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“Charlie Ward and Tara: There’s So Much Wealth for all of us” by Kat

Hi Dinarlandia,

This was a wonderful video chat with Charlie Ward and Tara/Xena.

A few things you don’t already know, but it is always encouraging to hear that more and more people are waking up and it’s good to be reminded of the staggering gargantuan wealth that is available for all of us.

One of my most favorite quotes is from Carl Jung:

“Our world is so exceedingly rich in delusions
that a truth is priceless…”
Carl Jung, Modern Man In Search Of A Soul, pg. 46

That is so true and we are now learning all the reasons why that is true. In a cabal / deep state / illuminati world, truth is anathema.

So in a world rich in delusions, Charlie Ward videos have been literally, for me, a beacon of light, hope and truth. You can’t ask for more from anyone in the middle of WWIII.

As of this writing, Charlie has 131k you-tube subscribers. Huge congrats Charlie! Well deserved!

Key Points:

-NESARA was written in 1962
-Governments have stolen Pension Funds
-Can vote from your phone on the blockchain system which eliminates all voting corruption, which Charlie knows from first-hand experience as he moved money around the world for elites to insure certain people were elected.
-NESARA / GESARA gets us out of Maritime Law
-The poorest countries — South Africa, Zimbabwe, South America — are actually the richest in gold, copper, coal, uranium, oil, gold, diamonds…
-Trusts are worth one quarter of a ZILLION dollars +
-Charlie has been working with a team doing an evaluation of what it takes to run the world financially. Only need 13% – 17% tax on non-essential items…
-Enough money in the world to pay everyone a Universal Basic Income…

Such a beautiful, rich and abundant world is coming for all. A pristine Divinely restored planet, Divinely restored Kingdoms, Divinely restored Humanity—all golden for a wondrous, peaceful, miraculous Golden Age.

With blessings of Peace, Health, Wealth and Happiness for all – we are Goddess, Sovereign, Free,

xo, Kat


The Future is Bright – please don’t panic -Charlie Ward transcribed by Kat-

Charlie Ward was a good friend of the Chinese Elders, having worked with them for 15 years. He was highly trusted globally and had moved money around the world for many years. He had a number of private clients, which ranged from the super-rich, to government officials, to other officials and countries around the globe. He tended to work in the Middle East, lived in Southern Spain and commuted between Spain and Dubai.

A lot of Ward’s info came from what he called the Four Walls. He never said anything unless he had thoroughly vetted it. Ward said, “People who I work with on the inside in the American government and other governments gave me an inside track as to what was happening. I knew that this (GCR) was going to happen last year. I was pre-warned about it six years ago.”

1:25 The virus, the vaccine, the 5G—all part of a smokescreen. This has been very carefully planned out for many years by more than 1000 people. [By the Alliance.] This is not a mistake. This is a very, very carefully well-thought out and well-executed plan.

1:53 And the basics of the plan were for a Global Financial Reset and for Draining the Swamp.

2:30 So the first distraction was obviously, Covid-19. Now, if you take your eyes away from the mainstream media (MSM) and start investigating properly instead of believing everything you hear and see on the television…Start investigating and go to, as an example, The British Government website, or the WHO website (World Health Organization,) or the CDC website (Center for Disease Control,) and see where all of them published, in March 2020, and this is where you need your 20-20 vision, they all published that Covid-19 Coronavirus had been downgraded to nothing more than Influenza.

3:21 That puts it below par of Man flu and Man flu is bad… Covid-19 is nothing more than influenza…The reality is less people died in 2020 from influenza, Covid-19 and respiratory problems than have done for the last 5-years! But we’re in lockdown because it was the perfect smokescreen, the perfect cover, and the MSM KNOW what’s going on but they’ve all bought into this smokescreen… so if you only watch MSM you’ll be in a completely different world to the real people and what’s really going on.

5:15 So that was the virus. Then of course we go on to the vaccine… these are all very emotional subjects… it gets you going. Is it going to be mandatory? Track and trace? Let me stop you right there. Every government around the world, when this started, was told to create chaos and fear. That was their mandate. And if we look back, they’ve done a bloody good job. The virus created chaos and fear. The vaccine created chaos and fear. 5G created chaos and fear. Riots created chaos and fear. All pre-planned, I can assure you. Very very well-planned.

6:28 So all of these things are to cover-up what? Draining the swamp. So who’s in the swamp? For those of you who are a little older you will have heard of the illuminati. That has been re-branded now to the ‘deep state.’ These are the people behind-the-scenes who have been controlling yours and my life for as long as we can remember.

7:00 The Federal Reserve is [was] owned by the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and their little group of lads. It’s one of the most corrupt organizations the world has ever known. They print money. They give it to us but we have to give it back with tax and interest and that’s blatant fraud. Known as the Fiat Currency system, corrupt as you’ll ever ever know. It’s not been backed by gold for many many years. It’s a corrupt system. So this is part of the deep state.

7:36 Members of Royal families, members of government, powerful people who are part of these people who control the world. It’s like a little club.

7:50 So Donald Trump is doing an amazing job because he’s removing them, but he’s not doing it by himself, oh no, it’s not just the Americans doing this. Donald Trump is hand in hand with Vladimir Putin, working very very closely, with Chairman Xi in China and [Prime Minister] Modi in India. The 4 of them are working very hard to drain the swamp of these disgusting horrible people who have been controlling us and destroying our lives.

8:21 And as Donald Trump said, “He’s going to give you back your Freedom,” which is a God given gift that has been stolen from us. I can promise you, he’s doing a very good job of that.

8:35 Between when this started and now, just to put it into perspective, for a few people who haven’t been aware of what’s going on, he has executed 150,000 subpoenas against people all over the world that have been involved in corruption.

9:05 The Vatican has been emptied. One of the most corrupt buildings in the world inside, without you even knowing about it. This is why Italy went into lockdown, one of the first. They had some serious arrests to make in Italy, and then you’ve got your Mafia bosses in Italy, they’ve all now been arrested. That’s only just hit the MSM, about the Mafia bosses all being arrested.

9:31 There’s 150,000 arrests. Let that sink in how many people that is. 150,000. That’s a lot of people who’ve been involved in corruption. We’re going through nothing more than a deep cleansing. We’re going through a massive period of cleansing. A draining the swamp. Getting rid of evil.

9:58 It’s not easy. For a lot of people they’ve lost their jobs, they’ve lost their houses, they’ve lost a lot of things. But I’ll tell you now you’ll look back at this next year as a minor blip by comparison to what we’re going to come into, the New World we’re going to come into. A far cleaner, a far better, a far safer world than we’ve left behind.

So the Deep State, they’ve infiltrated so many areas of our lives. And then the cabal. Well, who’s the cabal? The deep state and the cabal are very very closely linked.

10:44 What most of you don’t know, is the CIA is probably the most corrupt organization the world has ever known, along with NATO. The cabal… the CIA are in charge of the drug trade worldwide. Cocaine trade, heroin trade. Everything. They’ve been in control of this for years. They started it. The CIA. So you now know why we’ve got problems in this world when you’ve got the CIA that are managing it, running it and controlling it. Now you know why we’ve got problems.

11:30 This is why Donald Trump very simply never used the CIA or the FBI to protect him, he’s got his own protection. Along with Vladimir Putin’s boys, and Chairman Xi’s boys, and Modi’s boys, who are protecting him [Trump.] It’s very hard to get to him, but they’d love to get to him at the moment. Oh boy oh boy, he’s bringing down the most corrupt period of our history you’ll ever know.

12:00 So the Cabal, the drug lords around the world. South America I know factually there has been thousands of arrests. Italy, Spain, Europe in general, thousands of arrests. They’re draining the swamp and you’ll hear him say it. He’s cleaning up the mess.

12:15 But so as not to spook everybody, they’ve come up with this unusual plan, let’s put it that way; the Coronavirus, the vaccine, 5G, and the riots.

14:30 I did have an inside track because of people that I work with on the inside in the American government and other governments, who gave me an inside track as to what was happening. I knew that this was going to happen last year. I was pre-warned about it 6-years ago. It’s been in planning for a while. Then two years ago. Then last December last year they told me they were ready to start… and everything they told me has been rolled out to be very very true.

15:03 So the draining of the swamp, the Cabal, the Deep State, that’s been happening and we’re nearly there. We are nearly there…And there’s a very easy way for me to tell you that we’re nearly there because once they lift the restrictions, such as travel, quarantine, once those are restrictions are lifted, then we’ll know that they’re through the other side, and suddenly the virus will disappear, not that it was there any way, it was smoke and mirrors.

15:40 The vaccines… fascinating subject… go and do your own research don’t take my word for it. Bill Gates has been testing vaccines in India and in Africa and he’s killed more people than he’s healed and we’re listening to this bloke. You know, you’re a computer geek, get back in your box. It’s amazing after money comes power and power corrupts. Boy hasn’t it corrupted you fella’ …

16:21 The most important thing right now is to stay calm. We’re nearly there. We’re very nearly there. The Global Financial Reset is virtually complete. There’s a TREMENDOUS AMOUNT going on behind the scenes that we can’t see and can’t hear. And when we come out the other side we’re coming out into a far better world. There’s so many wonderful surprises on their way to you.

16:53 For those of you who haven’t been on this journey, just Google NESARA and just have a read-through about NESARA / GESARA, this is the way that we are moving. Check it out. Don’t take my word for it. Check it out. That will enlighten you as to where we’re coming from.

18:11 I haven’t even touched this morning on the pedophile gangs, which is some of the most shocking and disgusting… some of the stuff I’ve learnt… oh, you just… there’s been so many children that have been found, and I have hard evidence now of that. They’ve found these children, and child-trafficking. The trafficking of children and human beings is a disgusting horrible world that I didn’t want to venture into.

18:47 I don’t think normal people have any idea or any concept as to how many children disappear every single year…And I’m going to sicken you right now. People that we trusted, organizations that we trusted during times of tragedy… such as, I’m going to name one, Hurricane Katrina… where lots of people went missing… were basically stolen by organizations that we trust to look after us in a time of trouble… and they were trafficked.

19:33 That’s pretty damn disgusting… In times of war… the wars in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, the amount of children that were stolen from those countries is unbelievable. So that the families think that they’ve died and they haven’t. They’ve been stolen… and this is a world that, don’t take my word for it, go and do some homework, because it’s absolutely disgusting

And you’ll start to wake-up to what Donald Trump is actually doing when he’s draining the swamp…I don’t think… a lot of people have any idea how dirty that swamp is…how contaminated it is…and when you wake up to what he’s actually doing…It doesn’t matter if he has funny hair, it doesn’t matter if he does funny tweets…If he gets rid of one pedophile gang, saves one woman and child from being trafficked he’s doing a good job… but he hasn’t… he’s saved thousands, thousands and thousands of children and families… and there’s NOTHING, NOTHING in the MSM… you should be ashamed of yourselves, totally ashamed of yourselves. It’s disgusting.