I am Shaliah, representative of Telos, a beautiful pristine city of many wonders and beauties deep within Gaia under your Mount Shasta.

Shaliah of Telos via Galaxygirl | November 7, 2020

Shaliah 11/7/2020

Greetings brothers and sisters of the surface world, holding the light for so many. I am Shaliah, representative of Telos, a beautiful pristine city of many wonders and beauties deep within Gaia under your Mount Shasta. We have been here for eons since the sinking of Lumeria. We are ancient Lumerians who have continued our ancient practices of healing and honing the light. We listen to the Mother. We work with her energies and we hear her inner heartbeat and internal rhythms. I Shaliah am an aspect of this one. You have many aspects; you are mighty multidimensional beings. I say you, but I myself am a part of this mighty cosmic web of life. We are all connected. I am a crystal worker. I work deep within the crystal caves and red clay caves of Gaia on the outskirts of the city and underneath it. I am at home in the darkness for I bring my own light with me. (I am seeing red clay walls of deep caverns. The crystals are glowing beautiful colors of all hues. She is wearing a glowing crystal necklace and is also using one as lamplight.) We have a vast crystal network. It is an excellent internet upgrade. We are all able to communicate much like your communication systems but unhackable, for it is all based on intention and purity of thought. One thought intended for another will only reach that person’s vibrational match. You will have similar technology abilities and many more wonderful discoveries on Nova Gaia.

I am Shaliah. My message today is one of hope. There is always hope. Do not lose it amidst the swirling storm of chaos created by the few to affect the many. Do not let it affect your vibration. We can see your lights from the surface. We can see how brightly you are glowing and it assists with our inner earth energy work as well, for it creates harmonic grids of energy that we are able to utilize to stabilize various key regions of interest. We can stabilize and shut down portals from within. We work closely with the Ley lines, harnessing the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and of Gaia’s hidden mysteries. She trusts us and we work in harmony with her body. We have been assisting and intending for this ascension process since the fall or our beloved Lumeria, which was such a tragedy to personally experience. You all have also experienced numerous tragedies in your surface world lives. You have had so much pain. I see this. We all do. You are not suffering alone. It is because of this suffering that your lights will shine brighter. I do not mean to sound trite. But it is because of the suffering of Gaia and all that she has endured that this mission has the attention of so many to ensure a positive outcome. It is because of your own sufferings that your inner light has been your priority to find. It is in the longing for peace that the wise one finds it. There is tremendous peace in these crystal caves under Telos. They are one of the major planetary chakra hubs. It is essential that Gaia’s energy bodies remain balanced. (She is planting glowing crystals from her sachel into the red cool earth of the cave floor. The surrounding crystals glow in soft colorful lights. She is creating an earth map of her chakras and drawing the Ley lines in the dirt. She is showing how these connect to the major surface cities and how these Ley lines have been tampered with.) Yes, but this will all change. As the surface world energies grow and expand the Ley lines are activated further by these positive vibrations. The dark empire is being dismantled energetically. This is an energetic war, you would refer to as WWIII but in truth this planet has seen much war for so long, it is impossible to number them. Lumeria was such a beautiful pristine paradise. It was my home. It is my home. I feel very aligned with Nova Gaia for she is ancient Lumeria reborn. I was high priestess in my lifetimes on Lumeria. I continue the energy blessings and work with my own practice of crystal work. I work with many of you on the surface who are aligned with the energies of Lumeria and are crystal keepers of the surface. Many of you live near massive crystal veins that your energy practices of meditation activate. It allows a unique multidimensional partnership between your work and mine. Together we are uplifting the massive crystalline grid that infuses Gaia with higher dimensional light. (She is getting up and dusting off her blue knees and walking down a long corridor, holding her crystal like a lantern for light.)

It is so peaceful in the caves. I love doing my meditations as I work, for it is very meditative work. I feel at one with Gaia. We have been old friends for a very long time. Sometimes I feel as old as she is! There are many like me who do this inner work and clearing for the city. We are the ancient priests and priestesses. Our skin has turned bluish turquoise from the mineral rich waters here. I was not always blue but I don’t mind it. It helps me feel more connected to Gaia. The minerals also increase our vibration. Everything is in balance here. (Suddenly it is bright and we have reached an inner garden just outside of the cave. There are many gardeners who look like Shaliah with her bright red hair and others with dark hair. All have blue skin and wear simple clothing. They are laughing and talking, eating fruit as they work. It is a paradise of color and fragrances.) We are able to work with her energies to infuse more love into our foods. This helps improve our longevity. We have numerous ways to renew our bodies. We do not age unless by choice. We have all we need. These gardening and farming techniques are easily reproduced on your surface. There is plenty here. (I am seeing acres and acres as far as I can see of fields and gardens that support the city’s populace.) We will teach and we will serve in this way. Hydroponics upgraded utilizing the inner energies of the crystals will infuse your fruits and vegetables with more life force, thus healing and sustaining many with less. Many joys are to come. It will be with joyful tears that we reunite.

(She is painting my face with red and yellow clay.) Be brave dear light workers. You are the light lifters of many. You are the hope of this mission. Be strong in this time. Feel your own connection to Gaia. Work with the crystals and send the energy of an awakened human deep into the grid and we will see you and will be able to communicate. The outer is rising to match the inner. Those which do not resonate are unable to withstand change. We honor you for your service. We too serve all in our own way. Humanity is to be saved. The Christed light has come. Lumeria rises within the hearts of the awakened ones and will rise again becoming the Nova Gaia that we all long for. You will finally feel at home again. Feel this vibration of home and know that it already exists all around you. We are all working to achieve the same end of planetary peace. The inner will finally match the outer.

I am Shaliah. (We are returning to the cave entrance with the glowing crystals on the walls.) Although I love the sunlight and the gardens I feel most at home in the caves. (She is touching a green crystal.) This connects me to the giant green crystal under Arkansas. It is a very effective communication system. I can speak to the crystal workers there who may need more information. When it is time, teleportation systems can be enabled but it has been shut down for some time for safety. We too long for more freedom of movement. It shall come.

I am Shaliah. I love you. You may meditate and walk with me in these crystal caves when you need space for contemplation. We always welcome a surface bother and sister who is aligned with the light and inner mysteries. (I am seeing that underneath the crystals on the walls are all very technical fluid plasma screens with unknown symbols. Although this appears to be primitive it is anything but!) Yes, we have had thousands of years to hone our crystalline technology. I do not need to touch the rocks to do my work but it brings me joy to communicate with them in this way. (She is showing me a hologram of earth in front of us delineating the inner working of the planet, showing the crystalline network of communication. It shows where all of the inner earth colonies are, the crystal network, the large water reservoirs, bases.) Gaia withholds nothing from us for we are the keepers. So too shall humanity understand the gravity of this task and embrace it fully. Serving is the higher way. I am Shaliah. I serve with you. You are well loved. I honor you for your service to the light and to Gaia.

~ galaxygirl