This is the start of your new life on earth.-Saint Germain via Ngari-

Dear brothers and friends: St. Germain speaks to you…

The long wait is over. Everything is running smoothly and according to plan. The spread of wealth on planet earth begins today.

With My Great pleasure..!!

I would like to inform you that NESARA and GESARA were created for the highest benefit of mankind.

I can confirm that today the world is entering a golden age of love, abundance for all and great peace, which so far has been the privilege of a few.

We had to wait 20 years to see full NESARA/GESARA law enforcement. It was a dry and changeable road, but with the priceless help of Lightworkers, we made it!

There are still people who continue to fight the obvious victory of light, but they realize that the battle is over, and the war ends with the undeniable victory of light.

No insurance stir-fry date, January 15, 2023est. This is the start of your new life on earth.

Said the conch, we have entered the age of light with all its involved. Soon the whole world will know the truth they worked hard to cover them up.

From now on earth will be a full galaxy society, the beginning of heaven on earth.

Your world will be remade in a totally different way, with a more just society, with the distribution of wealth that is no longer in the hands of the minority.


the champagne can be opened..!!!!!!!!!

May happiness prevail everywhere..!!

Wanna see everybody party when my heart says so

“Still got bills I don’t know how to pay.”

Replace the word “empty” IMMEDIATELY!!! 🌹

From your friend and brother

-Saint GermainSherkman-

channeled by María Cecilia Ngari

The record:

Our beloved Mary… Been getting messages from Ascended Masters and Ashtar Command for almost 50 years…

She was the first group to bring this truth to us all….

So world reference in this episode

🔥 Lights have won 🔥. Thanks Fabio Trippitelli for the info