Conversation with my Future Self.

This morning,i was like:ok, i will engage into a dialogue with my future self of 2030 and see what i am getting when i am feeling into having all our projects globally running smoothly for the highest good for all with joyful participation from each and everyONE on the planet.And the feeling i got mostly was SATISFACTION while my future self reminded me that it is all about FULL APPRECIATION of everything around me in this present moment.So,i am inviting with this to do the same,for your own life and then expand further globally for each and everyONE seeing everyone satisfied in life coming back to the now and feeling appreciation of everything around you,even if there seems to be a big fog out there,not allowing to see with our physical eyes what is really taking place on a multidimensional level which is now busy manifesting tangibly in our reality and with CV19 being the official opening of this party.For sure God works in mysterious ways and we are about to find out in the days,weeks and months to come.And feeling Full Appreciation and Satisfaction every Now attracts more of this in our personal realities as we Create our own reality from within out moment to moment through the way we vibrate =Feel.

#FeelMoreThanFine and Namaste!