woman sitting while showing heart sign hands

This will not escalate into global conflict. This will end quickly.(Update on the Ukraine Situation by The ONE via Sophia Love)

February 24, 2022, via email

Sophia, it is the One.

As I mentioned the last time we spoke, the eye of the storm surrounds you. It is where you find yourself now.

During a time such as this, amidst the turning and churning of the storm around you, it will be near impossible to discern from the items moving past you – which you’ll keep and which you’ll let go.
Everything is moving too quickly, and discernment becomes a challenge.

This is due to your engagement with your life, and with “time”. The time it takes to decide about the truth or worth of an item just won’t be available to you. You are virtually along for the ride now.

Things have come to a head and all central players are fully absorbed in their roles.

This has to play out.

Regardless of play-by-play action, always remember this – humanity will benefit in the final analysis.

This is not the final card, yet you are just about there.

This move was done to thwart the controllers, make no mistake about that. War is an extreme move and it will force their hand.

It is having many unfortunate effects as well. Yet ultimately, what this move does, is to remove many of their moves from the playing field. In some cases, it stops them completely, and in others, it exposes them. Know that all is not lost, and you are closer now to the final card being played, and their eventual defeat.

Now that this move has been made, the true face of each player is shown. Watch who objects to the move. Watch who responds with the most force.

This will not escalate into global conflict.

This will end quickly.

You are not in danger of annihilation or a deeper level of control and capture. It is the opposite. By playing this card, the fight has moved into the very public realm, and you will quickly discern who is on which side:
Humanity’s (side) or the controllers/Freedom for the race or capture of the race.

It will be crystal clear now so pay attention.

Events will occur rapidly and it will appear as if they are unrelated.
Nothing could be further from the truth. This is War, and it has now been moved to the headlines. Everything that is done or sanctioned or mandated or announced is a move in this War Game. The conflict on the ground is one part of it. There are many.

You’ll witness unusual and previously unknown people come into the public view. These will be some who’ve been active behind the scenes for a long time, and who can now be “uncloaked” as it were.

This one act forces many others, not the least of which is the outing of your mainstream media coverage. War has a way of putting the fear of God into people, and you’ll see changes and reversals, and even admissions, on the larger networks. This is worldwide.

There are casualties already and there will be more before it’s over.
Remember that those individuals leaving now, for any reason, have chosen to do so. They have completed their purpose in this physical life, and will offer more assistance from elsewhere. This should help to ease the sadness and pain over what looks to be needless loss.

The conflict in the Ukraine will end quickly. Nothing is as it seems.

The active portion of your journey is in full throttle now, so hang on. When things appear dire or doubtful, remember that there are multiple steps and moves. You will know when the final card is played.


Go within.

Emblazon your world with your light.

Saturate your field with love.

You were born for this part, my dear, dear, humans. Trust.

That is all.

Thank you.