Peggy Black and the ‘team’ ~ Many Aspects of Self

We are here, inviting you to explore the possibility that there are several aspects of your multidimensional self that are available to you. First let us establish several clear ideas, so that as this unfolds, you will have a better understanding.

Think of a time when you have actually seen your sun’s rays go out in many beams of light. The condition must be ideal for this to be witnessed. Imagine that the sun is you, your main awareness of yourself in this life, this time frame. The rays that radiate out are the parallel lives.

Remember you are a consciousness and aspect of Divine Mind. You are multidimensional in nature and function. How this multidimensional aspect of yourself manifests depends on your belief systems, your expanded awareness and your openness to all possibilities.

Everyone has this multidimensional aspect. Most never awaken to this awareness. They enter this dimension, cross the veil of unconsciousness and never recognize or acknowledge the many levels of consciousness that they could be aware of.

Let us give you this. Imagine the human is like your radio, each station or frequency invites one type of music. Most people stay on the same station their entire life, never moving the dial to explore the other signals, the other connections. The focus is limited to only what that one frequency provides, what information that one frequency offers.

A person who is aware of their multidimensional self is able to move the dial from one station to another with ease. They allow for more stimulation, more information and a broader spectrum of consciousness. They are more adventurous and open to the realization that they are capable of shifting their focus from one reality to another and integrate the many frequencies into a harmonious whole.

You can stay focused on one aspect of the multidimensional self, however the other aspects still exist, still continue, and still vibrate a frequency.

At times there is an energetic exchange between one aspect of the multidimensional self and another, an impulse, an idea, a nudge, a longing that the current focused self feels. Each person has many selves operating at all times, however most focus on one or two aspects of their lives.

You can recognize that the person who is a parent is different from the person at work,  or the person you are with your adult friends or your partner. There are subtle shifts in your behavior as you step into each situation. Yet the aspect of you as a parent is still present as you behave differently with your friends.

With the influx of energy, the solar flares, the celestial increase of vibrations bathing this planet, everyone is beginning to recognize the wholeness of which they are, the magnificence of who they are. The codes are activating these awarenesses.

There are many aspects of yourself that move, exist in other time lines, other realities.

Begin to allow yourself to imagine what these other aspects might be. What might the other aspects of your multidimensional self be doing? Remember that you are unlimited.

Your ego and physical consciousness has limited beliefs about who you are. You live out your life from this limited perspective. Yet beside your limited life there are always other selves active and participating in other dimensions. You are totally unaware of this happening.

More and more individuals are getting brief glimpses of other activities they might be participating in. We are inviting you to stretch a bit here and consider this possibility.

Remember that time is simultaneous and everything is happening all at once. Your limited consciousness cannot understand the concept. It does not make sense.

Your television is a good example; look at the variety of lives that are portrayed in just one hour of viewing. While you are focused on this one program, this one life there are many other programs happening. You could go from one channel to the next and each would offer totally different experiences, feelings, and images. This is a simple example of a concept for which your belief system does not have words; it feels a bit unbelievable. The universe is more complex and more expanded than your three dimensional reality can embrace.

There is a shift happening with others like yourself who are questioning, inquiring, sharing the concepts and possibilities, and as one by one they accept their multidimensional selves, there will be a paradigm shift for all.

We offer this to stimulate you to view the many realities in which you exist. Be playful with this, remember this is a game, play fair and be a good sport, help your other teammates find the goal. Be at Peace, Beloved.

~ the ‘team’

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