Chatting with friend about Antarctica.

Chatting with a friend about the mystery of #Antarctica. Here is a piece of the puzzle that i know is true : Antarctica is one of the doors to Hollow Earth where Agartha city and other cities exist and where beings like Adama or Mikos or Manna communicate with us through telepathy..they can live in physical bodies over 1000 years…that’s why i say we can live 1000’s years…that’s one of the main truths…not that dark just the portal has been closed by those beings because the nazis wanted to go inside and invade it…so they created an energy barrier…a little bit like black panther movie which btw is also true…replace all science fiction movies with science reality movies and you good to go…besides more and more find out now that our imagination is the creator…so if someone imagined it , it is true for them…coming back to Antarctica i know these things because i have been studying ways to travel in hollow earth for quite some time and i discovered why it was not possible to go there through many studies i did…if you go on my website and search hollow earth subject you will find a bunch of subjects on that…over 12 years of my personal research 🙂