The focus of your light and your love is the most beneficial way to participate now.

by Sophia Love, April 9, 2022, via email

It is the One.  There are many things to say.

Thank you.  I have some questions from comments by readers. Would you respond?

Yes, of course.

Thank you.

The first concerns inflation, and the struggle and hopelessness felt. Food and gas are almost beyond reach for people. Is there any hope that can be offered here?

Next there is a question regarding earth’s physical changes, which in the past you’ve indicated would happen. A reader is noticing an increase in the strength and frequency of the wind, which frankly so do I. She sees it as an indication of man’s current level of confusion, which is also increasing.

Thank you.

There is a correlation between the race and the weather, for Gaia does her very best to manage and contain the energy of her children who are residing on and in her. Currently, there is an uproar in emotion, and it builds. This building of tension requires an outlet. It will be expressed somehow. As this increase in the level of conflicted energy builds, there will also be other results witnessed in natural weather systems.

Keep in mind that manipulation of the weather remains a tactic here. There are systems in place that function still, even without leadership. These will be dismantled eventually, once there is a more obvious turnover.*

It is advised always to allow nature to decide the force and direction of weather systems.

Regarding earth changes. There are two things to say here.

The first is that you will know them when they occur by the sequential nature in which they appear. It will be like a ripple, undulating beneath the earth’s surface.

The second is that Gaia will react to this unmasking of deep corruption and control of the population. She, too, has been at the mercy of these methods of control that involve destruction and poison. You will discover that her reaction will help to rebuild areas of the planet into foundations for growth, abundance and cooperation. These may not be immediately evident, but they will be eventually.

It will be said here that the suffering of mankind that is witnessed and experienced now, alters the landscape a bit. There have been predictions made for levels of catastrophe that will not take place because of this extended suffering. The decision for how this proceeds is a joint one ~ Mankind, Gaia and the One.

The winds are indications, yes. There are others. Forms of extreme, severe or unusual weather will tell you that there’s been a disruption in the Field.

Know that this is an inevitable conclusion to a natural process. It will be yet another Marker of these end-times of which you are a part.

The focus of your light and your love is the most beneficial way to participate now.

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Regarding inflation. This can be looked at in the same way as inflating a balloon beyond its ability to hold the air. There is only one result, and that comes either as the balloon popping, or the balloon deflating. Either way, whether explosively of gradually, the balloon is no longer.

The inflation will end.

What happens now is that you are seeing just how much inflating that the balloon can hold and still be functional. It will not last much longer in its current state.

Soon, a new balloon** is introduced to take its place. This struggle, that of uncertainty and fear, will be in your rear-view-mirror when that happens. There will be a bit of chaos felt with the switch. There are some who chose this route for the eventual growth it inspires. Yet the chaos will not last long, and it will not cause deeper damage. It is akin to confusion. There are enough of you who are now aware of and looking for this change, and who will help to explain and assist in the changeover.

It won’t be long now. You’ve heard these words before. It is hoped that you appreciate the learning and growth that takes place through this long wait. No doubt, you are in a deeply different place than you were two years or ten years ago. This growth is necessary, and was chosen by all of you.

There is a conclusion. It arrives quickly now and saturates you with such joy and such love, that your suffering now will pale in comparison.

You are in for such a treat, my dear, dear human. You will not be disappointed.

Remember what it is you are doing. You are throwing off the chains of thousands of years of oppression. It takes Masters to pull this off, and with each step and setback ~ your actions reinforce the truth: that these Masters are You.

That is all.

Thank you.

*The meaning here is a turnover of the powers that be; those in obvious control and running the systems governing the planet.

**Balloon is a reference to a new form of money.