divine plan. As a result, Christ has not begun the Christ era, so it is time now. In the near future, we, the Divine are going to start again, bringing the Christ era online so that Christ can start his leadership role for the planet and humanity. That is the news.
Despite the delay caused by changes to the Divine plan, we, the Divine and the company of heaven, have been working nonstop with Christ. He is the great leader humanity needs right now. We need to bring his time online, to the planet so that he can start his tenure and help Gaia and humanity at this critical moment of time. Christ himself, has been working nonstop. He has done all the preparation work. He has successfully brought all of his teachings to Washington DC, the capital. And all of his followers are currently being called. Some are in the process of moving. Divine has summoned all of Christ’s disciples and followers, and Divine wants them all to reside in Washington DC, which is the center for the spiritual leaders and the Divine’s chosen home. There are going to be a lot more of our light workers residing in Washington DC. Divine Mother has asked the Divine and the company of heaven, to clear out space for Divine. Now that task has been done. In other words, Washington DC has been totally cleared, and is now ready for the Divine.
Besides the Divine, we also have requested all the souls in America to be ready, particularly the souls who have carried Divine mission. Some may be moving, others may stay put. But the ones who move, will be quite a large number, and that is because the land of America needs cleansing, and some areas really need a lot of work. So, leaving behind will be the way to go for some souls. Once the clearing process is done, the residence can be reestablished. That is what is to come. Moving the population of America is needed.
Besides America which is the first land to be clearing, we, the Divine, also have started the work in Europe, particularly the part where the energies are dense. UK is one of the countries which is under our supervision. Besides the UK, we will also move the energies quickly through out the entire continent. So, if you live in Europe dear heart, know the next big changes will be in Europe, particularly Central Europe. Europeans tend to be the pioneers in human history. This time around, and again, time for that part of the world to change. Big changes are coming. Getting ready dear ones.
Besides these changes, we, the Divine also want you, our dear light workers, to focus on the ascension. The ascension energies have been intense, and the numbers of ascended souls keep growing larger and larger. It is time for the big waves, waves you have never seen before. One effect of this powerful energy will be physical symptoms. Be gentle with your precious body, and try to relax and know that even though the energy is becoming more and more intense, so is your capacity for handling the energies. Know all is coming in an order so that your physical body is ready for it. There are no accidents. All happen in sequence, and all is well. You just have to rest and let the body adjust. Know everything is going to be alright. You are supremely protected and loved. You are guided every step of the way. Have faith and know your ascension is going well.
I love you dear heart, I am Guan Yin. In the next few days and weeks, the Divine is going to push further for our Divine plan. Regardless of what your individual plan is, collectively, we will move forward and bring the Christ era online. That is the goal, and that is the upcoming theme for the entire operation. So, pay attention and know all is for the planet and the Divine plan. And every bit of help is appreciated. I love you, I am Guan Yin. So it is.

Things will come to you that you are desiring with much less effort. You will find life is no longer a struggle and blessings will flow to you easily.

Namaste, I wish give you some information about your new state of consciousness. This new state started to come into your experience during the month of Aug. of last year and now is in full fruition for many of you. However, always remember that you have individual paths and evolve at your own pace. That being said here is the new state of affairs for many of you. You are now manifesting from your heart space instead of your head space most of the time. This is good because the old way will not be working anymore. Mother Earth and all the elementals, animals and the devic kingdom are all on board with this new way of beingness and it will be the only way that is honored in your new reality. Those who refuse to conduct themselves in this way will soon not be with us. However, most people will not have the will to fight the change in frequency as it is being downloaded from the great central sun and the angelic realms to everyone so that you may all ascend in time. It is as I have said often, do you want to paddle your canoe against the current or let it take you easily down the river?

If you choose the easy way you will experience the benefit of more peace of mind and heart. Things will come to you that you are desiring with much less effort. You will find life is no longer a struggle and blessings will flow to you easily. (Hint let go of fear)

If you would like some assistance in connecting with your own heart space and how to manifest from it, ask for my help and that of your angels and the wonderful spiritual leaders in your community. Namaste, Quan Yin


Quan Yin via Debbie Dehm, November 25th, 2017