What Do I Want?

If somebody asked me: what is that you want at this stage of your life?

Answer:A loving and forgiving planet where each and everyONE is aware of our Divinity/God within,of our existence as Ascending Souls living in Ascending Bodies as Source Energy Beings creating our Realites every moment.

I have felt many times during the course of my life countless times how it is to live without caring about making a living,to me my passion has always been my work that gave me food on the table.I have never done it,the other side around,i always loved and love what i do and always do what makes my heart sing,even if at some point in my life,i got left with nothing,really really nothing.To me the biggest achievement in life,is to be able to TRUST my guts and my voice within,my instinct guiding to the next thing that gives excitement,to be passionate about being passionate without giving too much attention of what is happening within the physical world and no matter what anyone else might think or say about my choices.To focus on creating the new in alignement with my Higher Self that is the only authentic form of JOY emanating from within.

We all have the choice to feel what brings us joy at all times.And knowing what i know so far,i will express what is that i want,wishing you the same in your life,if you agree!and if you don’t just skip the ones that you don’t and move on and add yours for you as you are the creator of your life:)And then take action!And watch what comes forward especially at these times where a lot manifests much faster!As Abrahah Hicks says:Speak only of what you want,observe less and Imagines more!

Next to every thing i want is also the related action i took in order to fulfill my goal going locally to globally.

I Want :

All Children to Be Safe And Sound all Around the Planet.Since 2013,we took action and in 2018 we created a non profit association in Senegal called Feel More Than Fine Africa to assist children locally.Funding is on its way through GESARA.

Celestial Chambers/Medbeds for each and everyONE on the planet to heal,rejuvenate from 80 to 25 if one wishes so and recreate their lives.Action is taken through Jared Rand and funding is on its way through GESARA/NESARA.

Free Energy.We took action and we have technology and inventor in Greece that created this for already few years called Electra.I know more is coming on with the 5G towers becoming Free Energy distributors.Funding is on its way too awaiting for compliance from E.U through GESARA.

Basic Universal Income for each and everyone on the planet.Action is taken all over the countries(NESARA/GESARA) and right now we are signing for reaching 1 million signatures.

Each and everyone can vote here :


Eco-sustainable home(s) in nature that is peaceful 24/7 where i have all my privacy in community(-ies) where i like my neighbours (I love all of my current neihbours and i love you all does not mean i like to be around them or you or that you like being around me either :))))).From here create communities to offer assistance to all homeless and all those that agree living this new way of lifestyle.And these communities leading to The Venus Project (www.TheVenusProject.com) and then moving forward to The Light Cities.So the main goal right now is to get funding to create this type of communities.The communities already exist,funding will be pushing forward with new technologies and higher quality homes.

Abundance of Organic Foods for everybody on the planet:I see people sharing abundance of organic fruits and vegetables created with ease,grace and flow using a combination of nature and technology that respects Mother Earth.(www.Cure4Huner.org)

Awesome Mobility:Electric Vehicles and Hover Cars that respect Mother Earth for each and everyONE along other transporting means that respect Mother Earth.

Clean Oceans,Clean Water,Clean Land,Reforestation of the Planet and Respect for All Animal Life.

To be a Solution Finder at all times for all that i feel is needed on the planet.

To be in Service for the Highest Good for All which begins by the way i feel in every now,choosing for what gives me joy in this now as to choose for this,allows more of what I want to come forward.

This is the direction that Feel More Than Fine has already taken since already 5 years with the goal ”to assist each and everyONE on their Ascension path so it is firmly grounded on planet Earth-ASHTAR-

Choosing for what gives me Joy is to be in service for the fulfillement of Divine Mother’s Plan.:Affirmation :

IAM a being of Violet Fire,IAM the purity of God’s desire,IAM a being of Violet Fire,IAM the Fulfillment of Mother’s Desire.

Thank You,Thank You,Thank You God for I know i have already received what i am asking for,since it would not be possible to imagine it,if it wasn’t so.

And so it is for you too if you read this far.

Much Love