focus is more effectively directed on building the new (our new world).

by Sophia Love, December 27, 2021.

It is the One.

As you turn the page, the first page of this new book being written, there are chapters still unfinished of the last book you wrote.

It is the orchestrating and playing out of these remaining events that occupies the consciousness of so many.

It is the watching that occupies the intellect of many others.

I tell you this, if you are not a part of the direct orchestration of these “exit events”, it will behoove you to limit your intellectual focus on how they play out. That focus is more effectively directed on building the new (our new world).

You will witness the “new” everywhere.

It is found in your currency.

It is found in your education systems.

It is witnessed in commerce.

It approaches your governments.

For these are the tools of society; trade, learning, growth and social functioning. You have ended your dependence (on cabal control) with the exit of the controllers; dependence on someone claiming to hold more power than you’ve personally claimed.

You’ve stopped handing over the keys to your life. You’ve decided to keep them.

Now it is upon you to enable all the functions of your vehicle, and drive it yourself with full authority.

Full authority needs a map and a plan. It is this development that requires your focus now.

For the old world has ended and the crumbling of it happens for months and even years. Your desire for release from it has guaranteed that this be so.

Although you are not responsible for physically escorting these old-world controllers away – your light and intent have paved the path for others to do so.

They walk away now.

They will leave, are leaving and have left. It has been a process and it has been years in its completion.

You may not witness their exit, yet you will be informed of the truth of their manipulation, corruption and abuse.

The Matrix, built by them and for their enjoyment, disintegrates. It will one day be visible only in books and photos, records and recordings.

Not so today.

Today it is all around you still – yet this illusion falters. Like a house of straw, the slightest wind will scatter it to the ground.

The wind approaches.

It is recommended that you prepare yourselves for the damage it will cause.

In every instance, remember that what does not remain standing – cannot. It is your frequency that declares this is so.

As you struggle with physical adaptations to this new frequency range, remind yourself that this is akin to growing pains. Your inevitable growth now includes physical transformation.

It is not just your surroundings that are to be transformed. It is you.

Transformation is accompanied with destruction.

Destruction is what you see littering the pages of the last book/your old world.

It is a challenge to identify the precise moment when things changed.

Yet, they have.

With the new world now absolutely and directly before you, you’ve begun.

This one is filled with blank pages. With each thought and focus – you fill them in.

Again, it will speed things up enormously if you focus on the new world rather than what is going on in the last chapter of the old one…

The story includes a public presentation of how it went. There will be no missing this when it arrives.

So, your attention on who did what and when, does not assist you, or your creative process. You will have all of your answers.

Do not fear or doubt the outcome. Although things may appear both fearful and doubtful, they are not.

Know that you are light.

Know that you are love.

These truths bring forth your enlightenment.

These truths fill the atmosphere, supplying the necessary frequency for the new world.

These truths are your truths.

These truths are you.

You’ve spoken as One, and shifted the consciousness in which you reside.

Legions of others applaud you and add their light to your own.
Very quickly now, this too becomes visible.

It has been a slow and torturous journey, my dear, dear human. You have gotten to where your heart has guided you, and it is a beautiful place indeed. Allow your heart to now decorate your new world, and know that it is done.

That is all.

Thank you.