You and your planet are being offered energy that will move through all limitations of your life and this planet.

Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ Times of Great Change

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We are here to support you as once again you are being offered the opportunity for transformation and expansion. You and your planet are being offered energy that will move through all limitations of your life and this planet. These are extremely strong vibrations and energies to assist and support you moving to a higher dimension and a new reality.

One of the most important masteries and skills you bring to this moment in time is your awareness while embodied is to be fully conscious you are in each NOW. It does not matter what you are doing or with whom you are doing it, the key is to be in the moment, fully filled with your joy gratitude and appreciation. It is not what you do but how you do each moment. There is a place within that everyone longs to discover. It is that place of the gentle flow of events and activities especially when your planet is being gifted with the energy of transformation.

When human beings experience struggle and stress this only adds to the disharmony of the activity and the seeming chaos. Once the energy and dynamics of struggle and stress are engaged it takes conscious skill to change and transform the pattern. Frequently it is the pattern of stress and struggle that they bring to all activities.

It is a pattern that is strong in mass consciousness, the belief that everything is a struggle, a challenge, a strain. This is an illusion. This is a learned pattern. Now is the time to release this for yourself.

There is a mental state of mind and an emotional state of being in which we invite you to maintain. When you bring your awareness into the present moment of NOW and you are holding an energetic stance of high vibration no matter what you are doing, no matter who you are doing it with, there will be a flow, a grace and an ease, even when things feel intense.

The illusions of struggle, stress and strain are low frequencies, and these states of mind vibrate/radiate in the third dimension. They are a part of the matrix of lock-down. You now have the opportunity to break out of this lock-down and move to a higher dimension of consciousness.

Many humans are becoming aware that they are multidimensional beings playing in a hologame here on planet earth. This hologame board offers the illusion of limitations. The illusion of limitation is strong, it is well maintained, it is encouraged and it is reinforced by the media, the leaders and the old third dimensional paradigms.

The programs of limitation are given to each human being upon arrival by their parents and by society. Many humans never question or discover that they are truly powerful creators. They exist and live their lives with a poverty of consciousness.

There is an evolution, a transmutation that is happening in the hearts and minds of scores of humans upon earth at this time. This evolution of consciousness expands into the truth of the unlimited self, the awareness and aspect of each human becoming aware of their lives in multi realities.

The awareness of staying in a high vibration of joy, gratitude and appreciation allows you to stay in the fifth dimension where synchronicities, miracles and divine connections allow for a graceful flow of events and activities to take place. It offers a shift in your belief about time.

We share with you the example of a rapid moving strong current river. If you struggle against the movement you will drown. Yet if you surrender, your body is buoyant enough to float and will therefore move with the strong current. Again, if you cling to the shore, unable to surrender and unable to climb out or even swim, you will tire and drown.

During these times of great change on your planet, there is a rapid moving strong current river of energy. This dynamic and powerful energy current that is washing over your planet is moving through all aspects of life, it is bathing every cell and atom of the body with a frequency of transformation and evolution. When you as a being surrender to this rapid flowing current you move with it, you become a part of it, like a small twig that floats upon the surface.

Yet if you cling to the shores of old patterns, old familiar behaviors you will be battered, you will tire and you will drown or if you fight the energy current or doubt it’s power you will be overwhelmed.

The best and most conscious manner to deal with this incredible energy that is being gifted to humanity at this time is to bravely trust the flow and allow yourself to embrace the movements and changes that are taking place. Surrender into trust, drop into a place within your being that offers you the flexibility of all that is transpiring.

You as a change agent, a being of light and others like yourself are most effective when you surrender into the flow. It is your flexibility, trust and guidance that allows the energy current to carry you safely.

At this time there are many millions of beings like yourself who are aware of the bigger picture that is unfolding, awakening and understanding the divine manifestation. As a guardian of light you are most powerful and effective when you maintain a high frequency vibration of joy, gratitude and appreciation. These emotions allow you to float on the energy current that is coming with more intensity each day; dense emotions like fear, anger, frustration and sadness are like weights upon your feet, they will pull you down and you drown.

Again we say to you practice maintaining high frequency vibrations and emotions. You are most effective as a change agent. You are more fully connected with divine source and therefore guided to the places and people that are ready and willing to shift. You will offer a vibration which will trigger awareness in another, a vibration which will anchor a new expanded consciousness. You will offer a life raft to those who are willing to trust their divine nature and surrender to who they are, magnificent beings of divine light.

We are available to support you as you integrate these powerful energies and allow yourself to move with ease and grace into your new reality and new hologram. the ‘team’

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