Message from Saint Germain
by Ngari

Message from Saint Germain
by Ngari

Everything is going well!

My beloved. I know that yesterday you felt disappointed by Trump’s speech. In fact, he has not lived up to the lofty expectations of all of you who are awake.

Trump was expected to give them – in code or openly – an overview of what is actually happening.

It was hoped that he could calm the anxiety for the redemption that in your the vision and feeling is taking a long time.

But backwards, Trump has made a political speech. He did not mention the events. He didn’t utter any words to encourage them.

Well, I tell you that all this has been another theater. A war tactic. “Whenever you feel strong, appear fragile.”

Surely, Mr. Trump has had his reasons for acting like this. And it is not up to me to reveal them now.

We are living through a very delicate moment in that war, which in reality has already ended. There are only a few stumbling blocks that must be eliminated.

I recommend that you firmly follow the path outlined. Victory awaits you just around the corner. That I can assure you. We never leave you alone.

I am your older brother Saint Germain, responding to a request from our beloved Ngari.

Thank you Saint Germain.

My pleasure!