realize that your higher good wants you every bit as much as you desire it!

The Collective: More on Transformation

A Message to Lightworkers – November 8, 2022

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective.

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again today.

And so, as we are sitting by this by this beautiful flow of water, which is really just energy, think again on that subject that we have been speaking on lately, which is Transformation.

And not only Transformation from where you are physically, or what you are experiencing outwardly, but who you feel yourself to be—a greater source of empowering for you, in other words.

So again, we will just ask you to give yourself this moment, when you are imaging what you would really love to experience, or to have, or to heal.

And put yourself in that situation fully.

So we’ve walked forward from envisioning what would be wonderful to experience, and calling out to it energetically, and now the next step is to embody it.

To claim full ownership of this beautiful shift in your life.

And this can be many things, dear ones.

Yes, most people want to heal bodily issues, and improve their income, and to be with the right partner, or to recreate or rebirth the relationship they’re in now.

And most people would like to know what their life purpose is, if they don’t already know that.

They would love to experience knowing, “Why did I come onto the Earth at this time?”

And many have other issues. It might be something in your family, or your community. Or you just want NESARA to happen!

Whatever it is, bring that forward now.

Close your eyes, or just stare at the water flowing by . . .

And begin to claim this, not as something [off in the future] that you desire, but something that already exists, and that is calling out to you every bit as much as you are calling out to it.

This is an absolutely beautiful way to realize that your higher good wants you every bit as much as you desire it!

And be open to receiving this wonderful thing or situation—a new beginning, inner or outer healing—be ready and open to receive it in whatever ways are for your higher good.

We want you to call in your Spirit team right now. Just say, “My Angels, my Spirit guides, my higher self, I know you are always with me, but sit down with me now, because this is important, and I require your assistance.

“Now, here’s my vision,” and show them your vision of what you want to create.

And then you want to say, “I expect real movement on this! If I need to do something outwardly to claim it, then show me what that is. “If I need to tap into some wisdom, some realization and understanding I just don’t have yet—lead me to it! “You brought me in for growth, and I brought me in for growth, and so, here we are! I am going to embody this Transformation—I’m not only going to desire it.”

So, with your eyes closed right now, envision that this has already taken place, whatever it is.

Look down at yourself [in this vision]—see what you’re wearing. See where you are, outwardly. In a room or outside in Nature, such as our writer is right now.

Envision this and be glad for it! Put yourself fully in the picture! Remember, you’re not seeing yourself from afar. You’re in yourself. You’re in your own body, in that image.

And yet, something’s changed; something’s moved to a higher level.

Can you accept the growth and the inner Transformation required in order for you to, have it?

Often, that will be healing or release of energetic influences that simply are not you.

And we agree it can be difficult some days to know exactly where it is that you need to shift and change and heal.

So, this is why you bring in your higher self, dear ones. And we are able to assist, if that is difficult for you.

We’re flowing energies to you right now to assist you in letting your beautiful Spirit team know, “I require to move forward in this area, and I don’t require struggle to get there!

“What I am calling out to you for—what I’m calling forth from the Universe—is growing through Joy, and through calm acceptance, and through releasing all struggle in this area.

“I wasn’t meant to struggle. I didn’t come here to struggle! There’s no need for that now. Not now that all this beautiful Light is pouring onto the planet and transforming everything and everyone.”

So, get that feeling in your body, dear ones, that it’s already here! Very important.

You do this time all the time in your sleep state. You travel constantly in your sleep state.

Sometimes you move up and down the timeline, and you’re resolving things. Healing things, ending old contracts.

And if there’s an old contract now that is stopping you from accepting this beautiful new change in your life, let’s just draw it out!

So, see that flying out of you, going into the Violet Transmuting Flame of Saint Germain—this is a lovely, practical tool that we use quite often, because it’s quite powerful.

Image that contract, that vow or oath, promise, agreement—it’s just flying out of your heart-space, out of your energies, into the Violet Transmuting Flame of Saint Germain, and it’s returning to pure energy. It can’t hold you back anymore.

And we would love for you to say, “I’m free now! I’m free of this.”

And say to all groups you have ever known, all individuals you have ever known in any life, “All contracts, agreements, vows, commitments between us—all of that—dissolved now, unless they are still in place as being for my higher good and yours.”

And what you’re doing, dear ones, is freeing yourself from the grasp of the old, and the pitfalls—the old stuck patterns of the past.

We have many people emailing us, and asking, “How do I get past this stuck feeling I’m experiencing in this area of life or another?”

They absolutely have it right, that this is what holds many people back. It’s a pattern of stuckness, one might say.

Let’s work with that as well . . . [offering energy work]

Open your hands and let go of whatever you’re unconsciously grasping. Maybe you’re thinking that it will protect you in some way.

Maybe your subconscious is feeling that, “Well, it’s just always been that way. It’s an old habit. I’ll keep it in place.” Open your hands and let go, while we work with you energetically. We’re just drawing out those old influences that are holding you back.

Drawing out the narrow-mindedness you were raised with in many lives—the victimhood, the fear of survival—bring that up right now.

Anything you’re fearing—bring that up. Bring up those emotions . . . we’re going to disengage them from your spirit, and send them into the Light . . .

Wonderful! Just breathe out . . . breathe out all that old energy.

Breathe in the new energy—the higher Light that’s visiting the planet, and that is so vital for your Ascension and your evolvement now.

Wonderful, dear ones! We do offer this kind of energy work on the Abundant Living podcast every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.

If you go to our writer’s YouTube Channel, you should be able to find it. And if you get on the Abundant Living signup form, which you’ll find on that page at, you’ll get the link, and you’ll be well-informed ahead time, each time before there’s a [podcast].

[Note: That page will be available again on Thursday, November 10.]

And the Abundant Living program exists as well, dear ones, if you would like more personalized assistance and support.

So we’ll bring our writer back now, and we thank you for the power of your presence in these days when so much is being determined!

COR: Hi everyone! (Sorry about the crazy camera work!) This is Caroline, and I just want you to know that the Abundant Living program is there for you.

If you don’t want to become a subscribing member, the community is there for you, as the Collective were saying, every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month [via the YouTube Live Abundant Living podcast].

And I will be opening the doors to a new Abundant Living program—previously, the Abundance Group—on Thursday—that’s November 10th.

So I hope that you will have a look, and I’ll be sending out emails about that.

The prices will be lower, and the bonuses will be really wonderful [for five days starting Thursday, November 10th]. But you have to sign up by midnight Monday night, November 14th [to take advantage of lower pricing and the bonuses].

I send much Love and many blessings— I’ll just briefly say, that it was the teachings of inner healing and Transformation that completely remade my life, starting in the ‘90s, going back 30 years.

I was in a bad place on many levels, and when I found out that there are beautiful higher beings ready to assist us, and to work with us in every way, and that we were never alone, and that we absolutely deserved and can allow Abundance, and break up these old energetic patterns that hold us back from it—I was thrilled!

Because it meant [we have the opportunity to create] fulfillment in every area of life.

Not only financial Abundance, not only physical healing, but the kind of inner healing that returns you to your [authentic] Self.

So I send much Love and many blessings—I know that there’s so much happening that’s demanding right now. But a group like this program presents can turn a lot around for you, with a lot of specialized support, for as long as you wish.

And so, much Love, and namaste!

by Caroline Oceana Ryan