open your hearts and allow GOD to work through you.-AA Michael through Sharon-

Archangel Michael

Week 38 Message

I am Archangel Michael, here with a message for the Angelic Warrior Group.

Allow me to answer your question, Sharon, please. Her question was, “What does Noah’s Ark have to do with this now?” And you realize there is a connection.

God has been patient with humankind. He has watched and helped you through your learning, He has guided you and walked you through some of the worst catastrophes that could be created. But there is one species of humans that refuses to learn, and this is the earthling. For many reasons, in fact, earthlings have tried to get to higher realms, over and over again, you have tried and you have not succeeded. When the era was over, you were given another chance, because that is what God is about: forgiveness and he forgave you your inability to return to Him. He seeks always to find ways to open up His Light to you; it is if you can see it that is the problem.

There have been many Noah’s Ark’s incidents, where the animals were taken on board a ship, not a water vessel but a space ship in fact, and were preserved in order that the catastrophe that humanity would create for itself would not affect them. Yes, the rains that came at the time of Noah were created by humanity. You still do not realize that the negativity of your weather is due to your own negative energies. Is earth in fact due for another period of grave weather? It is indeed! The energy of the planet responds to the energy of the people.

God did not bring the rains. The people did.

Gaia has divorced herself as much as possible from the third dimensional earth, the earth still so many live upon. This earth will see much sorrow in coming years, and this is because you create that sorrow. You have brought all of this upon yourselves, and as many of you have noted, it is time to face up to what you have created now, and learn to change yourselves through it. Those who will do so will see God’s Light. There will be weather changes because the weather responds to your mindsets; there will be many changes in your systems and that is because these changes are created by you.

So how do you focus? On rain or shine? Which is your choice? Where do you hold your heart despite the gloomy outlook you may see before you now? That is what He asks of you. Do you hold Him in your heart or do you hold what you see as the reality in your heart? Do you have faith in His love for you or have you forsaken all, including divine love?

It is always darkest before the dawn.

This does not mean you do not deal with reality. In fact you do, because you are the creators of it, therefore you must live and experience it as well. All that you create, presumably has been created by you to enjoy but many of you do not know this. You believe some other factor as being the creator of life and you are a victim of its dictates. This is misuse of universal law. You are the creators, and you were given many opportunities to create a world of wonder for yourselves but you did not. However you experience your reality, go with God in your heart. Do not forsake Him, do not say this is a Godless world because He is with you if you will let Him be.

You must all band together because there is safety in numbers. Yes, grouping with others of like mind, perhaps P groups in your country, will help you to stay safer. The more informed you are, the safer you will be as you will be able to take appropriate action.

We will continue with these meditations in order to reduce the severity of what is to come. 2022 will be a year of great change. Much will be revealed to the public, and the entirety of what you call life will be changed.

Many of you will turn to God and blame Him for what has befallen you. This is an abdication of your responsibilities of divine creation, something that has plagued earth for many eons. He has given you the ability to create your own lives, your destinies and goodness for others yet it has come to this sad state. As I said before, earth attracted this darkness. And now you see where it is taking you – to a place of godlessness.

He waits to see what you will do next. Each and every one of you, do you pledge your heart to Him now? Do you pledge your livelihood to Him? Do you ask His help in bringing Light to you, your children, your city and the rest of the world? He is doing this with those who have asked, but now please open your hearts and allow Him to work through you.

Be not angry at those who are still in ignorance. We realize it is difficult when you understand but they do not. You are a collective and you all must hold Light. For some this Light has gone out, or it glows dim now, and for those you must pray the hardest. Do not judge them, do not blame them. Pray for them, those who seek to take this world away from its God-given bounty.

And this week, we again will ask you to flow your Love into the fifth dimensional grid. Also, please send your love to someone who has gone against all that you now know to be the path that would save humanity. Send your love to one who you call an enemy, and bless them with all that you would want for yourself.

It is time for earth to finally heal. He has decreed that you will make the change that has been so long in coming. Many many centuries of trial and error and now you are positioned to get it right; to finally ascend as a race. We are here for you, always. Hold us in your hearts and let no ill will in.

I am Archangel Michael. I am your guide, I am your champion, I stand behind you when you are challenged, we are Legion.


Me: God! He just has me bawling every time he speaks like this. Wow! The energy that comes through me is incredible! Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega