Benjamin Fulford “QFS NESARA GESARA is Manifested”

White Hat Leadership Alliance includes
Trump/USA, Modi/India, Putin/Russia, Xi/China
bin Salman/Saudi Arabia, Orban/Hungary 
+ BRICS countries; current members & joining

The 209 countries that signed onto GESARA
must be Gold or asset-backed.
Zimbabwe is backing their currency with Diamonds

Benjamin Fulford 2-26-23
QFS Nesara Gesara is manifested. 
The Global/Galactic Alliance are still working 
on removing the vise-grip on humanity 
from the DS cabal 
currently removing the satanic spell 
on the global mass. 
The Great Awakening journey 
will be more intense & get more turbulent. 
Earth & humanity are under construction 
while business is still open. 
The DS are in full panic mode, 
desperate & wounded & lunging wild attacks. 
… Much more ugly truths shall be revealed 
to the public.

Kat Anonup

You decided to go for the gold.

gold glitter lot
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Dear Ones,

You cannot envision your future, and your present is not exactly what you hoped for. This causes you to worry that what you have now is all there is – anger, fear, and angst. And those closest to you do not seem that close anymore. You feel isolated and alone – and, most of all, exhausted. Fears that many of you are experiencing quietly.

Your life is not joyful or fun. It is just the same-old with the added fear that this is all there is.

You might feel something happening within you, but that something does not seem to produce joy, new thoughts, or actions. You are bored and frightened. All you sacrificed for months or years does not seem as if it is producing anything we of the Universes prophesized.

Some of you moving about more – with fewer connections feeling as if they are part of your heart. Others of you continue your isolation with a bit of jealousy of those who dare to interact.

Your 3D friends and relatives no longer feel right. And those you became attached to since initiating your transition feel unreachable. It is a lonely time.

This phase will be short-lived, as is true in the gray beginnings of spring – until tree buds open to brilliant greens and the flowers are once again dancing.

We of the Universes want you to know that your spring is on time. This in-between phase will be short-lived. But just as you cannot imagine that green grass, colorful flowers, and tree leaves will appear within days, it is impossible to imagine how your life will become vibrant within days.

Allow this phase to give you the inner strength you require for your new life. Even though your new life will be vibrant, just as spring is for the earth, there are pieces you need to review and discard.

You en masse no longer wish to maintain some pieces you initially thought would be acceptable for you to achieve joy in your new world. You decided to live in this new world with a clean slate – as has everyone transitioning beyond 3D.

So you are clearing more than you thought possible before entering the earth in this lifetime. You decided a life of just enough is not enough, given the ongoing expertise provided by multiple Universal elements and your completion of the seemingly impossible goal of helping shift the earth and yourself in one lifetime.

You decided to go for the gold.

So it is you are sloughing off more than you thought possible in one lifetime, including that which was so deeply hidden you did not know it was within you – consciously or subconsciously.

Of course, that last thought appears impossible. Even though a complete clearing was not necessary to create your new life, your life will sparkle more because of it.

As has been true throughout your transition, you continue to surprise yourself and others with your stamina, dedication, and ability to accept the new.

This new you is a dynamic, inner-power-driven being who will stun the Universes once you shift from this somewhat cloudy end of winter to your sparkling spring.

In the meantime, those who do not wish to be in your new radiance will slip away.

You are becoming you in all your glory – more quickly than you imagine, but not as rapidly as first predicted because you are clearing beyond what you or we of the Universes expected to be possible in one lifetime. A clearing that is fogging your brain and your physical being as lifetime after lifetime of fear and pain is tossed aside.

You are far more powerful and glorious than you realize – especially during this early gray spring. Allow yourself to shed what you wish without fear or angst, for you declared your new goal achievable here and now. And so it is. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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Arcturian Group Message 2/26/23

FEBRUARY 26, 2023

Welcome, dear Readers.

The intense high frequency energy that continues flowing to earth is affecting everyone because it is disrupting, changing, and even eliminating many of the well established world concepts originally created from false beliefs and which have long been considered as right and unchangeable. You will witness many of these ideas, rules, laws, religious beliefs, and traditions dissolving into the nothingness that they really are, which will allow higher forms of these same things to manifest.

Lifetime after lifetime mankind has unknowingly lived in and accepted the world they see through a lens of false belief, duality, and separation; comfortable in the belief that what they see is reality. It is extremely frightening for those who have built their sense of security, strength, religious beliefs, hopes and dreams, and traditions from this illusory world when the dark glasses they have been wearing come off.

Information and intense energies are coming that will disturb and bring resistance to those continuing to depend on obsolete foundational beliefs for their security and happiness. When information does not align with someone’s belief system their fear of change or of being wrong often brings about conflict and angry discussion among friends, family, groups, co-workers, etc. If you find yourself in one of these situations simply and lovingly allow unless you are sincerely and honestly asked for your input.

The world has been ruled by illusion for too long. It is time. Divine consciousness did not create the world that most believe to be the real world. How could an omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent Reality create something separate from ITself? What could it be made from if IT is all that exists? Do I really believe in one omnipresent God?

Human beings who in reality are creative Divine Beings are hypnotized by and thus live lives that reflect separation and two powers. Over eons of time world consciousness has became one in which generation after generation continues to believe in and promote the idea that pain, suffering, lack, war, disease, limitation, death, and separation between God, people, and all life forms is God’s creation.

The light of every evolved state of consciousness presently on earth is automatically serving to dissolve lower resonating energy. Because your consciousness goes with you wherever you go, your Light automatically and without conscious thought or effort affects your work, play, gatherings of family and friends as well as everything you focus attention on–the world, news, etc.

Dark, low resonating energy cannot enter into, align with, or affect high resonating Light energy which is why you need not concern yourself with or fear the demons and evil that some individuals and groups tell you to fear and protect yourself against.

Yes, there are negative entities busy with attempts to cause havoc and negativity in the minds of those who are receptive and they can align with because having blocked themselves from their own energy source they need to create and draw energy from others. You need not fear these types of things for even though you may feel the presence of dark energy at times and in certain circumstances, know that low resonating dark energy cannot align with Light energy. In fact Light being the reality, simply dissolves the dark or causes it to bounce back on the sender because it has nothing to maintain or sustain it but belief and fear.

The misuse of psychic energy became popular long ago when some realized that these abilities provided them with an easy way to gain control, financial gain, and power over others. The fear it brought to others because of the general ignorance and superstitions of the times (Middle ages) gave birth to the belief that psychic gifts, healing abilities, etc. were evil and of the devil and eventually led to witch burning and the tormenting of anyone with talents not understood by the majority.

In the middle ages beliefs and fear of a devil was integrated into church teachings allowing many of Christianity’s pure teachings to became polluted when unscrupulous and self serving “leaders” noticed that they could easily control the masses with these ideas. Never fear anything outside of yourSelf. Be smart and wise as a person living on earth, but never forget who you really are. Even death is simply a concept, the process of moving from one form and place to another.

Many serious truth students continue to struggle and put great effort into becoming what they believe they must become in order to be spiritual. They study, take classes, do rituals, get healing work, have readings, while continuing to believe that they have not yet attained because they don’t “feel” spiritual and their concepts of spirituality have not manifested.

Know that struggling and effort do not lift a person into a higher state of consciousness. It is individual readiness as determined by the Higher Self that does this. As you know, the first step is the intellectual knowledge of truth which may come from a book, another person, or simply from within. The intellectual knowledge of truth is a mind activity, the awareness of something previously not known.

The next step is acceptance followed by a desire to embrace and integrate truth through study, practice, and meditation. Many become aware of truth and are ready for it, but choose instead to ignore it in the realization that it would interfere with their present comfortable and well established belief system. However, those spiritually ready, willing, and able find themselves at this point unable to stop thinking about truth and are increasingly driven by a need to search deeper.

This is usually the start of a metaphysical phase in which the truth student seeks out different methods and techniques for attaining spirituality. They may join metaphysical groups, begin meditating if they don’t already, attend lectures, get psychic readings, and engage in spiritual practices and rituals designed to bring them closer to God. This part of the journey may continue for many years and it is during this time that some begin to lose hope in the belief that they will ever achieve what they have believed to be spirituality.

Let go of all struggle and effort to achieve what in reality is simply a concept. You may never “feel spiritual”. All the practices and efforts you have made in other lifetimes and this one were moving you to where you could finally let go, rest back, and know; “That which I have been seeking, I already am”. It is your Higher Self, the YOU that never left full awareness, and not how many certificates of spiritual achievement you may have accumulated that determines when you are ready to shift to a more fully ascended state of consciousness.

Personal ascension may manifest as an energetic event or you may simply begin to realize that your life has become different–there is more harmony , abundance, peace without effort, and real love in your life.

Cease struggling to become what you already are. Live from your highest level of awareness in every moment trusting that your Higher Self knows when you are spiritually ready for your next step. Spiritual evolution is simply the process of remembering who you are.

Cease your struggles and rest in what is.

We are the Arcturian Group 2/26/23

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Love is flowing as never before. You might say, energetically speaking, that the baby has been pushed out of the birth canal after a long period of contractions.

Messages from Ann & the Angels – 02/25/2023 • Things are not as they seem…

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Things are not as they seem. We are not talking about people fooling or trying to exploit you. We are talking about the massive stream of love flowing and growing despite all appearances. In the unseen realms, your human race is taking a gigantic leap in its evolution. Love is flowing as never before. You might say, energetically speaking, that the baby has been pushed out of the birth canal after a long period of contractions. Humanity and your mother earth have given birth to a new torrent of love by calling for it in your prayers and intense desires these past few years. You have collectively prayed as never before, and love is answering the call. It doesn’t look like love in many ways right now, but things are not always as they seem.

You bear witness to the disruption on your planet. We see the evolution. You are grieving the physical transition of so many dear souls who have left the earth suddenly. We greet them as they expand back into an unbounded love. You feel pain in your body. We see streams of love flowing into you that sometimes push up against areas of tension or physical blockage. You feel antsy and anxious about change. We see you in the eternal dance between head and heart, striving to drop into your hearts and trust the journey.

You are having a human experience, seeing through human eyes, and evaluating through your human conditioning. This can be very painful at times. As you learn to see beyond the world of appearances into a world where invisible loves streams unceasingly, you learn to dance in harmony with this flow in a way that feels better, creates better, and allows better into your life.

Many of you feel far less tolerant of bad behaviors and situations you’ve endured up until now. Your soul is calling you to better – either an improved attitude and/or an improved situation. We never want you to suffer through something you don’t enjoy. We would instead advise you to look for the good here and now and, as well, focus on your heart’s true desires. For example, suppose you have put up with someone yelling at you for years, and it still bothers you. You can start to focus away from the destructive behaviors by looking at their good points or your own. Or you can completely ignore the bad behaviors as if they didn’t exist.

You shift your vibration as you give less attention to what bothers you and more attention to what pleases you. You’ll be more open to guidance and ideas for improvement in this new and improved vibration. You may receive the courage to walk away from something that doesn’t work. You may be inspired to speak in a way that encourages a kinder response. You may receive an inspiration to ignore unkindness and see only good.

The inspirations will vary from one person and situation to the next. Nonetheless, when you find a vibration that is either neutral or more loving than the previous annoyance, you become open to receiving guidance. The actions you are inspired to take will be tailored to guide you on your path of least resistance and to lead you in the kindest way to what you desire. Your guidance will have nothing to do with changing the other and everything to do with empowering yourself.

Some of you are feeling new passions, new directions, new interests, or renewed interests. You feel your soul beckoning you forward with joy. Listen. Learn what you are interested in learning. Follow up on the ideas that feel good to you, even if they seem illogical. Spiritual logic involves doing what gives you true delight and expecting life to work as you continue to listen to your guidance dynamically.

Some of you are finally admitting to yourself that you need rest. In your silence and downtime, you will reconnect with your heart and soul and find those new directions emerging naturally as you stop trying to force yourself through life.

Be gentle with yourselves. As you move through this period of incredible expansion, sit, breathe, and receive our love. We never waver from love. We are aware of your circumstances and feelings but intentionally focus on the greater you, the greater life, and the life you wish to experience.

An example might be helpful. Imagine you have a young child screaming and angry because they want a cookie. You know that a cookie on an empty stomach will give them a sugar high and then a low, and based on prior experience, they’ll become tired and cranky before dinner. You know that they want to feel good. They want nourishment for their body, love for their soul, and tastes to delight the senses. They want to feel energized and happy. That is their more profound truth, although right now, at this moment, they perceive all these wishes as a strong desire for the cookie!

If you give in to the screaming demands, you will teach them that they can manipulate life and others through lower-vibrational behaviors resulting from feeling powerless. This might work temporarily, but as you can imagine, such behaviors will not serve them as adults! You love them. You want more for them. You want them to know the universe wants to meet their needs and desires in a better way than the seeming superficial solution. You want them to feel empowered, loved, and satisfied.

So you pick them up and hug them. You acknowledge that they want a cookie. You tell them you understand, and you have something even better. You tell them about the wonderful meal that you know they will love. You talk about making their favorite dessert! You let them know in every way possible that while you love them and understand their need for the cookie, you have all they want and more coming to them very soon.

If they are willing, they will listen, anticipate the meal, and release you to cook it! If they insist on the very understandable childish demands that things go their way now – if they don’t believe you love them and want them to have an even better experience – they will delay their glorious dinner and delicious dessert!

So too, your soul, your guardian angels, and the Divine hear your cries, but we also know the totality of all you desire. Sometimes we can give you the “cookie,” and it will satisfy all you want in that arena of life. Sometimes we see so much better. In all cases, we witness and have compassion for your feelings. We know where you are now. We hold our focus steadily on the future in which you will have all you want and experience levels of love beyond what you’d ask for. We look for openings to guide you on the path of your least resistance. Like a wise parent, we will comfort, love, and soothe you as much as you allow. By our very design, however, we cannot respond to lower vibrational demands when you are asking for a higher vibrational outcome. We hold the frequency of the outcome and guide you toward that.

We don’t dance in the density, dear ones. We invite you into your own light.

If you want to heal your body or emotions, we are here to help. Stop focusing on the pain or grief for just a few minutes each day. Sit, breathe, and receive our love while you dream of relief first and ultimately feeling wonderful.

If you want abundance, stop the ongoing worry and focus on lack. Handle what you must now, then intentionally shift your focus towards something better. Count your blessings, and remind yourself of prior “miracles.” Let yourself sit in silence each day. Think about how abundance would feel and trust the ideas that will come quickly. Many tell us they can’t stop worrying, but we lovingly disagree. You stop worrying every time you watch a good movie. You stop worrying every time you have a fun conversation with a friend. You stop worrying when you kiss your dog. You stop worrying when you focus on your grocery list. Whenever you focus elsewhere on something better, you stop worrying. You simply have to make that choice…often over and over again.

If you want more love, stop talking about how you were not loved, are not loved, and cannot find love. We understand you want human companionship and love. Of course! You are designed to connect and enjoy the radiant Divinity of one another shining upon you! You are designed to shine that light upon another. We want this for you if you want this for you.

You were not designed, however, to expect another to make up for what you perceive is lacking in yourself. Another person is not responsible for making you feel safe, beautiful, and good, alleviating your fears, or ridding you of loneliness or boredom. Dear ones, would you want someone else to ask this of you? If you wish to love, then focus on love – loving life, receiving the love of the grass under your feet and the warmth of the sunshine. Receive the love anywhere and everywhere that it is given freely. Give the love where you authentically can. In that stream, you cannot help but rendevous with more and more love! A person in love with life is loved by lovely others who are too.

We desire that you have all that you want for yourself and more. We will not waver from that frequency of love you wish to experience. We will not sway from our understanding of the love beneath all things. We serve you best by holding the highest vision for your life and guiding it to you as best we can and as much as you will allow.

Your world is in a considerable state of transition now. It looks chaotic, and from the human perspective, it is. But whether your world is rearranging, you’re cleaning your closets, emptying your pockets, or dumping out the contents of your purse, it is a fact that chaos often precedes greater order.

Things are not as they seem. The world of energy is loving and impartial. It responds to your every loving vibration with as much as you will allow into your life. As you become more authentic with yourselves and life, you allow more love to flow. As you accept where you are, you allow more love to flow. As you dream of more loving realities, you allow love to flow. As you allow others to experience according to their choices, you allow love to flow. This can only elevate your experience of life, the experience of those who wish to benefit from it, and the experience of love upon your earth.

It really is quite simple. You are encouraged to seek soothing and good-feeling thoughts and activities, even if that means ignoring destructive behaviors, turning away from doomsayers, and flowing love to those who insist on being negative. Even if you must be in uncomfortable situations and around unpleasant people, you can focus on the flow of love to you and outward through you, silently observing the conditions and beahviors while flowing love.

As you do this, you begin to witness life through the eyes of your soul. You start to live in love and be open to love and release more love into your own life and world. Things are not as they seem. Only love is beneath things, in the core of all hearts, and in all situations. You allow or resist it, but it lives, breathes, and flows unceasingly whether you experience it or not. You can experience it whenever you look within, look to the unseen, or even look around you and notice the good.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Create your new life. Create the timeline that you want. And indeed, again, as you create the timeline for yourself, you are in process of creating the timelines for everyone else to become a part of.-Archangel Michael-

by James McConnell

I am Archangel Michael. I come at this time to be with you, in these exciting times that you are in now.

Yes, indeed, you may look at these times and not see them as quite so exciting, or at least not as you would want them to be. But take heed, my friends, those times are coming. Those times that you have been dreaming about, wishing for, are indeed coming.

And they are not far off at all now. We will not say the word ‘soon,’ but know that it is in your proximity now, whatever that might be to you, that term ‘proximity,’ however you would look at that.

It is very close now, very close. Not so much the Solar Flash, although that is indeed approaching as well. But the Great Changeover that you are in process now, the great understanding of the revealing of truth that is coming.

It is coming from so many different directions and different sources are bringing this truth through, whether it is intel sources or spiritual sources, channeling sources, whatever it is, it is all bringing the truth forward. And you are seeing this, each and every day with your physical eyes and your ears. You are hearing this.

True, you cannot believe everything you see and hear, for it is a need for discernment. That is what is called for in these times, to discern what is truth for you, and not truth for you. But what is truth for you is not so much truth for another. So understand that as the timelines continue to shift and change.

And yes, indeed, you are creating your new timeline. You individually are creating a timeline with your words, your thoughts, each and every moment. And when you as individuals are creating the timeline for yourself, you are also in process of creating the greater timeline for the collective consciousness of man.

Yes, there are those that are attempting, and will continue to attempt, to hold you back, but their time is fleeting. They are losing the battle, and have indeed lost the entire war here. The battles may continue, but the war is over. The war between good and evil has indeed been finished. It is in that process now, and there will be certain battles that will continue on.

But you, with your Sword of Truth that each and every one of you have, you can wield that sword. Wield that sword wherever it is needed and bring truth to all those that are ready to receive it. Just raise your figurative sword within you, figurative meaning not a physical sword, of course, but the sword that is mighty within you. And wield it! Wield it to share and strike any other person that is ready for this. Strike them with the truth. Strike them with the Light so that they are then given the experience that you each have had, the awakening experience that you each have had.

For it is destined that so many more will continue to awaken each and every moment moving forward now. And those of the forces of darkness attempt to hold back that, attempt to hold on to the old time-lines, the old ways, the third-dimensional illusion as much as they can. But they cannot any longer. They have indeed been defeated. And it is time for that.

It is time for those of you that have come here, have volunteered to be here, to be a part of this expression and create this expression moving forward. It is time, your time now, your time to begin to experience life more and more as you want to experience it.

But do not wait. Do not wait for The Great Changeover, the Great Solar Flash. Do not wait for it. Create it now in the moments now that you have. Create your new life. Create the timeline that you want. And indeed, again, as you create the timeline for yourself, you are in process of creating the timelines for everyone else to become a part of.

I am Archangel Michael, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you would continue to move forward. Move forward every moment. Do not let yourself slip back. And if you do slip back, then step forward again and again, one foot after another. Continue the journey one step at a time.

Vibrational First Aid Kit

Ashian: Greetings and blessings to all who resonate with these words.

Jennifer: Hello! How are you? Actually, are you ever anything other than ‘good!’

A: Hello dear hearts! Indeed we exist on a spectrum of ‘good,’ as you call it. We are continually aligned to our inner source, our lived experience of Divine Love, and this is unchanging for us. What changes is what ‘flavour’ of love that we experience in different moments, for we too are going through an expansion process, moving into higher vibrations and experiences of love, just like you.

J: What is that like? Is your crew, your family, all over the place, like we are on Gaia? Is there division? Or is there just more and more peace? How do you experience Ascension?

A: We are not ridding ourselves of negative karma and simultaneously ridding ourselves of a dark, inverted matrix, so it is easier! It is more like the expanding sense of excitement that children experience before Christmas, combined with deeper experiences of Divine love, synchronicity, peace, inspiration, creativity…

J: So almost the opposite of us at present!

A: Yes and no. You are invited to move into those vibrations whenever they come to mind, you are invited to place your focus on any positive vibration in any moment, regardless of what is happening around you.

J: Oh! I have an example of that! I was on the wrong end of another woman’s road rage the other day; I wondered what I had done to co-create the event, even as I felt my ‘righteous’ anger rising within me. I chose to leave go the ideas of ‘my attraction’ or her ‘error,’ and I focused on sending her love and light ~ with a big dose of Violet Flame energy! She instantly calmed down.

A: You are living in unsettled times; the woman in question is not actually prone to such outbursts and found herself confused by how she had acted. But the energy of change is whooshing through every structure, every thought, every relationship, every pattern of behaviour, every cell… It is… unsettling. There is a feeling, a lived knowingness, that all is not how it has always been, even if one can’t put their finger on what exactly is different, if they have not been paying attention.

This gnawing, unsettled, slightly detached current of emotion runs through every aspect of life at present. It has to be so. It is like tilling the soil before planting seeds: the old must be turned over, displaced, so that energy ~ light, air, water ~ can move through it. You are in preparation for a great and, dare we say, dramatic ’tilling.’

J: Oh dear… don’t say dramatic! I mean, it’s great because we are looking forward to ‘the changeover,’ but I can already feel people seizing up, tensing, worrying what ‘dramatic’ will actually mean for them in their lives.

A: Do you think we use this word carelessly?

J: ehhh… now that you say it, no. I see where you are going with this.

A: Yes! We are care-full in what we convey, because we understand the importance of words and vibrations. We use the word dramatic, to prepare, to remind, light workers and love holders to expect the unexpected, to be surprised, to be taken off guard and to feel thrown. We understand that our words cannot prevent those experiences, but they can prepare you for those experiences.

How many of you resonating with these words have a personal ‘Vibrational First Aid Kit?’ Do you know what are the thoughts that always uplift you? The two activities that invariably make you feel better? The friend who helps you see the bigger perspective, thereby raising you out of feelings of victimhood and overwhelm? The rituals that ease your soul? The meal that nourishes your heart and your body?

This is what we suggest you begin compiling for yourself, a Vibrational First Aid Kit, so you have tried and tested remedies for stress, soul weariness, shock and burn-out at your fingertips.

We use the word dramatic so you are prepared, not scared. In all of this, you are never alone, for we are wrapping each of you in our love, we are beaming our love into every structure, every rivet, every pore… There has never been more love flooding your planet than there is now, but from us and ~ more importantly ~ from you because you are the authors of this play, whether you realise it or not. So own your power, dream your creations, and find what uplifts you most.

J: Yes, that is an excellent point.

A: Thank you!

J: Ha! Seriously, thank you. I think I need to reflect a little more on what I chose to put in mine, because I get the feeling from what you say, you want us to have these supports at the front of our mind, so we can remember them as and when we need them, rather than spending a few days flailing around, feeling lost and depressed, for whatever reason.

A: Yes! That is exactly it. We embrace you all in our love.

J: Thanks Ashian: we need it!

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Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ Many Aspects of Self

We are here, inviting you to explore the possibility that there are several aspects of your multidimensional self that are available to you. First let us establish several clear ideas, so that as this unfolds, you will have a better understanding.

Think of a time when you have actually seen your sun’s rays go out in many beams of light. The condition must be ideal for this to be witnessed. Imagine that the sun is you, your main awareness of yourself in this life, this time frame. The rays that radiate out are the parallel lives.

Remember you are a consciousness and aspect of Divine Mind. You are multidimensional in nature and function. How this multidimensional aspect of yourself manifests depends on your belief systems, your expanded awareness and your openness to all possibilities.

Everyone has this multidimensional aspect. Most never awaken to this awareness. They enter this dimension, cross the veil of unconsciousness and never recognize or acknowledge the many levels of consciousness that they could be aware of.

Let us give you this. Imagine the human is like your radio, each station or frequency invites one type of music. Most people stay on the same station their entire life, never moving the dial to explore the other signals, the other connections. The focus is limited to only what that one frequency provides, what information that one frequency offers.

A person who is aware of their multidimensional self is able to move the dial from one station to another with ease. They allow for more stimulation, more information and a broader spectrum of consciousness. They are more adventurous and open to the realization that they are capable of shifting their focus from one reality to another and integrate the many frequencies into a harmonious whole.

You can stay focused on one aspect of the multidimensional self, however the other aspects still exist, still continue, and still vibrate a frequency.

At times there is an energetic exchange between one aspect of the multidimensional self and another, an impulse, an idea, a nudge, a longing that the current focused self feels. Each person has many selves operating at all times, however most focus on one or two aspects of their lives.

You can recognize that the person who is a parent is different from the person at work,  or the person you are with your adult friends or your partner. There are subtle shifts in your behavior as you step into each situation. Yet the aspect of you as a parent is still present as you behave differently with your friends.

With the influx of energy, the solar flares, the celestial increase of vibrations bathing this planet, everyone is beginning to recognize the wholeness of which they are, the magnificence of who they are. The codes are activating these awarenesses.

There are many aspects of yourself that move, exist in other time lines, other realities.

Begin to allow yourself to imagine what these other aspects might be. What might the other aspects of your multidimensional self be doing? Remember that you are unlimited.

Your ego and physical consciousness has limited beliefs about who you are. You live out your life from this limited perspective. Yet beside your limited life there are always other selves active and participating in other dimensions. You are totally unaware of this happening.

More and more individuals are getting brief glimpses of other activities they might be participating in. We are inviting you to stretch a bit here and consider this possibility.

Remember that time is simultaneous and everything is happening all at once. Your limited consciousness cannot understand the concept. It does not make sense.

Your television is a good example; look at the variety of lives that are portrayed in just one hour of viewing. While you are focused on this one program, this one life there are many other programs happening. You could go from one channel to the next and each would offer totally different experiences, feelings, and images. This is a simple example of a concept for which your belief system does not have words; it feels a bit unbelievable. The universe is more complex and more expanded than your three dimensional reality can embrace.

There is a shift happening with others like yourself who are questioning, inquiring, sharing the concepts and possibilities, and as one by one they accept their multidimensional selves, there will be a paradigm shift for all.

We offer this to stimulate you to view the many realities in which you exist. Be playful with this, remember this is a game, play fair and be a good sport, help your other teammates find the goal. Be at Peace, Beloved.

~ the ‘team’

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You are the first of the first…You are finally home within yourself – a first for any earth being transitioning from fear to love.

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Dear Ones,

Even though we of the Universes have prophesized for years that you would shift dramatically as you transitioned, you believed 3D you would continue to be the commander of your being.

While most likely, your 3D being continues to be part of you, your 3D being is no longer the commander or even a key piece. For many of your new you segments morphed into a more loving stance before they were incorporated into your being.

So it is that you surprise yourself with your moods, words, and actions. Even though such is to be expected given the enormity of your transition, it is surprising to you, given who you used to be.

Even so, many of you maintain the same schedules and routines with some declarations of independence or anger.

You will continue to shift personalities for the next few weeks. What or who you are today will not be true within weeks. As if you are peeling layers of your being from the inside out.

In 3D, you often completed something similar from the outside in. For example, when you moved to a new community, obtained a different job, entered a romantic relationship, or had a baby. ThreeD shifts that were not unusual or unexpected. The difference now is you have no concrete markers to indicate why or how you are shifting.

So you will find yourself trying to explain to yourself and others why you cannot do something. Why you need rest or privacy. Or why you want to participate in an activity you were not interested in before.

Perhaps it will help you better understand your shift if you think about new entities entering your physical body. Even though those entities have always been part of your totality, they were not in your current 3D life until you invited them into your being many months ago.

As those entities adjust to your current physicality, they become more active within your being, creating the new you that you continue to adapt to – and surprising yourself and others as you do.

This being that is now you continues to evolve, which will be particularly evident in the next few weeks. For you are determining which of your new segments will dominate.

Some of you are concerned that you will become a scattered entity with a multiple personality disorder. Instead, this new array of your inner being is similar to how you functioned in 3D jobs determining which of your skills would dominate in that particular setting.

Future earth generations will coalesce their being before entering the earth. Those of you in the first few waves of transition are required to do so internally while functioning in many 3D-like environments – as the new segments within you demand to display their skills.

Perhaps some of you think our explanation sounds like a horror movie. Instead, we of the Universes wish you to know that your need to function differently as you transition is not much different than would have been true in 3D – except this transition is from the inside out.

Again, remember how different your actions and thoughts became once you were a 3D parent or moved to a new community. Those 3D activities required change – some more dramatic than others. But all were expected changes given the eons of similar 3D activity displayed by 3D generation after generation.

You are the first of the first.

Do not be frightened; you will adjust, as will those around you, for they are likely undergoing a similar transition if they are part of your world.

Even though your current being cannot remember the terror of the first earth humans as they adjusted to the heaviness of the earth, you are in a similar fear path. A path that will soon open to a new life that seems more correct than any changes required to maintain your former 3D life.

You were never fully of 3D, even though you successfully functioned in that role until you began your current transition. You are finally home in ways you have always dreamed of. A dream you imprinted within before you entered the earth in this lifetime.

Now that you transitioned, you are adjusting to that transition – which will be quite evident in the next few weeks. You are finally home within yourself – a first for any earth being transitioning from fear to love. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, subscribe via Or, click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” website page ( and click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. 

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Messages from Ann & the Angels – 02/18/2023 • Accepting Where You Are

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Right now, each of the 7.8 billion people on your planet is having a different and very unique experience of life. As we speak to you, we see a woman sitting by the pool behind her expansive home, juggling several charities she runs. She is concerned about the officers of one who doesn’t seem to be in alignment with her vision while simultaneously trying to coordinate dinner reservations with a group she must network with to fund her cause. Meanwhile, we see a young man who feels disempowered trying to figure out how to lie, cheat, and steal from those who care about him because he doesn’t understand yet that he is loved.

We see people waking up, walking to their market stalls before sunrise and firing up the burners beneath their woks, preparing their sauces and dishes to feed hungry customers later that day. We see brave souls rescuing wounded animals and courageous people rescuing children. We see people dressed in expensive suits going to their jobs in skyscrapers to negotiate with large companies that provide irrigation and energy systems for agriculture. We also see laborers toiling in the dirt to pick the lettuce that will feed these executives.

We see designers bent over the drawing board coming up with your future vehicles and artists passionately moving their visions from the invisible to the visible worlds. We see musicians packing and unpacking equipment to offer a few hours of blissful escape to their audience and electricians wiring outlets for their equipment. We see plumbers unclogging toilets, trash collectors and street sweepers keeping your neighborhoods clean, and cooks making food for the few or the masses.

We see mothers and fathers waking up early to take their children to school. We see children laughing in the playgrounds while other children sit huddled in dirty corners, hoping for food. We see the countless souls buried beneath the rubble of the recent earthquake, waiting for rescue or surrendering to their journey home. We see it all, dear ones, and we are with each and every one of you, all the time.

Whether you consider your experience glorious or terrible, we are with you, whispering loving encouragement to your spirit, reminding you of what you wanted to learn, how you wanted to grow, and how, even in the direst of circumstances you are seeking to give and receive love. We even see those buried beneath the rubble praying for their families as they surrender to the inevitability of their own journey to heaven.

Dear ones, you are always exactly where your vibration has placed you. We implore you not to judge yourselves or others by circumstance. You are not lucky if you sit by the pool and are not forsaken by God if you are in an earthquake. Some of those you consider fortunate feel far less love than those fighting for survival. Many souls, born and living in earthquake-shattered areas, are angels upon your earth. Some, before birth, volunteered to come, live shorter lives, and be part of a massive release of love within your planet earth. They knew their life and death would not be in vain but would further awaken the planet to your common humanity, compassion, and love. Even beyond the visible, they knew they would be part of vibrational unleashing of powerful frequencies of love. As they rode the wave of love released by your planet into the heavens, they felt the exhilaration of earth’s evolution and yours.

The majority of people in the earthquake-torn areas are generous souls, compassionate, caring, loving, and kind. Many barely have a loaf of bread for themselves, yet when they receive one, they share. Many have seen buildings crumble yet bravely return to rescue those trapped. Many have seen and felt horrors, yet their hearts remain open. These angels volunteered before birth to live in an area likely to go through such horror and pain, but from heaven, they were willing. Send them love.

If you sit in a comfortable life, do not make yourself wrong for this either. You have different lessons and different choices. You need not feel guilty for being alive, abundant, and well. If you were to give up all you had and die with those who left the planet, you would not do a bit of good. If you do what you can as you are guided, you become part of the collective awakening too – playing an easier role, to be sure, but still a part of this massive release of love.

Unleash your hearts, starting with yourselves. Choose to accept yourself, be kind to yourself, and then ask yourself quietly, “What do I feel called to do?” Maybe you are called to live your life in kindness. That is a vibration that is required right now. Trust that. You may be called to donate precisely one dollar to charity. You have answered the call of one person in need, and although you will not know them on this earth, you will someday learn about how that loaf of bread or first aid supply changed their life, gave them hope, and kept them going. You may be called to sit in spirit and ask to see who you can pray for on a given day. Trust the feeling or the image you see. Support someone in spirit. Perhaps you are called to ignore the world and play. Trust that. Lend your joy to the collective vibration because it is needed to uplift many who are in sorrow.

We are not talking about your actions in the physical world so much as the energy you emit. You would, of course, not “rub in” your well-being around those suffering, but you can quietly emanate peace, joy, love, caring, and compassion because those vibrations will touch them. You would not brag about your abundance to those in dire need. Still, you can instead emanate a vibration that says to the world, “God is generous, and out of the generosity of my soul, I am asking that all feel cared for, loved, supported, and protected.”

In the material world, do as you are guided, but in the spiritual realms, share your love, peace, joy, and compassion as vibrational contributions to humanity.

We don’t want a single one of you to feel guilty for living comfortably, nor do we want a single one of you who is suffering to feel forgotten, abandoned, or unloved. We wish for all of you equally an awareness of the love that flows unceasingly. We wish for all of you, equally, an awareness that you are all part of something so huge upon your planet in the history of humanity’s evolution that it is hard to put into words.

We are with the suffering right now. We are also with those of you who feel you “have it easy.” We are guiding all of you. We are comforting those of you in need. We are showing the way to the living so they can live their path and purpose, and we are holding the dying as they transition into the bliss of Divine love.

You are all, dear ones, despite appearance, or material condition, exactly where your soul has decided to be right here and now. You can of course, change that, but for now, don’t make yourself wrong. Don’t make others wrong. As the saying goes, you cannot judge a book by its cover. You can only know it by living the truth within.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Jeshua: The Teacher Energy

by Pamela Kribbe Frbruary 14,2023

Dear friends,

I am Jeshua. I greet you with love and warmth. You are so welcome here, here in this gathering and, in a broader sense, here on Earth.

There is such a need for you, you are making a difference. You have entered upon an inner path that helps to transform the consciousness on Earth, and that is needed at this time. There is a need for those who prepare the way, pioneers who are necessary to tread new paths of consciousness.

There is a lot of fear and deep suffering in the collective consciousness on Earth. And where this state of consciousness had to stay underground before, there are now movements that are bringing it to the surface, and that brings everything to the surface.

So there is a kind of collective cleansing process going on. The pain of the past, the pain that has piled up in the emotional and physical bodies of people, that pain is now very tangible and obvious.

You, who are here, are forerunners in consciousness. You are busy transforming your pain and increasing your consciousness, and, at the same time, you serve as a midwife and as a leader in this new time, in this transitional time.

I want you to be aware of this role that you play. Also, even when you are not publicly or actively open about your internal work, your lightwork consciousness, you are still contributing to the collective process of change. Being aware of this is important for you, because it enables you to receive help from guides and protective energies that bring you closer to your goal and aid you to move more smoothly along your path.

By being aware of how different you are, of your pioneering role, you are better able to understand yourself and be your own guide in the process you are going through. At the same time, you also become more visible to others, so they can benefit from what you know and what you have to give to this world.

Therefore, I now make a distinction between your personal self, with its personal path, and your transpersonal self, which you can also call your soul. By this transpersonal self or energy, I mean a kind of universal energy that is with you and that you are able to give to other people on Earth. I want to encourage you to feel this transpersonal energy now.

To do this, I ask you to first descend into your abdomen and to fully ground yourself. Sense the Earth current beneath your feet and become open to it so that you feel safe here and welcome. And the very reasons you are welcome on Earth are because of being different, of deviating from the common patterns, and of the inspiration you carry in your heart. Feel that welcome in the earthly stream that wants to come up through your feet and wants to greet you. Breathe quietly and lightly into your abdomen and feel how the gentle energy of Earth can flow up or rise into the area of your pelvis and give you a sense of security and relaxation.

Look throughout your energy field to see if anything stands out, particularly if you can see places of pain or areas of contraction or heaviness in your aura, those which you can feel in your body or those which you can perceive with your inner eye. And if you see something that stands out, then surround that pain with a bright and gentle consciousness. Look at it and send gentle energy to it.

Gentleness is the best remedy for old pain.

If you are in a hurry or you are impatient, you strengthen that pain, because the pain then feels it is not welcome. But when you gently say “yes” to old contractions, healing energy can enter into it all the way.

It is as with a hard stone. If you kick against the stone it remains what it is, it does not change inwardly; it only changes place. But when you gently attune to the hardened energy within yourself, then you can enter into and change those petrified, traumatized parts with gentle waves of warmth and acceptance.

It is the “yes” that opens doors. I ask you to do this now with the contracted, painful part you perceive inside yourself. You do not have to analyze where it comes from, or to know exactly what it is; you merely have to energetically enter into and surround this painful part with gentleness.

Once you have done this, I ask you to now experience the energy field around your body as more expanded, which is, in a sense, your expanded aura. Your energy field extends out from around your body, so go to its outer edge. Sense there the presence of a cosmic energy, a teacher energy; something that is working with you. It is a collaboration between your soul, your greater self, and a teacher energy that is right for you, that suits you.

There is a compatibility between you and this teacher energy. It is an appropriate vibration, therefore it feels natural. And sometimes you do not even know which is you or which is the more universal energy, the teacher energy.

I ask you now to feel or see the colors of this teacher energy. In whatever way you do that, I ask you to now connect with this transpersonal self that is with you and with which you can connect. Maybe you can ask for a name, for something that makes this teacher energy tangible. Or you may just feel or see it as a flow and that is also helpful.

Ask this energy for a form that is visible to you: “What is our task together?” You may also receive images or words about what you are going to do with this energy. Finally, ask to receive a personal message from this teacher energy in you: “What is good for me to know?”

This guide or teacher energy wants to work together with you and wants to personally support you in your transformation process – welcome it warmly. You are making the choice; you are the one who chooses to work together or not; you are not required to do it.

It is a choice you make; a choice that sometimes leads to intense moments and processes, but also deeply gives you more freedom and joy on Earth.

With this I will end.

Thank you so much for your attention.

Come Together

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Get grounded, dear children of The Universe! During this particular phase it will be very important to remain in your body and fully aware of what is going on with your Earth plane existence. If you see others floundering, reach out a helping hand. If you see a brother or sister untethered and floating away on the energy wave, help them put their feet on the ground and tell them how important being here, now is. This is going to be an all-in experience…each and every one of you is needed because things are going to flip on a dime. It is time to come together in peace/love to change your world and you are the key! ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

the final frontier of your enlightenment process is finally shifting into the love and acceptance you have been yearning for so deeply from yourself.-Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young-

On this day that celebrates love, we hope you will expand your focus to see the love that exists everywhere for you, if only you have the eyes to see…

  • Mother Earth gives you flowers every day.
  • The sun warms and heals you.
  • Your body serves you tirelessly by offering you a vehicle for your soul.
  • Your guides love you, encourage you, and cheer you on through your earthly adventures.

Whether you have a partner or not, there is so much love to wrap yourself up in if you can shift your focus from lack to abundance.

But more than anything, the love you truly crave is love for yourself. In fact, we would even go so far as to say all the love you can see around you serves the purpose of showing you how worthy you are of love, and to remind you to shift into loving and accepting yourself.

Again we say ~ the final frontier of your enlightenment process is finally shifting into the love and acceptance you have been yearning for so deeply from yourself.

From that space of inclusion, you become the true embodiment of love, allowing it to effortlessly flow to you and through you, becoming one with your truth and your purpose.  Like all other things spiritual ~ unconditional love and unity consciousness cannot be fully experienced from externals. They are the ultimate gifts you must give to yourself, and from there, all the truly wondrous things that you seek become possible.

Valentine’s Ecstatic Dance : A Gift from my heart to yours.

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If you’ve never heard of ecstatic dance, you’re not alone. Think of ecstatic dance as dance cardio’s more free-spirited cousin. Yes, it’s common in spiritual communities, but don’t worry, it doesn’t require Wild Wild Country levels of commitment. The experience of a ecstatic dance, which has been around for thousands of years, can actually be incredibly beneficial for the mind, body, and spirit. And it happens to be a whole lot of fun. “The first time I experienced ecstatic dance, I felt like a portal of new expression opened up,” says Cara Patton, who does ecstatic dancing once a week in her home city of Eugene, Oregon. “As a kid, I took ballet lessons and I was never quite able to follow the moves, and I sort of wrote off dancing. But the great thing about ecstatic dance is that I have complete freedom to move however I want.” Patton adds that the ecstatic dance community emphasizes consent and ways to nonverbally express boundaries, which she loves. “I enjoy this way of movement so much that I’ll be hosting a special ecstatic dance session at my wedding this summer.” But how does it work, exactly? Let’s take a closer look. Inside an ecstatic dance class Ecstatic dance ceremonies are held regularly all over the US (check out a few of them here), and it’s safe to say that no two are the same. Sunday mornings are an especially popular time to engage in an ecstatic dance ceremony, according to Patton, and they’re sober: No alcohol or drugs. And no cellphones, either—so if you’re looking for a ‘Gram-worthy shot, you won’t be getting it at an ecstatic dance ceremony. Ecstatic dance ceremonies are held in auditoriums, yoga studios, dance halls—really anywhere the organizers want to hold them—and people typically come in, remove their shoes, and form a circle where they all hold hands. It’s all about inclusivity, meaning people of all ages, sizes, and abilities attend these ceremonies. The music is usually electronic, with jungle beats mixed in. Each ceremony usually has 50 or so people, and after the introductions, people are encouraged to move however they feel like moving. In other words, there are no steps to follow: Just a rhythm to surrender yourself to. The dance is entirely improvisational, and the hope is that by the end of the session the dancers feel more spiritually in tune with themselves. Another great thing about ecstatic dance? It’s all about inclusivity, meaning people of all ages, sizes, and abilities attend these ceremonies. According to Patton, it’s not rare to see people in wheelchairs expressing themselves through ecstatic dance. Your body on (dance) ecstasy Since ecstatic dance is a form of movement, it gets the endorphins flowing. And it’s common to experience a bit of a high during an ecstatic dance ceremony (similar to a runner’s high), experts say, especially since the movement is so fast and free-flowing. Another benefit of ecstatic dance is the community aspect. Patton says people often make friends at ecstatic dance ceremonies—especially if they attend them regularly—and studies show that feeling a strong sense of community is beneficial to happiness. It’s common to experience a bit of a high during an ecstatic dance ceremony (similar to a runner’s high). And if you’re looking to get in touch with your spiritual side, ecstatic dance is an excellent way to make that happen. The entire ceremony is spiritual from start to finish, and most people report leaving feeling connected to a higher sense of being. While ecstatic dance isn’t for everyone, don’t let the hippie-ish aspect deter you. It just might fill you with joy and make you feel (at least a skosh) more spiritually enlightened—plus, you may even make some new friends along the way.

A special gift for Valentine’s day for you all here, particularly those who never tried ecstatic dance. this is an invitation to love yourself even more today . It starts at 18h00 Central European Time

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