Victory of Light.

From my perspective,i see victory of Light in everything and all in our world.Indeed many events that take place in our now are very dark and it takes big courage to dive deeper into the rabbit hole.If you choose to dive deeper,i invite you before anything to go within,connect with your God spark for about 15-20′ in meditation and prayer asking for support from the company of Heaven and Mother Father God and then make your organic pop corn ready and dive into deep waters by always remaining centered as observer:Never React,Take Action only from inspired action within.All that i am sharing here with you is ALSO the result of global synchronized meditations we ‘ve been doing always assisted by the higher realms for much longer time than we think we know .This is what means to be awakened.To take responsability to REALIZE The GOD that we are.Each and everyone of us living in costumes called Human Bodies are mighty and powerful beyond our wildest imagination.The Unified Light of our Collective of Light Workers and All Light Beings,Star Sisters and Brothers of the unlimited Divine Unconditional Love only shines on all dark corners to bring to the forefront what we witness all over the places,result of miscreation of Duality within each and every one of us.Through meditation we realize that we are one with God,GOD Is I and therefor We are Unlimited and Powerful beyond our imagination can conceive when we become the pure channels of our Divinity Within by taking the command in our hands through total control of our vibrational frequency to raise and sustain at always higher lever the closer we come to source,which i also name Feel More Than Fine that assists us towards a smooth Ascension process from Human to Galactic Beings with our 24 strands DNA activated by always intending Our Highest Good=The Highest Good For All.David Wilcock has recently posted evidence of the result of our work from those of us who believe before we see.About 2 Hours+ read.You can read all Here.

Interesting work about Ashtar Command here:

I made a track using Ashtar Words with a channeling that i resonate with 2 years ago,it is about N.E.S.A.R.A. you might like to read the words and give it a listen,it is produced on 432 Hz.

Earth Affairs Update

Focus on being The Love and Harmony in Joy and Gratitude 24/7.

Feel More Than Fine Always!