By functioning from within 5D consciousness, yourself, you can create your own personal 5D reality.

Vidya Frasier: Creating Your Own 5D Reality

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Waiting for humanity to finally shift into 5D can get so discouraging — especially if you’ve been waiting for this event for quite a while and you’ve been excited about it.

The world’s continuing chaos and humanity’s sluggish progress in waking up to what’s really happening can make it seem as if nothing will ever change – except maybe for the worse. It’s enough to make you want to give up on all your dreams for the future.

Yes, you can accept that the Earth Alliance is likely doing their best; they probably didn’t realize just how widespread and deep the corruption has been. And yes, you can understand that maybe they do have things kind of under their control at this point, as some people claim; perhaps they simply want more people to wake up before they really step in and take some control of what is happening.

But sheesh! How much longer are they going to let things go on this way? How many more people are going to have to die? How many more are going to starve or slip into poverty? It’s enough to make you lose faith and want to give up.


And yet, if you really understand how 5D works, you can realize that at least you, as an individual, don’t have to wait for this new higher dimensional reality to completely arrive on the planet in order to  experience it for yourself. You can create it now in your own personal life.

You can understand that this can occur by shifting into 5D frequency yourself – and then watch how your life starts to shift in order to resonate with this higher frequency.

You can begin to experience a sense of peaceful well-being on a daily basis, excitement about what you’re involved in, and a profound feeling of love and gratitude in your heart, no matter what is occurring out in the world.

You can actually realize that incredible miracles are occurring in your life. You can see that you are being gifted things you didn’t even know you needed till you received them. And you can find yourself suddenly surrounded by people who seem to resonate at the same frequency as you – soul tribe members you would never have thought you’d meet.


You finally learn what the phrase “consciousness creates reality” really means. It becomes clear that it doesn’t matter what is still occurring out in the dying 3D world. By functioning from within 5D consciousness, yourself, you can create your own personal 5D reality.

You may still find you have to continue to go out and function within the 3D world for periods of time; but you won’t be caught up in it. You won’t let it get you down. You will carry your 5D Bubble around with you, wherever you go.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily easy to do on a constant basis. There are likely inner forces that are pulling you down, as old traumas, woundings and negative emotions continue to arise in their process of releasing – as well as the ongoing outer challenging conditions in the world you still have to deal with. But it can be done. The 5D energies are now flooding the planet, here to assist us in this process.


I’ve recently created a two-part series on YouTube to describe this process of creating your own personal 5D reality. I first briefly review what the term “5D” refers to, because there does seem to be some confusion out there about what it is, especially for people new to the term.

And then I describe the aspects of both 3D and 5D consciousness, as I understand them – and I also insert a short piece on what I consider to be 4D consciousness. Within this discussion, I describe how the shift into 5D consciousness can be made on an individual basis, thereby creating a new reality for yourself.

In hearing these descriptions, you may discover you are already falling less and less into 3D consciousness and are experiencing at least certain periods in your life you could call 5D.  It is very exciting!

Jennifer Crokaert ~ Divine Mother: The Golden Age is Here

My beloved sparks of light, aspects of the Divine Self in form, I greet you with great joy and celebration. You have turned the tide. The apex of the storm has passed. Now, let us unpack that statement a little more.

I do not mean that in the morning everything is different. Every jewel you have ever discovered within yourself was the result of a dark night of the soul. You had to burn off the ideas of the ego-mind to arrive at a spiritual truth.

You know that all Divine gifts arrive wrapped in a challenge: so too, the Golden Age. The energy of your triumph is here. The dark has been defeated, they cannot win.

You have been overshadowed for your entire life; your psychic, mental, emotional and physical energy was sucked from you. You wonder why you feel tired, lethargic, uninspired, even helpless and hopeless: this was one of the great reasons.

You are now overlit. The negative forces are vanquished. You will feel the lightness begin to rise within. You will feel a sense of freedom and flow that is unexpected: the gentle emergence of hopefulness and optimism.

For decades, people spoke of a pole flip: that shift has occurred, but it wasn’t from North to South – it was from negative polarisation to positive polarisation.

Your dedication to dissolving the darkness in your own life ~ to understanding the challenges you experienced were the keys to unlocking the exact wisdom and insight you required ~ is now being rewarded.

The time of those who place greed above people is over. This dawning is not just the new lunar year, nor the new solar year, but it is the dawn of a new age: the Golden Age.

You, my precious army of Light workers, will be amazed at how your efforts and projects will begin to succeed almost miraculously, with minimal effort, in a way you have never known before.

You Light workers will bear witness to how easy and graceful life can be. You have done the inner work, so your energy clearly matches the higher vibrations of the light. You are in the flow. You are the flow. This is Your Time.

And so I must also return you to the packaging of this Golden gift ~ the outer wrapping of challenges. Light workers have been dedicated and determined in dealing with their challenges, in healing every wound and healing their broken hearts with love and compassion for all.

Those who have not yet done the work must first deal with their challenges, their blind spots, their biases and their emotional wounds; all in order to reveal the great treasures inside and outside them. This is why so many Light workers have incarnated as great listeners, as teachers, as healers ~ even if this is not how you see yourself, you might have glimpsed the healing impact you have , because others have noted it ~ and now they will seek you out.

Every community has Light workers who incarnated within it for this moment; every family has ‘an odd ball’ who incarnated for this moment. You are my embodiments, shining my love for all to feel.

Call on me, whenever you feel overwhelmed or confused. You have been here for me, your work has created this great new dawn.

I am always here for You.

For Light workers, the unwrapping of the Golden Age, the grounding and manifesting of its energies will have some challenges, but you are and you have more than enough to succeed in this moment.

For those beloved aspects of me who came here with the agreement to only awaken in this now moment, there is a lot to assimilate. Their challenges are many, their learning curve is exceptionally steep.

My love is here to guide you all, assisting in every moment. Remember to call upon me:

I Am You and You Are Me. We are One.

Note: I want to draw your attention to a post from Narendra Mishra, The Divine Mother is Real, that shows how the Golden Age is manifesting now.


The ‘curtain’ between the spiritual world and the physical world is exceptionally thin, and those of us who have eyes to see will, indeed, see. The post is an invitation to us all. Trust the miracles that will become much more frequent. Trust your divinity. In previous ages we were told the ‘Gods’ walked among us, now not only are they walking among us now, they are inviting us to realise our divinity, to realise we are God, and to release that divine spark within.

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