How to prepare for next week’s energy shift and Cosmic activity.

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Blessings Beloveds,
We are entering a unique stargate alignment next week, August 21-29. 
This influx has presented strongly in my awareness for months, specifically August 23-25. You have probably felt the intuitive nudges from your higher levels to prepare for a new experience.We haven’t had a date-related stargate influx in a while, and the light waves of this next jump are consistent in meditation and visions. This acceleration phase delivers pure Unity Consciousness, providing support for upcoming timeline/trajectory shifts. Having a strong stargate influx right now feels wonderful, mystical, and purposeful. We are ready for more New Light Intelligence to flow through our Divine Presence conduits.More activation, heart-openings, and a unique empowerment for keepers of the New Realm Crystalline Presence fields.The Crystalline Heart Center is a stargate. As we become ONE with the organic stargate systems, we become a conduit of these new energies.Solar activity is active again. This affects us directly, since the SUN within and the Solar network of stargates are ONE. The more coherent the Heart, the more crystalline frequencies are felt, received, and delivered. This is the Divine HUman heart grid, and it is accelerating change with this year’s Presence activations.Geomagnetic storms, flares, and plasma influxes are delivery systems for Cosmic intelligence. Get outside and connect with the stargate flows to receive while the veils are thin and influxes are powerful.These stargate flows bolster new collective realities, new harmonic sequences in our Crystalline DNA, and a new level of quantum awareness. More Light, more Presence in form, which in turn changes our experience of life on Gaia.The mid-geostorm activations have surprised us this year with their consciousness-shifting, heart-opening strength. Even with the fair warning of Gateway passages, it’s best to be flexible, open, and prepared for consistent acceleration.Many of you can feel the galactic activity stepping up as a result of widespread Presence activations. We hold this Crystalline Presence field as One, and anchor new experiences quickly.DNA mutations increase. Our perspective widens. A lot is happening with the new experience of consistent Presence connection.All is aimed at amplification of the Presence, in order to reveal the New Realms of Gaia and the Divine HUman trajectory. Acceleration brings rapid dismantling, however it also amplifies Divine revelation, resolution and resurrection.Preparation and ParticipationThis is a big upgrade for the Heart center. Crystalline Heart-care (applied love, gratitude, forgiveness, neutrality), emotional and mental balance (especially during Solar activity), hydration, meditation on zero point, and movement all assist with integration.The SUN is emanating very strong codes and literal radiation. Don’t overdo exposure – and don’t hide from it either. Feel the effect on your body, and listen to your Higher levels.Geomagnetic storms are our friend. Cosmic rays penetrate our realities when the magnetic shields are stressed. Connect with Gaia and assist her with receiving and emanating these new frequencies. Organic stargates will be active; prepare your territory and heart for maximum reception.FEEL the Divine perspective of Presence – a radical awareness shift for many – and apply it to your lifestream. Take action, shift choices to align with the new perspective when possible. When we physicalize the change within, the realities shift faster. This is a palpable sensation as the brain, heart, and perception expand their capacity for multidimensional awareness.Clear your space and crystals for the influx. Be sure to get your stargate crystals outside and connected to the Master crystals during the peak energies of August 23-25. Water fasting (only water, no food) prepares the body for Crystalline Lightbody amplification and DNA reconnection. If this aligns with your guidance and personal health conditions, give the body an opportunity to reset. A brief fast (1-3 days) gives your body a chance to clear old energy, and catch up with these biophotonic crystalline mutations.Support the Divine heart-empowering frequencies of freedom and creativity. This is a beautiful passage to begin something new, express the new realm experience of freedom, and release what feels dense or cumbersome.Launching the Next AccelerationWhile Gaia is literally speeding up (this is in the mainstream right now – more global acceleration focus), the true acceleration is about unity consciousness and collective trajectory shifts.  These jumps in vibration are inevitable. Our unified participation in the Ascension process assists all willing hearts in crossing the bridge to a new experience.Let us unify our Ascending hearts during this unique opportunity, to ensure the New Realm trajectory accelerates with purity, ease and grace.An abundance of guidance is provided in theSpirit Spa replay, and Keeping up with the Realm Shift, both on my YouTube channel. Re-watch to stay grounded during this acceleration.Visit the new Resources and Upcoming Events sections in this LightLetter below my signature.See you in the field for the SUNday Unity Meditations.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service.

Sandra Walter