You are entering the time of the genie: “Your wish is my command.”

Sophia ~ Creation: How it Works Right Now

It is the One. There remain things unsaid that need to be said.

Thank you. What are these things?

There are topics to be reconciled with your view of how life appears to you. It looks the way it does because of your pre-set expectations as well as your pre-determined plans. You have set up life for yourself in order to facilitate the completion of your life’s mission. This you will do at every turn.

You will work with what is presented before you, or what shows up in front you, every time. This is how it works. This is the mechanism of creation in full throttle.

You are a creation machine. There is never a moment where your creation motor is turned off. With every thought and each reaction, you are creating. It is a function of this life.

Creation doesn’t happen to you. It erupts as a conclusion of your every movement. You choose a movement, a direction, a word, a response, a thought, an action – and the resultant response is creative. It becomes a by-product and moves on to fuel further creative endeavors.

I speak now of this so that you may begin to fathom the complex intricacies that design each creative act. It is all constantly and persistently being altered by eight billion souls.

The One is all of it.

The single voice that erupts from mankind has eight billion components. All of those components made manifest because of free will.

Free will is a constant.

Do you begin now to see the vast nature of the human response? To predict such a thing is only possible in the broadest of terms.

Timing is the stumbling block for you to see beyond, in order to retain faith.

What can be felt, sensed and even seen is the build-up of energy leading to some inevitable conclusion.

The birth of a baby is a good example. There are no guarantees as to the exact moment, yet what is a sure thing is that there will be a birth.

While most of your creative actions are not quite so visible, in regards to cause and effect, as childbirth – they operate in a similar fashion.

It is for this reason to introduce responsible creation.
It becomes as vital to your life as birth control.

The energy now for manifestation is off the charts in its power.

You are resting in a world ripe with creative potential.

Pay attention.

When you notice events and results happening around you, think back to your thoughts and actions leading up to them.

Primarily your words.

Remember – First there was the word.

It is the start of physical creation.

Reconsider the necessity of re-hashing negative outcomes, results, conditions or responses from the Universe. What is repeated with words will repeat.

What is repeated with words will repeat.

You are entering the time of the genie: “Your wish is my command.”

Pay attention.

This is the start of life on your new earth. It is the beginning of visual evidence for the power you’ve held all along.

Only now, the very atmosphere supports your intentions rather than thwarts them with its own.

You’ve taken the levers of control into your own hands.

Realize their power and remain aware of their presence always.
You will create magic.

You are in for such a treat.

That is all.

Thank you.