You can change what your Akashic energy gives to you in these new times! That’s “changing the past.”

There are some who have said, “I don’t want to wait a generation for some of these evolved ideas to start working in my consciousness. I don’t want to wait until I’m reborn, perhaps in another body, to start gleaning the wisdom from the past. I don’t want to wait!”

So if you’re one of those here now, you’re way ahead of the curve. You don’t have to wait.

You really don’t have to wait at all. You’ve got to cognize (believe) that you can do this now.

“Can you do this?” Question: “Is it possible for a Human Being to rewrite the energy they remember from a thousand lives? Does humanity have that power?” The answer is yes, oh yes. More now than ever before.

Oh, Dear Ones, in ancient times you have sat at the feet of the gurus who could do this and more. They had control over that which is both esoteric and physical.

Now, each one of you is learning that mastery and changing the Akash is part of that. Do you believe that you could take that which is lurking in your Akash, which is poking and prodding you in so many different ways because an old energy has allowed it to, and change that?

It includes the energy of the ways that you died, the children that you’ve lost, the wars that you’ve died in, the others you have killed, and the ones that killed you. You have been in all of those circumstances that were this dramatic and more. There were lives so horrible that you never ever experienced joy.

“What about the good things, Kryon?”

Well, they’re in there, too, Dear One! There was celebration, joy, beauty and love.

THIS is the subject of this message.

You can change what your Akashic energy gives to you in these new times! That’s “changing the past.”

And so it is,

~ Kryon of Magnetic Service

Excerpt channeled by Lee Carroll during a Live Kryon Channelling in Phoenix, Arizona on March 4, 2018