In Your Power

My bright and beautiful child, sometimes you need to be reminded of why you are here. It is not to solve your world’s problems, although some of you may be drawn in that direction. It is not to save every other human on the planet, though you may feel it is part of your mission. You are here, my love, to finally see what it means to be a light in the darkness, to lead by example and to embrace being human. Remember why…and remember to stand in your power. Only then will you truly be able to change your world. ~ Creator

channeled by Jennier Farley The Creator Writings

BREAKING: Trump vows to prevent World War III, put AMERICA FIRST again in epic CPAC speech

Donald Trump gave the keynote speech at CPAC on Saturday afternoon, the former president and 2024 presidential candidate promised to take back the country from the corruption of the Biden administration and the biased corporate media and represent the people’s interests.

Trump received a standing ovation upon taking the stage. He spoke of his anti-war record, attacked the enemies of America in the Biden administration, the pro-crime district attorneys, the attacks on free speech and a free press, and his “bold, detailed agenda for how we’re going to complete this mission” in his text term.

“I will prevent World War III, and very easily. And you’re gonna have World War III if something doesn’t happen fast.” Trump.