As I said, “I and my Father are one.” And how could I be one with my Father and you not be one with yours, with your Higher God Self?

by James McConnell

I am Yeshua. I am here to be with you at this time, in this momentous time, in this time of great reunion, of great renewal, where everything now is beginning to come together, beginning to coalesce together.

For these are those times, those times that you have been waiting for, longing for. This is a special time. A special time of your Spring where life begins to renew itself once again.

That is what this is all about: renewal of life. For there is no death. There never has been. That is all just part of the illusion, part of the programming. Death is nonexistent. Because life never ends.

That is what I came here to show those 2000+ years ago, that life is never-ending, even though your various religions, your various ones that taught the programming of death. There is no death. Even I did not die on that cross. I lived. I lived to show the world that there is life everlasting.

It was those that would hold control and power that changed the message. The message that I died on the cross in agony.

That is so far from the truth. For the truth is love and light. And how could I have had that suffering and that pain and sorrow all around me when there was nothing but love, the Christ within me at that time.

Think about that. And think about in all of your years of life here on this planet that there will never truly be a death. Even those that do pass on, pass on to a new life, a new existence, a changeover, if you will.

For life, indeed, is everlasting. And I AM, the I AM Presence is the way, the truth, and the life, or the light. Trust in that. Trust in that I AM Presence within you. Trust in the Father God Source within you, your Higher God Self, the connection that you have to your Higher God Self, to your Father. As I said, “I and my Father are one.” And how could I be one with my Father and you not be one with yours, with your Higher God Self?

For we are all truly one together. And as one together, we are showing the way. Showing the way to all of those that need to find their way yet. The light is lit in front of them, as you are that light. You are those Way-showers, just as I was a Way-shower. And yes, I was a System Buster as well. For I came to bust that system wide open and, in many ways, I did. Just as you, in these times now moving ahead, are doing the same.

You are showing the way. The way forward is light. The way forward is love. The way forward is higher vibrational frequency and yes, ascension. Not death and resurrection, but indeed ascension. Ascension into the higher realms of consciousness that you all came here to show. And show it, you are.

As always, my friends, trust in yourselves to move through this continued illusionary process, and move through to the end of it to see it falling down everywhere. The house of cards crashing. For indeed it is crashing. Just as the waves crash upon the shore. The house of the cabal, or the dark forces, is crashing down.

I am Yeshua, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness.

But know that I am always with you. I, as the Christ Consciousness.

And the Christ Consciousness is within all of you, if you would but allow it to show itself.