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Keeping a perfectly balanced ,alkaline diet with what you have , combined with daily intermittent fasting to detox body and boost immunity system.

There are a lot of articles about the importance of keeping a perfectly alkaline diet that keeps body rejuvenating and goes along the lines of our process of evolution,
I feel it is good again to remind you -while i don’t mean to change any of your habits, you know better than anyone else what your body really needs – that raw vegan foods combined in various ways can give you the extra boost you are looking for in your day.Food is our fuel and the fuel we give to our body defines the levels of energy we have during the day.Maybe now that you are in lock down you have more time for yourself to try and see what comes out of this experience.
So what did i have for breakfast today ?

1 cup of orange jus with spirulina to begin the day.
1 Avocado with few small tomatoes with olive oil,himalyan salt and lemon.
1 apple with chocolate made out of virgin coconut oil a, cacao , maca (root from peru),seeds, nuts topped with tahini.
2 Cups of Nettle Tea.

I had breakfast between 7 -8 am and keeping the intermittent fasting of not eating anything for 8 hours i will have lunch around 15h30-16h00.And that would be it for the rest of the day.
If i feel hungry, i know very well it is only because i need more liquid in my body so i will make sure to have my 8 cups of water in different forms (tea, hot chocolat or just pure water with lemon and bicarnonate of sodium).

What am i having for Lunch today ?

Lettuce Salad with con cumber ,olive oil and apple cider
Raw Vegan Pizza warmed in oven under 47 degrees celsius that does not destroy nutrients made out of sun flower seeds ,dried tomatoes, aubergine and parmesan made out cashew nuts.
Dessert?most probably cookies out of cashew nuts and dattes.

All home made, takes a little bit of time to prepare all that and then again isn’t this the perfect opportunity to love ourself and give the best fuel there is to our body?

Unless one wants to go down the road of fasting for 3 days, just drinking water which is equally powerful for detoxifying body and boosting the immune system.

If you don’t try, you will never know and the habits we have each day give a different sense of time and as there is only now, then time does not really exist.Now is only a frequency that we emit at all times, and how good we feel defines our frequency.If any of these practices make you feel good, then it is a good sign that for your to stat changing your habits and adopting a different life style that is adapted to our current times of change.This is how we can become masters in riding the waves of energies, love and light arriving from Mother Father God to our planet shifting everything to a higher existence within our physical bodies.This is the Resurrection of you and of the entire Human Race.Have Fun with it.

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Youngest award winning chef and youth empowerment speaker Omari Mcqueen of The United Kingdom began his journey of becoming a chef when he first started cooking at the age of seven years old, when his mother fell ill from hemiplegic migraines which is a rare and serious type of migraine headache that symptoms mimic those of a stroke and causes paralysis on one side of the body.

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