Feeling good is service to all others.

To choose to feel good every now is to choose to feel God every now. When one feels good one is connected to God and one is already in service to all others. As from this space, one is allowing all Divine qualities to flow through infinitely. And the essence of all divine qualities is Love & Light .

So when one shoots for the stars with the intention to feel more than fine, one can be cure that he/she can reach at least for the roof and feel good.

woman using umbrella with lights
Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

And as we progress into our Ascending bodies journey through the path of least resistance, there is more knowledge being accumulated, not because someone wrote or channeled it (even though we can always choose to read/listen to an abundance of channeled messages today) but because one is having a sense of knowingness from within, a true authentic feeling of knowigness, of alignement with Source, of feeling the gratitude of Source flowing through and that is what matters more than anything else.

And the willigness to be of service through aligning with the ever increasing incoming of energies of Ascension coming from Source in gratitude prayer and meditation brings more and more this now more and more familiar feeling of authentic unconditional Love, Joy, Peace, Abundance, Prosperity, Freedom, Forgiveness, Compassion to be felt every step along the way, wherever one chooses to go, whatever they do with whoever they are. One could say it is magic. And yes it is Alchemical Magic when one knows that this is happening is collaboration with all Light beings across the multiverse, calling upon the ones that one feels the urge to connect with through one’s desire. And at the same time, what we call magic is simple quantum physics applied in the now according to where one chooses to place their focus.

If i look around me and speak to others about all the dark spots feeling angry about those guess what happens? it magnifies. And if i choose to focus on beauty and speak of those guess what happens? it magnifies. The Universe is not our physical mother to give everything we ask for verbally. The Universe responds to our vibration. So if we speak in terms of serving the highest good for all, we speak in terms of being able to see in our minds eye and feel into our guts the highest good in all situations, no matter how this plays out through our physical senses.

“Circumstances do not matter, one our state of beingness matters” – Bashar

So to resume, when we take the time for the self to feel good which translates to being selfish no matter what, we are basically taking the time to be the open door for Source to flow through in all circumstances and hence we are in service to all others. And if inspired action emanates from this space then one can act and do. Only from that space of feeling good one is in real service to all others. And that’s the true meaning of being of service to others.

Feel More Than Fine

Nikos Akrivos

Ascending Life Coach, Lightworker DJ.