Ivo of Vega: QFS & the RV

Ashtar Sheran said the QFS is up and running. How does this impact us within the next 6 months, Ivo?
Your financial system will be changing over. The old one will dissipate and the QFS will be the predominant computer system that will conduct all banking transactions. Actually, you should not notice. All paycheques will be issued through the QFS as all business transactions will be transacted through this system.

Me: Is it because it’s hacked into the other system or because it’ll be transferred?
Ivo: Transferred, my love. All transactions can be monitored by a central source that will flag up any suspicious transactions that would include things like money laundering, kickbacks, fake company accounts, payments to charities that simply route back to the donor, and other fraudulent transactions. These transactions will be monitored and audits of governments and individual companies will be conducted at a higher level than government. There will be an overseeing agency in charge of all worldly transactions that will be an agency of service and nothing else.

This is important because GESARA compliance will be impossible without this oversight function.

The people will still get their pay cheques and government payouts, just as they are now. However in future a standard payout will be made to all households that will supply you all with basic income. What you decide to do over and above that is your choice. This agency will continue to download money through your government accounts but your government will not be able to hack the monies and manipulate or tax them.

Taxes will be minimalized. Debt forgiveness is forthcoming. Much of it will be underway within a year.

For those with projects, your funding will come to you within the next six months.

Many companies will go under because they will not pass this auditing process. Companies will be bought out and will be required by changing laws to conduct business in an ethical fashion.

We foresee all these changes will be brought to fruition within the next four to five years. It has already begun however, we’re sorry Sharon, you will have to pay your taxes this year.

Me: Darn! I didn’t want to! Oh well….

Ivo: My love, next year your income will be QFS based and non-taxable. It will be considered charitable income and dispensed philanthopically. You will be relieved of tax paying.

Me: Good! Anything else, Ivo? Like stock markets?

Ivo: Watch what happens with many of your corrupt corporations. As they begin to be audited they will have to either close their doors or change their way of functioning.

Me: Thank you, Ivo.

Ivo: My love, take a break now please.

Me: I will.