Notifications coming out (RV/GCR)

Message from Saint Germain

Channeled by: Maria Cecilia Ngari

Notifications Coming out

Dear brothers.

After an intense battle with the governments of several countries, we have finally managed to definitively release the notifications, and follow up on the redemption.

The dark hats will fight to the limit of their strength not to allow the trades to take place.

And when everything is ready to complete the process, they want to keep in their hands the money that does not belong to them.

To free up the RV, the white hats had to give a little, and allow governments to charge 5% on operations. They will all charge the same.

That money will be returned to its rightful owners as soon as the NESARA/Gesara law is officially announced, which will happen very soon.

Even because then, all the current governments will have to resign and within 120 days hold new elections.

The way of governing will be changed and the structure of the government will be reduced by at least 90%.

I assure you that it is the end of the Cabal, of the Illuminati, of the dark government and of the DS.

Get ready for great surprises and emotions. The victory of light is incontestable.

I am your brother and friend Saint Germain, speaking through Maria Cecilia Ngari.