the Lovers’ Archetype

Jennifer Crokaert ~ St Germaine: The Lovers’ Archetype

Jennifer invited me to share my thoughts on the New Dawn in relationships. As you and Gaia enter the final throes of birthing the Golden Age, you will experience constriction in every area of your life where you are resisting the changes that need to evolve through you. It cannot be otherwise.  How can you expand if you are contracted, if your energy is held back, if you are living with someone with whom you are not aligned?

You are moving into the age of expansion, so any area of your life where you are living in a contracted state will become intolerable, because you will be forced to change if you have not do so voluntarily. Nowhere is this more scary than in your intimate relationship; if you have had the courage to sense the lack of alignment, to honour that discord and to speak it, I salute you. You are a bold and free thinker indeed. You have the passion of the Lovers.

If you feel something is not right, if you are holding back because you yearn for something deeper, truer, more aligned with who you are, I salute you, because you are on your path. It is path of exploration, bring curiosity to your path’s evolution, for this will allow more creative expression to flow through your intimate relationships.

You have been, for the most part, clearing karmic relationships. As the karmic cycles move into completion, those relationships are no longer required.  They no longer have the energy or the spark to keep them going. You will know if your karma is done and the relationship no longer serves both of your highest good when there is no spark, no reason to stay together beyond excuses like ‘the children,’ ‘the house,’ ‘the finances,’ ‘the friends,’ what ‘the others’ will say…

You have chosen, at a soul level, to enter a relationship that ends at this time, knowing all the ways that it would impact your life in advance. Be gentle with yourself, with those around you, have courage. You are worthy of a life of expansion and fulfillment.

Now, to the uplifting news! The Lovers’ archetype is sweeping your planet, bringing through a fresh, vibrant, passionate energy which will only grow and expand. These new relationships, or enriched relationships ~ for not all relationships will end, many will be renewed and rejuvenated ~ are more alive, vibrant and fulfilling.

The energy of birth and rejuvenation flooding Gaia is bringing passion and light to an aspect of life that was once ruled by duty, commerce and contract; yet another aspect of the inverted matrix. With aligned energies come aligned relationships: the imaginings of a deeper love that you have cherished in your heart were the murmurings of your Higher Self reminding of you of how a fulfilled relationship would feel for you.

You are worthy of being loved, valued, prized, beheld… Along with the great changes you will see in every aspect of human life, you will see a renaissance of love, not guided by form or duty, but as an expanded, enhanced expression of who you Are.

Consider the energy of the sun, the energy of creation, the energy of the Divine Mother Father One. It is a wildly expansive, tender, nourishing, supportive, creative, healing, sacred energy that uplifts and inspires; it is the energy of transformation. By tapping into this energy in your life, regardless of whether or not you are in a relationship, you can align with the Lovers’ Archetype energy that is flooding Gaia now. Let it flood you, too: be swept up in the dynamism and vibrancy of this creative energy of Love.

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