Hold your highest vibration and see the good coming out of this for everyone.

Me: Hi Ivo, this subject might be appropriate considering what we’re into right now.

Ivo: It is, my love. The United States is now involved in a race war, following on the heels of the Covid 19 pandemic, which did not create the fear and separation that the Deep State was hoping for. So they heated up the situation by stoking fear as much as possible, then threw a match on it to light a new fire: racial tension.

We saw many doctors come up to protest the way that the virus was dealt with, and many pundits share posts of experiences with old folks homes admissions not being screened, and then of course social media began censoring their voices, so Donald Trump changed the laws forbidding them to do so. He’s watching now. If the censorship continues, he will take other measures and this may include closing Twitter and Facebook, even Youtube, those who censor will be taken out of business.

Me: Awesome! Yes the people are standing up and telling the truth.

Ivo: The Deep State is manipulating the people, the people are responding by telling the Truth, the Deep State is then censoring them, and then Trump legislates new laws forbidding them to do so. So now, you are in a race war across the United States which is beginning to show elsewhere. All the meanwhile, the Deep State is using the media to take shots at Trump, claiming him to be incompetent, uncaring, a buffoon, etc. and he is coming back to use the legal system against them. So they change tactics and now you have a race war that is showing in other parts of the world.

Me: Yes, maybe it’s showing in Johannesburg, I don’t know. But that’s another hot spot.

Ivo: When your people refuse to understand that this is being done to them, rather than something they happens organically, that all of the history between whites and blacks was manipulated efforts to keep you hating each other, then they fall prey to the wars. The anger comes out.

This is why you have a class system. So you can hate each other.

Me: So they’re going to sit and wait how this plays out and start something else as soon as it seems to get resolved. You can tell they’re trying to get to Trump and the Alliance. They’re trying to discredit him. Watch it all subside by the November election. Because that will be telling.

I know a lot of people who still hate Trump and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but then you have to realize your opinion is heavily manipulated. Turn off the TV and start to read the news I see and you’ll see the other side of the story.

Do you like being controlled? Because you are.

And this is playing out just the way you said in “What You Need to Know Now.” You said there would be rioting and shortages. You said possible civil war in America.

Ivo: I did. I could see these timelines based on the spiritual state of the people of the United States. There are many who still are led by the ego, which of course is manipulated through the Deep State by mind control, and they are the ones who attack others and become violent.

You see there are others who are hearing the alternative news and stop the rioting before it begins. This is interesting to watch. There are people on the streets, expressing their dislike for what is going on, but refusing to riot and throw bricks because they know the bricks are being planted by the Deep State through George Soros’ Antifa, to create rioting and war.

The Deep State enjoys war. They have funded many of them.

So it is up to you, those who are more educated and wiser, to hold your highest vibration for the people of your world. Hold your highest vibration and see the good coming out of this for everyone.

Everyone is learning and evolving at their own pace. You were going to protest in downtown Ottawa on the first of July, but have changed your mind since you have seen that rioting and looting has reached Canada as well.

Me: I won’t be part of that. Anything violent is not my thing.

Ivo: Commendable, my love. You all have to work to get that reptilian part of your psyches under control. Violence is not the solution. If it had been the solution, would you be where you are now? No. In fact, it is the part of your psyche that the Deep State/Dark Ones enjoy manipulating – the part that is like them.

You are not like them. You are like us. This is the reality that so many earthlings have yet to discover about themselves. So many live lives never knowing who they truly are, and this is a travesty.

So, it is best that those who are not inclined to this violence hold their highest light to help the collective get through these problems with fewer incidents and deaths.

So I said that the next thing is the pedophilia will be exposed in the media, and it will.

This is what the Deep State fears: that they will be revealed for being the satanists that they are. That it will be revealed that your children are what they are after.

Me: Sickening.

Ivo: Yes, and it is within the capability of all upon your earth right now to eliminate their influence from earth by eliminating the darkness within yourselves. It is the dark parts of you that allow their darkness to fluorish. That is why they manipulate you into arguing, fighting and rioting. You feed them when you do.

Me: But if they do things like set their armies out into the streets we have to resist them.

Ivo: You can resist them. Simply do not give in. Ignore them.

Me: How do you ignore a cop with a gun?

Ivo: They cannot be everywhere all the time.

Me: They have computerized surveillance.

Ivo: And so let them surveil you.

Me: Then they can arrest us.

Ivo: You are the Light, my dear. And nothing happens to you that you do not create yourself. If you fear being jailed, it might happen. If you do not fear it, it will not happen. It is up to you to work with your soul to manifest your life as you wish it to be. You are not, nor were you ever, subject to the rules of these controllers. You never were. That is the truth you must understand.

Me: Got it. Thank you Ivo.

Ivo: This is an important lesson to all: you are free. The only reason you feel imprisoned is because you agreed to their rules.

They own nothing without your consent. Do not give it to them. Move away from the Matrix. Live in a higher vibration. Continue to help to open the eyes of the sleeping.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Do you see what that means now?

Me: Thank you Ivo.

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