your inner work. That work need not be heavy. You are invited to create as much peace, happiness, contentment, joy and love in your life as you can possibly squeeze into every hour.

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Divine Mother: Your Higher Heart

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Jennifer: Welcome Divine Mother. I wanted to ask you about an unusual occurrence that I experienced last night.

Divine Mother: Welcome and blessings to you all, it is a joy to have the opportunity to connect with each one of you. When you open to my words, my vibration, and allow that energy flow through you, you flood your nervous system with my vibrations of peace, love and gentleness.

J: That was lovely, I had not thought of it like that before: when we read a channel, we are inviting that being not only to share their wisdom and insight, but the healing of their vibration.

DM: Yes! That is why we value the opportunities offered by meditation, by heart-felt conversations with us (or prayer, if you prefer that) or through channels, whether they are music, art, dance, words…

Now, you wished to discuss what happened last night, and it is important, so let us begin.

J: Yes, I was lying awake in the middle of the night, wondering what I should do next with my life as we go through this great transition. What is my highest calling? What practical steps should I take now? Where am I resisting these? I think you know those answers better than I do!

In the flurry of thoughts, I realised with clarity that all I need do is raise my vibration. I was gifted a Prife wand, and the feeling I have after using that is like the rise in vibration after a deep meditation. As I thought about that vibration, I felt the energies about me change, as though energy streamers were circling through and around me, relaxing me, expanding me.  I became aware of an intense physical sensation (pain would be too strong a word) in the area described as the High Heart chakra, about 4 inches (8 cm) above the Heart chakra.

The energy concentrated there, as if it were drilling, for a long time. It was intense, but my body was so relaxed, I didn’t resist it. After a very long time, the ‘drilling’ sensation reached my back. Having been awake for hours, I soon fell asleep. Care to comment?!

DM: I would be delighted to comment! You, my beloved light workers and love holders, have undertaken to embody love on Gaia in the time of greatest darkness. Part of the distortion of the overarching darkness was a distortion of love.

It was clear that humans are wired for love, a wide, expansive divine love. However, to diminish its potency, love was downgraded to a romantic love that could be short-lived at best, and familial love, for your children, your parents, those close to you. They were distorted by notions of duty, martyrdom, piety and self-sacrfice over milennia, in order to further diminish your Divine Power and creative expression.

The vast expansiveness of Divine Love was watered down so much that the chakra expression of higher, less personalised love, became dormant. As the vibration on Gaia rises rapidly now, that chakra, along with others that are more subtle, are coming back online, re-energised and ready to assist your divine expression as you enter more subtle energies.

As your Ascension moment draws near, your more subtle chakras will become stronger and more powerful, as you access ‘new’ talents, abilities and understandings, all filtered into you through these subtle chakras and anchored within you by these subtle chakras. You see how powerful they are? Why closing down the subtle chakras was so important?

J: I do. So has this only come online now within me? Forgive me, I was hoping it had happened a long time ago ~ says she with no arrogance whatsoever!

DM: Not at all! They have been activated in many, many light workers and love holders. You might like to consider this an upgrade! You are aware of all the third eye / sinus headaches you have been getting, this is the same. A lot of work is carried out when you are sleeping, when you are in expanded states of contentment, bliss, joy ~ another incentive to choose your happiness over obligation and fear! As you take greater leaps of expansion, the reactivation and refinement process goes deeper, so you feel it more. Plus, you are also becoming more sensitive to your own energy fields, increasing how much you perceive as well.

J: Wow! That’s all rather exciting. So, I have to ask, can you tell me anything about solar flashes? Ascension moments? I appreciate dates are a ‘no-go’ on your side…and the word ‘soon’ is a no-go on our side!

DM: Then I revert to our standard response! Time is not the trip-switch; vibration is the trip-switch. Focusing on dates distracts you from the real focus: your inner work. That work need not be heavy. You are invited to create as much peace, happiness, contentment, joy and love in your life as you can possibly squeeze into every hour.

Yes, that is hard. The matrix is formed to keep you small, disempowered and fearful. Becoming optimistic, creating your own moments of happiness…these are acts of revolution. This is how to bring down the system from the inside: you choose love over fear, expansion over contraction, gentleness over pride, anger, stress, impatience…

You are not novices at this. You know what to do. I am just reaffirming your knowing and your commitment. The deeper you go into your own joy, the deeper you go ‘behind enemy lines’ to borrow a war term. And you all know that you are in a war against the darkness right now. It takes courage to move against the crowd, it takes courage to choose the light when everyone else wants to discuss the darkness. I know that. I see each one of you reading these words living courageously every day.

There are no small acts of courage.

There are no small acts of love.

J: Thank you so much, that was wonderful.

DM: I am with you all. All ways.

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