How do I have a positive effect on the world around me? -Merlin and Arthur-

A:”How do I have a positive effect on the world around me?” :

M:You start on the inside. You sit quietly, close your eyes

and look up inside your head.

A:“And what do I do when I get there?”

M:“You change the film, my friend. You’re the one in the projection

room, and you can replace the old movie with a new one that reflects

the best possible ending you can think of. You work from the inside

out, not the outside in.

You change your outer world

by first changing your inner world.

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Conversation extract between Arthur and Merlin in a book written by Intender of the highest good Tony Burroughs:

Table of Contents
~Merlin on Miscreation and Mind Magic on YouTube
~Stay Above It All: The 11th Intent of The Code Ebook – Free Download
~An Excerpt from Stay Above It All on Positive Thinking and Health
~The Intenders 3 Handbook Trilogy
~A Vision for Wellness and Healing from Carol Petranovich
~A Brief Intro to the Intenders

Merlin on Mind Magic and Miscreation

The Intenders are currently in the process of making a series of YouTubes based on Merlin and Arthur’s insightful conversations in Stay Above It All. The YouTube above is our second in the series entitled Merlin on Mind Magic and Miscreation. It’s a real eye-opener and we intend that you click on it, enjoy it and share it with all your friends. Stay Tuned to The Intenders YouTube Channel for more from Merlin and Arthur in the days to come.

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