Loving it all.

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Photo by Natasha Fernandez on Pexels.com

More often than not when i engage into spirituals conversations with friends, i observe a tendency to blame the ego, their so called dark side and somehow to judge it. I came into the inner-standing that we are better far off when we love our ego and treat it as a teacher rather than blaming it because simply the feeling of blaming creates a feeling of guilt and so on and so on. As long we live in our human bodies, the ego will always have its say and we can simply thank it for expressing and tell it that we hear it and that only our Higher Self is in control here and that this will always be the case from now on. And then simply listen our Inner Being/ Higher Self what is the best next thing/action to do and the next and the next…Abraham Hicks calls this ‘segment intention’ and with practice moment by moment we will notice an avalanche of magic every step along the way. Loving it all, Being grateful for it all and following the path of least resistance equals to feeling good equals to being of service to All Life.

Nikos Akrivod