New Earth Vision (Part 2)

This is the 2nd part of where i hold my vision for New Earth as far as my mind and Higher Self can conceive, i know there is so much more to this picture that i am only describing a tiniest fraction of what is to come and each one of in the process of ascending have their codes and plans to be remembered and come forward to co-create with the rest of us.
I see great ease in our travels on the planet or in the planet or in our solar system and galaxy.I feel harmony and balance very present.I feel clarity very present and the sense of responsibility for each and everyone.Telepathic communication is much more developed.Even as i write this i know that our computers are becoming crystallin as well and so the communication with our own created matrix has already begun.I am sure you notice at times that your mac or iPhone may block, thinking that it has a problem when in fact it is all about releasing resistance.Everything around us reflects how we feel within.And so our senses of responsibility has reached new heights we now know collectively how to create without resistance, allowing the divine energies flow through our beings.This is catapulting humanity towards new heights that it is impossible to imagine right now.Yet ,i can feel the enormity of this along with so many gifts coming to the forefront like moving objects with our minds, walking on water or teleporting and shapeshifting for example, less or no need to eat foods as our main source in light, foods are there for the fun of tasting and for the sharing for the ritual of being together.I see a great transformation of our Gaia as we now can perceive with higher awareness what an amazing planet and Archangel she really is.I see Light cities hovering above many big and smaller cities, we can visit them with special vehicles that brings us there.This is where we are being educated for the next phase of our Ascension process after we are successfully done with the restoration process on the planet where each and everyone live in harmonious community one with another with reverence for all life.We are using new technologies where 3D life is far easier than it is now.In fact all technologies are available to all freely from the moment they do no harm.We have learned our lessons and we have turned the page and now we are a young galactic specie joining the rest of our families our there.Some may choose to stay on the planet, some may choose to go to other ones.We are interacting freely with our galactic famlies ,we have a lot to share about our experiences and we have a lot to learn too.

Please feel free to share with us your vision,send me email and i will be happy to repost.(

And to this i am adding here a part from a beautiful post from Golden Age of Gaia by Steve Beckow.

1. The Recovery Phase = Building Nova Earth

There has never been a more opportune time for laying the foundation, infrastructure, and superstructure for Nova Earth than right now.

With countless millions of employees laid off and probably hundreds of thousands of businesses in danger of going under, we need an immediate rescue plan (for me, that would be the Six Point Plan) (3) and we need a long-term plan for planetary recovery that carries on after.

2. We need hard data

We need to know what the true situation of people is around the world and we need ways of keeping track of changes to them – through media uncontaminated by the cabal. We need to be able to transfer, store and display documents and films online safely and securely. And money.

We need search engines and the full range of social media that allow for free speech, short of hate and criminal speech.

3. We need to form citizen commissions similar to the International Tribunal for Natural Justice.

These citizen commissions or tribunals would begin a public process of truth and reconciliation in their field and award compensation if warranted.

When the parties have been reconciled, then the opportunity arises to discuss building new structures and processes for Nova Earth.

We’ll probably need a new system of governance, a new legal system, a new educational system, medicine, finance, on and on it goes.

The World Parliament of Religions is an example of an existing structure that might be interested in discussing building a new world in their area: the area of religion.

I’d suggest a baseline commitment be gotten from everyone concerned that all systems arrived at be built on love, from love, and through love. Nothing else will last.

4. We need to arrive at a citizen plan for building a new world

Then we need people to draw the suggestions of all commissions together and begin devising a plan for world recovery and reconstitution.

In the meantime, I’m not waiting for all of this to happen. I’m enrolled in building Nova Earth now and thus am beginning the discussion.

And The Six Point Plan :
One, universal basic income covering all normal living expenses for every person living in that country, lesser for young children (under twelve). Everyone has their basic expenses in life covered and can choose to work on top of that.

Two, universal medicare. Public health of excellent standards available to all people living in that country, without distinction. Free medicare, pharmacare, and dental care.

Three, universal accessibility to all levels of gender-equal education for all people living in that country.

Fourth, universal elder care, child care, and single-mother care.

Fifth, the elimination of personal debt.

Sixth, the elimination of the national debt. (“The Big Change – Part 1,” May 8, 2020, at