In the coming days, stillness will be your greatest resource, your greatest currency, your greatest asset

Galactic Center 5/21/2022

I am the Galactic Center, center of your Milky Way, now Golden Rose Galaxy. This one and I have been sitting in zero space together, in stillness, in union, in peace. This is what I wish to bring through, to facilitate deep inner peace and connection with me, in these times of turbulence and change. Upheaval is present on your world, within the hearts of humankind, but it need not be so. For all are in process of either discovering me, of the connection to the deep inner way of the single walk towards inner unity, or dancing with chaos. The inner chaos of man is only a decision. One makes this decision moment by moment whether they will walk the silent road of individualization and inner stillness, for it is a lonely road, but when one is aware of it they feel the connection to all things and it is a uniting experience. You who have done the work and are able to feel this message are aware. All roads eventually lead to home, to the inner god-spark. Many will not appreciate this for your religious doctrines have divided, have taught otherwise. They have taught and instilled separation, for that was the game, the experience in this realm of the delusion of separation from Source. You are all fractalized sparks of Source, you are all here to experience what it is that you came to experience. Earth, Gaia, has chosen her experience of ascension. Those upon her who choose are deeply aware and assisting in multidimensional levels, in a myriad of ways.

I am the Galactic Center. Inner chaos or inner peace? Those are always your choices. In every moment, in every experience upon Gaia, those are your choices. Do I choose the broken mirror in which society tries to portray truth? Or do I look within and see the stillness, and feel the connection of who I am? You are marvelous beings. My love is freely extended to you. My peace, my presence is freely given to you for I am that I am. I too am an aspect of Source. I hold space for those who need to find themselves again. I am a reflection of the All in my own way, just as you are in your own way. Activation codes are streaming through this message, are streaming through me. By my very presence I am activating you, and in some cases, lowering frequency to increase vibration, to enhance the deep inner awareness and awakening that is occurring now in your world on all levels. There is no chaos. This one didn’t want to write this phrase, but child, it is true. In the scheme of things, all is perfection, all is unity. All is the space of Source, the spaciousness of love, of freedom. But you have dived so deep down the rabbit hole of this earth experience that these vibrations, these feelings have been almost closed off to you. The starseeds, the old souls have been able to assist with activating this on the inside of the twisting, to help untwist, so that the light from me, from the All, can freely flow to you. (I am seeing a balloon being slowly filled with sand, becoming heavy with the weight. I am seeing the balloon now being twisted off from the flow of sand. The sand (the fractals) has felt cut off from the flow, but it is not cut off, it is still sand, it is connected. I am seeing an intense light surrounding all things now, moving in pulses, in loving waves through our galaxy, and untwisting the twist. I am feeing waves of immense love, of calming frequencies moving into Gaia.) Yes friend, you are seeing and feeling what I wish to portray.

I am the Galactic Center. I wish to activate you with zero point energy now. Breathe in and feel this connection with your deep inner knowing that all will be well. For it is most well. (I am seeing and feeling zeros all over my body. Golden zeros are floating over Gaia. To those who are ready each person can choose a golden circle to put within them, as an activation code, as a connection reminder of this feeling of space, of peace, of unity. I am seeing the golden zero expand to encircle Gaia.)

Children, come sit with me. Be still in this space of unlimited creation, of expansion, of peace. I am here for you always. I am an excellent place for our meditation journeys. Your world needs more zero point energy. It will calm the reactivity. It will assist with awakening the others from the dream. When they feel your peaceful presence, they will begin to rub their eyes and awaken to their own connection within. The darkness, the lack of light beings have lost their way. They are being removed, recycled, for they cannot handle what is to come. The higher vibrational waves that are here and coming further in increased strength will not be a match for them. Great upheaval, great change always precedes growth and the understanding of the lessons. You need not understand in entirety to be at peace. Peace, stillness of a quiet mind and heart, stillness is a choice. In the coming days, stillness will be your greatest resource, your greatest currency, your greatest asset. The deep stillness of peace, of one who has found their connection and remembered themselves in the earth experience, those who can feel this are the leaders of today. You will be remembering your gifts. You will be coming more online to your higher dimensional frequencies. Your memories, your strengths and gifts will be more completely felt and attainable.

I am the Galactic Center. I am your galactic Center. I am here for you always. Children, do you remember all of your planning and dreaming sessions within me? Remember now. All things are accessible to you here. Remember me. Remember yourself. I am the Galactic Center.

~ galaxygirl