“Charlie Ward and Tara: There’s So Much Wealth for all of us” by Kat

Hi Dinarlandia,

This was a wonderful video chat with Charlie Ward and Tara/Xena.

A few things you don’t already know, but it is always encouraging to hear that more and more people are waking up and it’s good to be reminded of the staggering gargantuan wealth that is available for all of us.

One of my most favorite quotes is from Carl Jung:

“Our world is so exceedingly rich in delusions
that a truth is priceless…”
Carl Jung, Modern Man In Search Of A Soul, pg. 46

That is so true and we are now learning all the reasons why that is true. In a cabal / deep state / illuminati world, truth is anathema.

So in a world rich in delusions, Charlie Ward videos have been literally, for me, a beacon of light, hope and truth. You can’t ask for more from anyone in the middle of WWIII.

As of this writing, Charlie has 131k you-tube subscribers. Huge congrats Charlie! Well deserved!

Key Points:

-NESARA was written in 1962
-Governments have stolen Pension Funds
-Can vote from your phone on the blockchain system which eliminates all voting corruption, which Charlie knows from first-hand experience as he moved money around the world for elites to insure certain people were elected.
-NESARA / GESARA gets us out of Maritime Law
-The poorest countries — South Africa, Zimbabwe, South America — are actually the richest in gold, copper, coal, uranium, oil, gold, diamonds…
-Trusts are worth one quarter of a ZILLION dollars +
-Charlie has been working with a team doing an evaluation of what it takes to run the world financially. Only need 13% – 17% tax on non-essential items…
-Enough money in the world to pay everyone a Universal Basic Income…

Such a beautiful, rich and abundant world is coming for all. A pristine Divinely restored planet, Divinely restored Kingdoms, Divinely restored Humanity—all golden for a wondrous, peaceful, miraculous Golden Age.

With blessings of Peace, Health, Wealth and Happiness for all – we are Goddess, Sovereign, Free,

xo, Kat