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Hunger Today On The Planet:Solution.

Hunger today on the planet in this present now,September 1st,in the year 2019 is like this :”More than 820 million people around the globe suffer from chronic hunger and malnutrition….Every 10 seconds, a child dies as a result of hunger.”

The main objectif of Feel More Than Fine Africa,our non profit organisation created in Senegal in 2017 is to manifest solutions so that every child in Africa and across the planet is being fed,so that every child is safe and sound.

This website is known for its focus on The Ascension Process of Humanity and Gaia giving direction towards ways,tools and channelings that are focused to raise and sustain a high vibration of Body,Mind and Soul Complex.Ascension of the Human Race and Gaia is the big elephant in the room that each and everyone now on the planet is able to perceive,one way or another.

When one gives a fast glimpse towards what is taking place on the planet today with a common 3 dimensional eye,one can easily get lost and identify with what he/she sees.This particular website is not about looking at a problem and becoming it.This website is about looking at a problem and finding and manifesting solutions.And since this website is managed by only one person,me,i am going to replace this website with I.

I Am a Solution Finder.And the solution to World Hunger or more precisely malnutrition is already out there ,ready to be applied with ease,grace and flow when one chooses to live and be in the timeline of ease,grace and flow.It comes down,again,to self love.To loving each and every part of the self.I Love each and every part of myself means I Love You,you as you,all humanity and the planet.And if you love each and every part of yourself it means you love me, all humanity and the planet.

”Bla Bla Nikos,if you are so able to find solutions then what is the solution to world Hunger and malnutrition?”

And i reply :”may i share this simple practice with you? Close your eyes for a while,do some Sacred Rhythmic Breathing:Inhale deeply,Hold It,Exhale,Hold It while saying :I Am The Love,I Am The Light.”

”Now with your eyes closed,see and/or feel all children on the planet being safe and sound.See or/and feel all children being in joy.See or/and feel all children playing and being respected each and everyone for the gifts they bring.Feel The Joy,Be The Joy of this vision.Hold it for a few minutes and then let sit with you for the rest of the your day.”

And Now here comes the solution because for every problem we are facing today on the planet there are solutions in the here and now.

Cure For Hunger!

And because i like numbes i am going to do the math with you :

If the number of people that suffer from hunger are 820 million then a plug and play solution is the following and for the purpose of not making this article too long,i am going to get into the numbers as i have done the work to ask the questions,please do your homework if you feel so:to build infrastructure covering 50,000 people with domes that produce exclusively organic foods and water the cost is 28 million $.We will need 16,400 of these domes to cover all.

Total Amount 459,200,000,000 or 459 Billion 200 Million $ for Curing Hunger AND malnutrition worldwide.

Compared to all the trillions that have been created out of thin air in just one country,this number is nothing.There is abundance and prosperity here and now for those who choose to love the self and look into feeling/seeing into solutions instead of identifying with problems.How many of us can see it in the now are the ones bringing this baby forward to manifest with ease,grace and flow.

Divine Governments for the Highest Good For All that bring solutions with ease,grace and flow is what we choose to feel / visualize in the now.Namaste means i see the light in you,Namaste to all policitians and to all who do their best to smooth The Ascension process fo each and everyone guided by The I Am Presence and God Self.

You who take the time to read this post,Know that You Are Mighty God Being Creator.Use your power for manifesting the Highest Good for all and then watch what manifests in your immediate reality and environment surrounding your immediate environment,also called your own personal matrix created out of your Own Personal Jesus,your Christ Self Consciousness,Your God Self and I Am Presence.

No matter what I See Around Me,I Focus on creating a timeline of Ease,Grace,Flow and Love.

I Feel More Than Fine Always!It is my responsability and way of living at all times.