the ‘rubbish programming’ will be cleared out, ‘debugged’ so to speak, and a massive reboot will occur.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Divine Mother: The Great Reboot

My divine, precious children, I am here to draw your attention to the great changes that are about to occur across your beloved Gaia.

You do not need a reset; that would only ‘rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic.’  You need a substantive change that completely alters not just the way your world functions, but the way each one of you perceive yourselves and each other. You need a profound experience of reconnection to your Divine Creator Selves.

This is what you would call a Heart Opening, Ascension, Enlightenment ~ but truly the term does not matter, because it is possible to argue the meaning of each of these terms. What matters is that the ‘rubbish programming’ will be cleared out, ‘debugged’ so to speak, and a massive reboot will occur.

Soon this gift will be yours, a gift of my love to you. It will melt the veils of separation that have shielded you from knowing your true self, your Divine Creator Self. I am returning to you what was always yours, but was hidden deep inside.

Once that heart-melting experience occurs, you will never again be cruel to yourself, because you understand your true Self, your true nature, your Truth.

Nor will you ever hurt another, because you see the deep interconnection of All That Is. You will instantly become aware that All That Is describes the Divine Father, and All That Happens describes the Divine Mother’s creative energy force. You have both – the beingness and the doingness. When they are aligned with your true, divine nature, your infinitely loving heart, you are in your Ascended Mastery.

In an instant, your world will be forever changed for the better. Now that does not mean that action is not necessary: of course it is! The Divine Male and the Divine Female energies need to exist together, in harmony, in a dance, in union.

What it means is that you will have a deep knowningness of what is the right course of action for you, in every moment, in every circumstance. You will know what you came here for and how you can best share your joy, your gifts, to create a lasting legacy on Gaia. Your contribution to the Golden Age of Gaia will become clear, easy, fun.

So, how do you prepare for this? What do you need to do? To be? Move into the heart of you, not the emotional heart of ‘I like this, I don’t like that’, but the wise heart that beats to the sound of your Soul, your Higher Self. It has a wisdom that can be heard if you take the time to move into silence.

Any time spent in silence, in peace, in meditation or prayer will allow you to feel into your higher heart, to hear its gentle nudges guiding you towards the best actions, thoughts, words and even non-actions, for you, for this day.

One step at a time, one day at a time. Consciousness is best approached slowly, with the gentle hand of curiosity. In that way, it will open up; its nudges and prompts will become clearer and your life will take on greater ease and grace as you align with the divine flow of your life: your life will become a passage of expansion through joy rather than through challenges.

It may not always be easy, but it will be clear to you what to do.  That knowingness will make even harder actions seem doable, because they are aligned with the divine flow of your life.

So, my beloved children, keep heart. Know that I am with you constantly, in every heartbeat, I Am here, within you, waiting to be discovered by you. And in every heartbeat, you grow closer to recognising Me and merging in my infinite love for you.

(c) 2022 Jennifer Crokaert YouTube