Hold on and Do Not Comply | St. Germain via James McConnell

by James McConnell


I am your Saint Germain. I come at this time to bring the message that I intended for the last time you were together, where This One was not strong enough, though, to allow for the message to come forward.(following a 2 week bout with the flu/covid – never got tested)

But the message this day, my friends, is hold on.

Hold on to your mission. Hold on to who you are. Hold on to everything that you know dear to your heart. Not to the old illusion, not to the old programming, but to the new programming. The new paradigm that you are forming within yourselves.

And as you form this new paradigm within yourselves, you are forming it with the collective consciousness of the planet as well, both people, plants and animals, and the mineral substances here on the planet. All of it is coming together as one, as you create it. And you are the creator, each and every one are the creator. Not only of your own lives, but you are the creator of the collective lives of this planet as you are moving the timelines forward, moving the timeline into a higher vibrational timeline.

That is what this is all about. These times now, as you focus on those things that are going awry across the planet, know that even as they seemingly are doing so, know that the vibrations are increasing because of what is happening across the planet. Because people are saying, “Enough!” Because people are rising together and saying, “No more! And certainly we will not go gently into the night. We will not give up without a fight!” You are all fighting now, fighting as the Light Warriors that you are. Where you are saying “No, I will not comply!” And all of you must not comply with any of the old programming that is being shown, the fear programming.

Do not let yourself become afraid of anything, whether it is the virus, whether it is some type of illness. Whatever it is, you will move through it. And whatever does not kill you, will make you stronger. And you know this.

That is a saying that you know of. But fear, fear holds you to the old illusion. Do not let fear do that. Rise above the fear. Rise above the old vibrational programming. And know that you are creating now, right now in this moment, you are creating the new timeline. the timeline that is going to move you all through ascension. And you must continue to remember that. Do not become ensconced in the old vibrational programming, in the old fear in all that ‘they,’ being the cabal, those forces of darkness that are continuing to try to hold onto control of the planet.

Know that they cannot do that. They are being defeated in every way now, in every direction. Even though you do not fully see it, know that it is happening. Many are being removed from the planet in various ways, so that they can no longer control or attempt to maintain control.

And even they know they have lost the control, that they are cornered animals now, and they continue to fight, continue to bring up out of the shadows the truth. Even though that is not what they intend to do, they cannot help but bring the truths forward. And the truth, as you know, shall set you free. And the truth, my brothers and sisters, is coming, and is even here now in many respects.

So allow it to come forth. Allow the truth to be known. Allow the shadows to be revealed by the light, because the light shall illuminate all across the planet.

I am your Saint Germain, and I leave you with this: continue to fight! Do not give in to any of the control structure, to any of the old programming. Because it cannot hold you down any longer, unless you let it hold you down.

All of my peace and love be with all of you. And allow, and continue to allow, the Violet Flame to continue to work its magic across the planet and within your own individual lives.