Urgent Message from Saint Germain By Ngari.

Urgent Message from Saint Germain
By Ngari
The darkness surrenders.
Victory of light!!!
beloved brothers. It is with great joy that I come to inform you that the Cabal has just surrendered.
The Russians, under the leadership of Putin, who also works for the Earth Alliance, have just cleaned out the last dumbs in Ukraine.
All the evil, greed, trafficking in people and children, and the horrible experiments that were done there, will be no more. They have been destroyed forever and ever.
The Russians ended all the terror that was in Ukraine, in the 30 underground laboratories, financed directly by the Biden family.
Zelensky’s surrender only made official the truth that the press does not disclose, that is, that Russia is the big winner. Because all the lies propagated by the media now fall under their own weight.
The Ukrainians hired mercenaries and bloodthirsty to do the dirty work and blame Russia for it. Because the casualties of his army were much greater than what was disclosed.
For example, attacking a children’s hospital and accusing the Russians.
Iraq is right now announcing its new government and the new Dinar rate.
In the United States, Trump gives the green signal for the revaluation of currencies, which is accompanied by NESARA, new Republic and currency backed by gold and real wealth.
With the official announcement of NESARA/Gesara, all 209 sovereign nations that signed that law are forced to resign from their respective governments – as has already happened in Japan, the United Kingdom, etc.
They will have 120 days to hold new elections, where only those who have an impeccable reputation, good heart and a great sense of service to others will be allowed to participate.
Germany is pioneering the cancellation of bank debts.
The SA Dank Bank is writing off the debts of 900,000 customers. That is part of NESARA/Gesara.
Taking into account those dominoes that fall one after another, and seeing themselves lost, the dark ones have no other way than to surrender.
Right now, as we speak, they are negotiating that surrender, and the peace it brings will soon spread across the planet.
The arrests in all the countries that signed Gesara also open the way to the RV.
Then the NESARA / GESARA postulates are reached for the beginning of the Golden Age of love and abundance for all Gaians, with Gaia and her inhabitants in 5D.
Very soon we will have the disclosure of the EBS (Emergency Transmission) and everyone will know the truth about the origin of the Earth, about the slavery of its inhabitants, about everything that happened with their children, with human trafficking, evil, corruption, genocidal governments, pedophilia, and a long etcetera.
And after those ten days of disclosure, nothing will be like before. All the horrors experienced so far will only remain in the memory of a few.
We ask lightworkers to stand firm in the light and in love. And be ready to celebrate the incontestable victory of the light, which is already!
I am your brother and friend Saint Germain, and I will never leave you alone.

Thank you!!! beloved Maria Cecilia Ngari
for your channels of our beloved Saint Germain..
We love you!!