star seeds and light workers are up-leveling massively. You are stepping into new lives. Big changes will occur for many of you over the next 3 – 6 months in terms of work, home, family, relationships.

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Ashian: Greetings to all who resonate with these words.

Jennifer: Indeed…

A: We sense you are unimpressed…!

J: You could say that. I don’t want to … oh sod it! What the heck is going on with the energies? I thought it would get easier after the inner death, as you so eloquently termed it.

It’s not. It’s harder. It’s as though our soul essence is being squeezed in a long, protracted inner death. Of course, that’s not everyone. I speak only for the people who are struggling as I am.

A: Blessings to you dear ones. Take a moment to breathe. You are not alone, nor are you lost, nor did you turn a wrong corner or make a mistake.

This is indeed an ‘Inner Squeeze’. Those of you who experienced the inner death last week are now going through your metamorphosis period. As many of you will be aware, your DNA is linked to your Akashic records: every lifetime is encoded in your DNA, so that you will feel ‘pulled’ towards living out your karmic and dharmic paths in each lifetime. It is your DNA that guides you and creates the mental, emotional and physical templates that structure your lives.

Those of you who died to the karmic wheel you embarked upon, as star seeds and light workers, are now experiencing the effect and affect of your DNA being purged of all old information. Your karma has come to resolution, so balance has been experienced and the ‘ledger’, so to speak, is zeroed out. You can no longer continue with the old templates and structures in place, as they do not reflect the truth of you.

You are being updated on every level.

That is not simply a spiritual process. It is mental, emotional and physical. You are experiencing this, are you not?

J: Actually, yes. I’m having a lot of changes on all levels right now. So you might be right.

A: We might be!

J: Funny man!

A: We try! Humour matters. It creates ease where there is awkwardness and discomfort. Do not underestimate the power of laughter in any form.

To return to our – possibly right! – point, star seeds and light workers are up-leveling massively. You are stepping into new lives. Big changes will occur for many of you over the next 3 – 6 months in terms of work, home, family, relationships.

You cannot up-level and expect everything to stay the same. Some elements will remain in your lives, other aspects of your lives must be left behind, because they are not in complete alignment with your truth, your essence, your mission, your vibration.

Indeed, you already know much of what does not align with you. You have heard and felt the nudging of Spirit, the daydreams and ideas, the ‘what-ifs’… those are your signs.

Where you are free and open to follow these nudges, you will experience flow. Where you are not, where you resist, the energy will eject you from the aspect/s of your life that are no longer aligned with your resonance.

J: Great. I mean, I’m all for seeing life as a great adventure rather than a steady decline into old age and death (oops, that’s a bit bleak, sorry). However, we aren’t islands. We have families, responsibilities … many of us can’t just up and go, in whatever aspect of life. What say you in your infinite wisdom?

A: You are feisty today!

J: I may be! I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m not the only one here negotiating difficult changes, with people who have no desire to change.

A: That may well be your finest indication of a required change. There is no getting through the next year without massive change.

Those who resist will have a much harder time on all levels. Those of you who are eager for the flow are the way showers; you are modeling the movement of change. Every community, every family has way showers, people who have always trodden the path less traveled; that will never be more pronounced than in the coming year.

What we would suggest to enhance your comfort is to take time to really tune into the silence within, and allow Truth to bubble up. Notice what dreams come, images… words … song lines … poems … colours … feelings … emerge from within.

Then take time to sit with these insights, this collage from your Higher Self. Allow yourself to feel deeper into the essence of each morsel of inner truth. Ask for synchronicity, for signs and symbols to reassure you of the truth you already know in your heart. You know your path.

Then ask for assistance in implementing these changes: speak with those you trust first. Those in fear will counsel the status quo, but that is not your path. Your path dissolves the status quo.

Trust that you are guided and protected in all ways.

J: I shall try.

A: Ascending to crystalline bodies, from 3D to 5D, is not easy. It was never advertised as being easy. But if you are here now, then you’ve got this. Trust the labour pains of your Aquarian birthing.  It will not last too much longer.

J: Thank you. I shall keep you posted!

A: We look forward to it. We are here in service to you all.

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