We are in the first weeks of the great revealing. So much truth is to come to light.


Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – October 2020

Another beautiful day in Paradise dear friends, dear human brethren. For you are our brethren. You are as wonderful, as powerful, as magnificent as we are, we who dwell beyond the veil.

In your humanness, in your physical form, in your third dimensional reality, only a small part of your great Soul, only a small part of your Divinity is available to you.

That is the part of your Soul that you sent to planet earth to inhabit your body temple. For your body is a temple for your Soul. This is not the way we humans are used to thinking about ourselves. But we will, for we are in the era of release.

We are in the wonderful time of the great awakening. We have lived through the planet earth journey. The experience has not been easy for we have been living a nightmare of separation.

Naturally, in the love of God, behind the veil as Souls, as drops of water in the ocean of God consciousness, we are all one. We revel in our unity, our deep connection with each other and with the Divine flow of love electro-magnetic energy that is Divinity, that is God.

Such contentment, such joy, such bliss, is ours in this Heavenly realm. Challenging for us, in our separated human perception to realize. For here on earth, in our physicality, we see each other as separate beings, each with differing ideas about life, each out for ourselves, fearful of our threatening brethren.

It is this separateness we came to earth to experience. Nothing wrong ever happened here, for it is the chaos and discombobulation of the earthly journey, of separated Souls, out for their own interest and in conflict with us, that we came to experience, for which we incarnated.

And, as humans, we have indeed lived through every possible cruelty, every inhumane deed that can be imagined. And through this challenging journey we know now who we are.

We have individuated our personality. We know what we prefer and what we don’t prefer. We have discovered what makes us happy, what powers us to be enthusiastic, what engages our very Soul in the doing of the tasks we enjoy.

Through negotiating the positive and negative events of our life we have found our moral compass. We have sorted out our ideas of cultural morality. We know now what we stand for. We know what we believe in, we know how it is right for us to behave.

And it all comes down to love, what behavior do we believe to be loving and what is not loving. The loving gives us joy and unites us. We matter, and other people matter equally to us.

From the depth of our Soul, our objective is now to treat others as we would be treated. Service to others is now our joy and our delight.

And, we are so blessed, for we have individuated our talents, preferences and abilities. Having tried many and varied tasks, we now know what we love to do, and we are ready to follow our bliss. When we are doing what we love, we are totally engrossed in happy tasks. We are then answering the call of our deepest Divine nature.

This, dear Brethren is the world we are moving into. These are splendid times indeed. We have lived the planet earth experience, and truly it has been a challenge.

We knew before we came here, when we planned this earthly journey for ourselves, that it would be difficult. We knew we would have no memory of our Divinity, that we would feel small, alone and insignificant.

And it has been so. But we did not realize how difficult it would be. The dark side, the negative ones who vibrated at a low frequency of selfish service to self, were more powerful than anticipated.

They gave us such massive challenges to overcome. Yet and all, the wonder is that we have not only survived, but we have come out of this experience crowned with glory.

Oh my, the wonder of what we have learnt. The love that is now our very beingness in the depths of our heart. The compassion that we have for ourselves and our brethren – it is all beautiful to see.

Oh awakened ones, is it not marvelous to have lived the planet earth human life, to have overcome the denigrating entrainment and indoctrination, to have moved from dark to light.

We are blessed beings indeed. We are now the enlightened ones. We are indeed enlightened, for we have freed ourselves of the dark and separating thoughts, of the blame, shame and guilt we were indoctrinated with.

We are now Divine Souls, who are aware that they are living the human life ensconced in body temples. We are in this material world, but no longer of this material world. No longer immersed in the imbroglio of the planet earth training simulator program.

So now. we are awakened it is our job to help our fellow humanity. We are in the midst of the great revelation. The revelation of how our shadow government, how the dark ones have treated us. We are being shown the cruelty, the inhumanity that has been deployed against us.

And yet so many of our brethren are still deeply asleep, they are still in the hypnotized third dimensional fear paradigm. They are still totally immersed in the controllers narrative. They believe what they are told by authoritative sources. They believe the so called scientists and self interested politicians.

It seems to be so discouraging dear Brethren. What to say to them, how to help them? For, as is so often stated in this chaotic time, “where we go one, we go all.”

We need the energy, the consensus power of humanity to reach a tipping point for ascension to the fifth dimension of love. We need our brethren to awaken to the truth of their enmeshment. We need them to pierce the veil of their ignorance and to awaken to the truth of their Divinity and their power.

Have no fear our Dear Hearts, Dear Souls, this will occur. Ready yourselves to help them. It is too late for your sleeping brethren to undertake the lengthy journey that has been yours. They will awaken with a shock. They will be in fear and awe.

We are in the first weeks of the great revealing. So much truth is to come to light. It will be totally shocking. And this truth is absolutely necessary to be known for only thus can those still in the nightmare, awaken.

They must know how they have been manipulated and maneuvered. They must see the cruelty that has been afflicted on them. For their biggest challenge is then to claim their sovereignty and to forgive.

How can they claim their freedom from eons of indoctrination and entrainment – until they see what they are claiming freedom from? How can they claim the right to free will, until they know how their free will has been violated?

And in actuality, nothing wrong ever happened. For this is the planet earth training simulator program into which all the participating Souls agreed to be entrained.

So, forgiveness is absolutely necessary, for indeed nothing wrong ever happened. Yet one cannot forgive until one knows what needs to be forgiven.

So this is a crucial phase in the ascension process. A crucial phase indeed. Your brethren are being made aware of the nature of the cruelties that have been imposed on humanity.

Shock and awe are the order of the day. And you, our Dear Ones, our enlightened wayshowers, you are here to help. You are a great gift to. humanity. All you have suffered, all the pain you have experienced, stands you in good stead now.

You have great compassion, great understanding of the human condition and love flowing freely through your heart. You are the chosen ones to help humanity out of the mire of its deep and dark entrainment.

The best is yet to come dear friends, the best is yet to come. Love and light are here, you will be well and prosper, glorious days are ahead.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.