Vibrational First Aid Kit

Ashian: Greetings and blessings to all who resonate with these words.

Jennifer: Hello! How are you? Actually, are you ever anything other than ‘good!’

A: Hello dear hearts! Indeed we exist on a spectrum of ‘good,’ as you call it. We are continually aligned to our inner source, our lived experience of Divine Love, and this is unchanging for us. What changes is what ‘flavour’ of love that we experience in different moments, for we too are going through an expansion process, moving into higher vibrations and experiences of love, just like you.

J: What is that like? Is your crew, your family, all over the place, like we are on Gaia? Is there division? Or is there just more and more peace? How do you experience Ascension?

A: We are not ridding ourselves of negative karma and simultaneously ridding ourselves of a dark, inverted matrix, so it is easier! It is more like the expanding sense of excitement that children experience before Christmas, combined with deeper experiences of Divine love, synchronicity, peace, inspiration, creativity…

J: So almost the opposite of us at present!

A: Yes and no. You are invited to move into those vibrations whenever they come to mind, you are invited to place your focus on any positive vibration in any moment, regardless of what is happening around you.

J: Oh! I have an example of that! I was on the wrong end of another woman’s road rage the other day; I wondered what I had done to co-create the event, even as I felt my ‘righteous’ anger rising within me. I chose to leave go the ideas of ‘my attraction’ or her ‘error,’ and I focused on sending her love and light ~ with a big dose of Violet Flame energy! She instantly calmed down.

A: You are living in unsettled times; the woman in question is not actually prone to such outbursts and found herself confused by how she had acted. But the energy of change is whooshing through every structure, every thought, every relationship, every pattern of behaviour, every cell… It is… unsettling. There is a feeling, a lived knowingness, that all is not how it has always been, even if one can’t put their finger on what exactly is different, if they have not been paying attention.

This gnawing, unsettled, slightly detached current of emotion runs through every aspect of life at present. It has to be so. It is like tilling the soil before planting seeds: the old must be turned over, displaced, so that energy ~ light, air, water ~ can move through it. You are in preparation for a great and, dare we say, dramatic ’tilling.’

J: Oh dear… don’t say dramatic! I mean, it’s great because we are looking forward to ‘the changeover,’ but I can already feel people seizing up, tensing, worrying what ‘dramatic’ will actually mean for them in their lives.

A: Do you think we use this word carelessly?

J: ehhh… now that you say it, no. I see where you are going with this.

A: Yes! We are care-full in what we convey, because we understand the importance of words and vibrations. We use the word dramatic, to prepare, to remind, light workers and love holders to expect the unexpected, to be surprised, to be taken off guard and to feel thrown. We understand that our words cannot prevent those experiences, but they can prepare you for those experiences.

How many of you resonating with these words have a personal ‘Vibrational First Aid Kit?’ Do you know what are the thoughts that always uplift you? The two activities that invariably make you feel better? The friend who helps you see the bigger perspective, thereby raising you out of feelings of victimhood and overwhelm? The rituals that ease your soul? The meal that nourishes your heart and your body?

This is what we suggest you begin compiling for yourself, a Vibrational First Aid Kit, so you have tried and tested remedies for stress, soul weariness, shock and burn-out at your fingertips.

We use the word dramatic so you are prepared, not scared. In all of this, you are never alone, for we are wrapping each of you in our love, we are beaming our love into every structure, every rivet, every pore… There has never been more love flooding your planet than there is now, but from us and ~ more importantly ~ from you because you are the authors of this play, whether you realise it or not. So own your power, dream your creations, and find what uplifts you most.

J: Yes, that is an excellent point.

A: Thank you!

J: Ha! Seriously, thank you. I think I need to reflect a little more on what I chose to put in mine, because I get the feeling from what you say, you want us to have these supports at the front of our mind, so we can remember them as and when we need them, rather than spending a few days flailing around, feeling lost and depressed, for whatever reason.

A: Yes! That is exactly it. We embrace you all in our love.

J: Thanks Ashian: we need it!

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