Stellar (New Album 432hz) – Nikos Akrivos Be The first to listen here.

High vibes everyone,

i have been busy in the studio creating some tunes to uplift everyone through dynamic meditation, here is a preview of the first 3 tracks.

Lightworker is a track i created offering a dynamic meditation combined with the rhythm of your breath in a slow bpm. Follow the rhythm of the beats and my voice to expand your Light in through and around you. INjoy.

As we welcome New Earth let us gather again physically , celebrate and share our love for one another and all life in clarity and authenticity!
Keep on dancing!

Now i invite you to rap along this mantra 🙂

press play and keep on moving to the beats 🙂

We are rising rising and we keep on dancing.
No time for Drama, instead sing along this mantra:
I Am peace, I Am Love, I Am Light
on a multidimensional flight
I Am Joy, Freedom and Prosperity
I Am God Being Creator for eternity

Surrencer. Trust . Allow and Receive
What your deepest desires

The Golden Age is here
living young
in a physical body
for a 1000 year
If you like it and want to be so,
your higher self, knows so.

Lyrics : Nikos Akrivos